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Happy Valley Recap S2 E5

When the episode begins, Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) and her friends take Ann (Charlie Murphy) out for drinks, in hopes of getting her to cheer up. Catherine and Joyce (Ishia Bennison) plot their moves, while Ann heads outside and winds up hooking up with a random strange. Before the night ends, Ann tells Catherine how she is nearly a perfect replica of god. Afterwards, Jodie (Katherine Kelly) and John (Kevin Doyle) interview Sean (Matthew Lewis) once more. This some Sean admits that he might’ve new the women, but by different names.

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Despite Sean’s honesty, the detectives still seem interested in charging him with the murders. Next, Clare (Siobhan Finneran) speaks with Catherine regarding their potential stalker. Back at the station, Andy Shepherd (Vincent Franklin) confirms that they’re prepared to charge Sean, despite some concerns from Jodie. Catherine heads to the store and buys a replacement toy for Ryan. While there, she manages to obtain video footage of the previous buyer. Meanwhile, Frances (Shirley Henderson) stalks Catherine’s home.

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During this time, Daniel and Ann speak outside. Daniel speaks about his wife issues, before revealing that the drinking night was an attempt to cheer up Ann. Frances continues stalking the home, during this period. John drives towards his home with a big smile on his face. He calls his son and tells him to open the door and let him in. When he arrives, he confronts his wife and tells her to leave. They do not come to an agreement and both seem intent on staying. Catherine returns home with the toy, while Frances watches from afar. Catherine’s attempt to rekindle the relationship with Ryan fails, when he admits he doesn’t want the toy, since it isn’t the same.

happy valley s2 e5 frances

Afterwards, Catherine prepares to take Ann home. She always warns her about having intercourse on public property. On the way there, the pair receives a phone call, which instructs Catherine to head to the allotment. She does and speaks with Clare, who reveals she has not seen Neil (Con O’Neill) for several days. That night, Frances stares at his religion items, as well as pictures of Tommy (James Norton) as a youth. The next day, Catherine takes the store camera footage to Mike Taylor (Rick Warden). He insists the woman in the video looks like a boy and refuses to do anything about it. A new body is found and Andy and Jodie are forced to investigate the scene and admit that Sean is most likely innocent.

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At school, Ryan speaks with Frances and tells her that he thought about sending his father a letter. Frances provides him with the name of the prison, so he’ll be able to do just that. Afterwards, Catherine receives a call about a drunk. When she arrives at the scene, she discovers that it is Neil. She is forced to arrest him and take him into custody. Clare is immediately notified of the situation. During this time, Ryan finishes his letter and leaves home on his bike, so he can mail it. Andy updates the team and scares the heck out of John once more. Next, Alison Garrs (Susan Lynch) tells Daryl (Robert Emms) about the situation and the fact that police are looking for a red car, which has been damaged. Despite his vehicle fitting that classification, he says nothing.

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Back at home, Ryan asks Daniel questions about his mother and her relationship with Tommy. Later, Neil is released. Catherine attempts to make nice with him, but still doesn’t seem to trust him fully. That night, Catherine and Daniel share dinner, since Clare and Neil have left for a short period of time. Daniel contemplates whether or not Neil could’ve been involved in the crime. That night, Daryl wakes up his mother and confesses that he might’ve hurt the women. She agrees to some up with a plan, so they can fix the situation. In the morning, Daniel and Catherine tell Clare about their theory, which involves the new teacher being responsible for putting things in Ryan’s head.

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When shown the video of the woman, Clare admits it is Ryan’s new teacher. Meanwhile, Alison Garrs tells Daryl that they’re going to escape and head to New York. Daryl loves the idea. Unfortunately, Alison keeps his occupied, while she sneaks up behind him and shoots him in the back of the head.


Happy Valley Review

The fifth episode of Happy Valley’s second season was undoubtedly the best. The episode pulled everything together, potentially identified the killer and disposed of the murderer. The acting this seasons has been phenomenal. Also, Catherine now has an idea of who precisely is responsible for toying with her family and Ryan. The finale should be a thriller. This episode deserves a 9 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous Happy Valley recaps right now!

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