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Grantchester Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

As the episode begins, we see that Sidney Chambers (James Norton) has decided to trek through the countryside. He walks for a good distance before coming across a Romany camp. Then, he encounters Ronnie Maguire (Charlie Higson). Sidney quickly confronts Ronnie about Sylvia’s money. Ronnie deflects the question and changes the subject to Sidney’s new look. Sidney is taken to the camp and introduced to Freda (Candis Nergaard) and Luella (Alexa Davies), while Pal and Abraham look on. While Sidney is away, Leonard (Al Weaver) gives Amanda (Morven Christie) a false story about his disappearance. Ronnie takes Sidney to his home and gives him a change of clothes. Sidney spots a pamphlet about an illness. This makes Sidney believe he might’ve been wrong about Ronnie.

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He also learns that Luella and Abraham are set to wed. Pal (Adrian Bower) enters seconds later. Pal wants to know about the money Sidney is talking about. Once Pal leaves, Sidney asks Ronnie about the pamphlet. Ronnie refuses to open up. Instead, he promises to get Sidney the money. Geordie (Robson Green) reads to his daughter. When he finishes, she asks him if her mother is moving out. He heads downstairs and finds Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth) packing his belongings. Back at the Romany camp, Pal shows up Abraham (Ewan Mitchell). Pal asks Luella where she has been. She remains evasive in her answer. Abraham and Ronnie get into a minor spat. Ronnie doesn’t flinch. Sidney agrees to help work around the camp. Geordie watches at Margaret (Seline Hizli) returns home.

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He drives away. That night, Sidney gets drunk and dances with Freda. Then, Sidney speaks with Luella about her engagement. She admits they haven’t been together long, but apparently they’re a match made in heaven. Sidney quickly realizes that Luella isn’t sure about the wedding. She explains that they’re all moving away as soon as the wedding is finished. Ronnie arrives and tells Sidney he has found his bible and Amanda’s picture inside. Ronnie believes Sidney is also running away from something. Ronnie suggests they’re more alike than Sidney wants to admit. Then, he takes to the stage and speaks about Luella. Seconds later, it becomes clear that Ronnie is married to Cora (Lorraine Ashbourne). The couple also has two kids.

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Sidney confronts Ronnie, who insists Cora knows about Sylvia. Ronnie explains that Sylvia would never give him a divorce, so he just vanished. Geordie visits Leonard and learns about Sidney’s absence. Geordie quickly calls Leonard out on his lies and forces him to tell the truth. Geordie also spots the bandage on Leonard’s wrist. Leonard breaks and tells Geordie that Sidney went to look for Ronnie. Meanwhile, Sidney watches as Abraham searches for Luella in a panic. He also sees a shadowy figure in the woods. A cry rings out and Ronnie is found on the ground seconds later. Sidney pleads with Pal to call the police, but he refuses. He insists they have their own police force and take care of their own problems. Sidney and Pal get into a brief scuffle, before Cora breaks it up.

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In the morning, Sidney alerts the authorities. Geordie arrives and meets up with him. Sidney admits he believes Ronnie might’ve been sick after all. Geordie doesn’t believe it. He pleads with Sidney to return home. Sidney insists he cannot tell people how to live anymore. Sidney tells Geordie to return home and tell Sylvia about Ronnie. When Sidney returns, he watches the police detective leave. He confronts Pal and learns that the two are actually good friends. Sidney tells Pal about the shadowy figure in the woods. He reveals the man was holding a shotgun. Pal admits it was probably Marcus, the landowner’s son. Then, Sidney asks whether or not Abraham might kill Ronnie for money. Next, Sidney finds Abraham caring for a once neglected horse.

