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Happy Valley S2 Finale Recap

When the episode begins, Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) heads to the school and lets the principal know about Frances attempting to put thoughts in Ryan’s (Rhys Connah) mind. The principal does nothing and admits that she had a good resume. On the way out, Catherine passes by Frances (Shirley Henderson). Neither woman says anything. Afterwards, Shafiq (Shane Zaza) and Catherine head to the Garrs house. While there, they discover Daryl’s (Robert Emms) body. They also find Alison, who has apparently suffered from an overdose.

happy valley season 2 finale recap

Catherine attends to Alison, while Shafiq attempts to acquire medical assistance. During Catherine’s conversation with Alison, she learns about the shooting and discovers the dent on Daryl’s vehicle. She puts two and two together and immediately makes contact with Andy (Vincent Franklin) and Jodie (Katherine Kelly). Back at the station, John Wadsworth (Kevin Doyle) learns about the situation and seems happy to find out that Daryl has died. Once Catherine returns to the station, she is comforted by Mike Taylor (Rick Warden) in his own subtle way. Mike also confirms that the teacher is no who she says she is and is indeed Frances. Catherine also learns about Frances’ visits to Tommy (James Norton).

happy valley catherine shafiq and alison

Catherine immediately calls Clare (Siobhan Finneran) and lets her know about Frances. They agree to wait it out and allow the police to arrest Frances at the school. She lets her know that France stole her dead sister’s identity, in order to secure the position at the school. While at the murder scene, Andy calls Jodie and contemplates the killer being one of them. Jodie scans the room and they immediately consider John as a suspect, but drop it quickly and think nothing of it. France is arrested at the school and denies nothing. Catherine returns home and tells Clare about the arrest. She also admits the Frances will most likely be released on bail in a few hours or so.

happy valley mike and catherine

Catherine also admits the one of them needs to go and speak with Frances and attempt to send her packing. Catherine takes the responsibility on herself and pays Frances a visit. She attempts to convince Frances that Tommy is a psycho and has been using her to fulfill his own desire. Despite her attempts, Frances isn’t having it and maintains a good opinion of her future husband. That night, Amanda Wadsworth (Julie Hesmondhalgh) sees a news report regarding Vicky. The information in the report matches John. Meanwhile, John heads to an abandoned parking lot and curses God for all of his troubles.

Frances arrested finale of happy valley

Catherine learns about Neil’s (Con O’Neill) relationship with Vicky. In the morning, she attempts to report the information to John. After her awkward conversation, she immediately tells Ann Gallagher (Charlie Murphy) to stay away from John, since he seems loopy. During the next briefing, John learns that there are lots of witnesses, who saw him and Vicky together. Fortunately, they’re unable to pin the murder on him, at least for now. Ann speaks to Catherine and tells her about her suspicions regarding John having an affair and being blackmailed.

ann and catherine happy valley

Catherine agrees to let the team know, before she is whisked away to interview Graham Tattersall (Steve Edge). During the interview, Graham tells Catherine about his affair and John coming to his house and attacking him. He also admits he is suspicious of John and alludes to the fact that he might be responsible for Vicky’s murder. After the interview ends, Catherine attempts to speak with John, but he hightails it, gets in his car and flees. Catherine jumps into a vehicle with Gorkem Tekeli (Mete Dursun) and they follow close behind. Despite being told not to give chase, Catherine does anyway. They eventually track John to a dead end and he leaps onto the side of a building and threatens to jump.

happy valley john's death

Catherine attempts to intervene and talk John down from the ledge. During their conversation, John spills the beans and admits he murdered Vicky. Despite her attempts, John plummets to the ground, after admitting he loves his children. After the incident, Catherine speaks with Mike and tells him about John’s last minutes. She also learns that Tommy has been meeting with a few other women. Afterwards, Tommy is confronted by guards and told his visitation rights have been ended for a period of time. He freaks and is subdued by the officers. Catherine returns to Frances and shows her a list of all of Tommy’s future wives.

frances happy valley finale

Next, Catherine pays a visit to Alison and gives her a phone number. Catherine tells Alison to call her anytime she feels the need to chat with someone. She also tells Alison about her daughter and her death. Back at the prison, Tommy receives the letter from Ryan and seems to be filled with hope once more. Clare, Catherine, Daniel and Ryan visit Becky’s grave. Catherine speaks with Clare and tells her that Alison was molested by her father and that Daryl was a result of the rape, which is why the others pestered him so badly. At the end of the episode, Catherine watches on as Ryan talks about getting a dog.


Happy Valley Finale Review

The sixth and final episode of Happy Valley’s second season was absolutely brilliant. Initially, I figured the episode would end with a bang and Frances doing something incredibly stupid. Although the episode wasn’t nearly as explosive, it was just as dramatic, but in an entirely different way. The episode brought on the waterworks and ended on a bleak note. Although things might’ve seemed good for Catherine, she seems to know the road ahead is going to be long and bumpy.

Tommy Lee Royce is going nowhere and he now has a new victim to manipulate in his own son. The revelation regarding Daryl and Alison was also excellent and basically paralleled Catherine and her own dilemma. And despite the hideous behavior of John Wadsworth, it is hard not to sympathize with some of his actions. All in all, the episode was excellent and deserves a 9.5 out of 10.

A Happy Valley Season 3 is definitely well deserved and the finale already built the foundation for another one. Don’t you agree? Be sure to let us know and check out previous recaps of Happy Valley immediately!

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