Hell on Wheels: Bleeding Kansas Review

Ok guys, here we go! It has only been a month, since we last got to explore the escapades of Cullen Bohannan. Does anyone remember what happened? Let me fire up Sid Meier’s Railroads! and we’ll figure out.

Is that the same church from TWD? Geez, serious budget cuts are serious! Is that Michonne’s samurai sword? Nice flashback overall featuring Reverend Cole (Tom Noonan). Who knew this would a TWD Hell on Wheels crossover episode?

Old Sydney Snow (Jonathan Scarfe) is still alive and kicking for now. Good old-fashioned frontier medicinary from Bohannan there. Welp, Ruth is competent to stand trial. Why didn’t she impersonate a bug-eyed James Holmes?

Durant is right. Let Sydney go into the darkness. Eva has definitely changed, since her old harlot days. Not even for 5 grand? Back then, that was probably millions of dollars. Wouldn’t you give up your boyhood?

Durant must have been good at Operation, as a child. I bet he had very little trouble pulling out that dang wish bone! Another flashback of young Ruth. Reverend Cole thinks he is doing God’s will.

With Durant’s skillful hands, it appears Snow is going to survive. Johnny has a run in, with his cousin Mickey McGinnes (Phil Burke). Johnny needs subtitles. Things keep getting worse for Snow.  Will Sydney become an amputee?

After a whiskey water boarding of Sydney, Bohannan and Durant are ready to play doctor. McGinnes has a madman on his hands. Dandy Johnny Shea (Andrew Howard) is a nasty, nasty man.

Welp, there goes the leg. Very gruesome scene, with Bohannan sawing through the leg, with a handsaw. Where was DeWalt during 1867?

Ruth is beginning to realize the severity of the situation. Meanwhile, Eva (Robin McLeavy) continues blaming Bohannan for Elam’s death. As Cullen visits Sydney, a light shines in on him, as if a light from heaven. What was that about? Cullen is becoming awfully optimistic lately.

Cullen and Durant discuss the building of the railroad. Yeah, wonder what happened with that, while these two cowboys are playing doctor? Snow discusses his evil deed of the past and killing a man, with no legs. Snow looks awkwardly similar to Cullen, as he dies on the bed.

Another flashback featuring young Ruth and Reverend Cole. Louise Ellison (Jennifer Ferrin) and Ruth discuss their belief in God. Is Ruth going to transform into her father? John Campbell (Jake Weber) seems fully intent on prosecuting Ruth for the murder.

John pushes Cullen to arrest Ruth (Kasha Kropinski). Sad little tune, as Cullen arrests Ruth. Ruth is stone cold, as she explains she is satisfied with Snow’s death and seems happy to accept her fate.


Where was The Swede? Did everyone forget about the deadline and the railroad? Despite these things taking a backseat and the month wait in between episodes (Dang you AMC!), this was a strong episode. Was Snow’s death drug out a little? Yes, but we got to experience some intense character interactions during his operations. Eva potentially threatening Cullen was telling. On the other hand, it was nice to explore a little brief history of Durant’s education.

Still, this was a developmental episode for Ruth. The flashbacks to Reverend Cole and young Ruth were fun and informative. At first, the ending was bleak, until Ruth seemed unconcerned about her future. Up until this point, the character has been through a great ordeal. It was interesting to see where those traumatic events have led her mentally and emotionally.

Overall, definitely an effective episode and quite possibly the best of the season. An 8.5 out of 10 might be a little too low.

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