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Sidney asks the boy about his actions the night before. Abraham suggests Sidney was seeing things. Abraham turns the conversation around and admits Cora heard Sidney talking about Ronnie’s other wife. Sidney visits Cora. He gets her bible back, before asking about Ronnie. Cora pleads with Sidney to come in and read something from his bible for her. He refuses at first, but eventually relents. Cora admits she knew about Sylvia, but thought she was already dead. Sidney also discovers that it is Cora, who is ill. She admits she doesn’t pay her taxes and cannot get medical care without money. This is why Ronnie stole the money from Sylvia. Geordie returns to Sylvia and tries to tell her about Ronnie. Leonard is forced to take over and break the news.

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Sylvia accepts the news well, but demands to know where Ronnie was staying. Meanwhile, Cora explains it is against their tradition to seek conventional medical help. Cora also makes a comment about Luella having her own war to fight. She makes it clear that the girl has no intention of moving away. Geordie tells Leonard that he might be a terrible liar, but his honesty is also a great asset. Sidney speaks with Pal about his assumption that Luella would do anything to stay here. Geordie pays a visit to Amanda. He tries to make excuses for Sidney’s absence, but Amanda isn’t having it. She explains that Sidney didn’t trust them to help him. When Geordie returns to his vehicle, he finds Sylvia inside and ready to go. Sidney and Pal head out to the forge and finds Luella with Marcus (Simon Lennon).

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Luella claims she wants to marry Marcus. She admits she doesn’t want to be a Romany wife. Sidney looks through Luella’s bag and finds Sylvia’s money. Marcus admits the couple met the night Ronnie was killed. Pal asks Luella if she killed Ronnie for his money. At this time, Geordie and Sylvia arrive at the camp. Luella admits that Ronnie knew about her and Marcus. He supported her decision and had agreed to speak with Pal after the party. After she found Ronnie dead, she took the money in hopes of escaping. Sidney explains that they cannot keep the money. Sylvia meets with Cora. They visit Ronnie’s body together. Sylvia admits she feels sorry for Cora’s children. Cora fires back insisting Sylvia doesn’t know her and shouldn’t judge. Sidney reunites with Sylvia and Geordie seconds later.

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Sylvia ridicules Sidney for running away. She explains that he is nothing like Ronnie, who ran away from a marriage that was over.  She insists Sidney just needs to grow up. Luella arrives and asks her mother about her illness. Luella gives her mother the money. Sidney tries to figure out why Ronnie was killed, if the motive wasn’t money. Sidney rushes over to Pal and explains they need to return to the forge immediately. They rush there and find Abraham holding Marcus at gunpoint. Sidney suggests Abraham wanted to learn the truth and that put him in Ronnie’s house on the night of the murder. Abraham got mad and killed Ronnie, when he wouldn’t take him serious. Sidney explains that Abraham wasn’t fit for the Romany and both knew it. Abraham relents. He admits Ronnie was right. He’d never be the big man capable of running the camp.

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Eventually, Abraham puts down the rifle. Cora returns the money to Sylvia. Sylvia concedes she knows why Ronnie wants to keep her well. She points out that their children are beautiful. She gives Cora half of the money, before the women embrace. Sidney and Geordie share a drink. Geordie tells Sidney not to do anything he will regret or it’ll come back and haunt him. Then, Sidney gives a sermon to the people of the camp. Back at home, Jack (Nick Brimble) watches as Sylvia removes her wedding ring. Geordie visits Margaret and officially ends their affair. Sidney returns to town and visits Amanda. She tells him that he’ll need to choose her or the church. Sidney seems dumbfounded by the demand.


Grantchester Review

This episode of Grantchester was unique. Sidney ventured outside of his community, in order to track down Ronnie Maguire. In doing so, he learned a great deal about Ronnie, Sylvia and himself. He nearly followed in Ronnie’s footsteps and ran away from his own troubles. However, the people he met at the Romany camp opened his eyes and put a spotlight on his mistakes. With a little assistance from his friends, Sidney seemingly regained his faith in God.

Nevertheless, the damage may already be done for both Sidney and Geordie. Sidney will need to choose between his church or Amanda. As for Geordie, he will need to smooth things other with Cathy as quickly as possible. The episode was good. It contained the perfect blend of mystery, drama and humor. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Grantchester now!

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