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Grantchester Kings Cross

The episode begins, with Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and Geordie Keating (Robson Green) taking a day off and a trip to London. The pair hit up a jazz club, where they witness Walter Stirling (Nakay Kpaka) being tossed out of the club, by the guard, Tommy (Andy Beckwith). Inside, the pair meet with Sidney’s sister, Jennifer Chambers (Fiona Button), and her boyfriend, Johnny Johnson (Ukweli Roach). Sidney is introduced to Johnny’s sister, Claudette Johnson (Natasha Cottriall), who works at the club.

Sidney Chambers Geordie Keating

The pair witness Johnny being ridiculed, by his father, Archie Johnson (Peter Egan), before they’re treated to a musical performance, by Gloria Dee (Camilla Marie Beeput). Much to Sidney’s surprise, Amanda Kendall (Morven Christie) enters all alone. Amanda speaks to Sidney and exhibits jealousy for Hildegard Staunton (Pheline Roggan). Claudette witnesses the encounter and questions the pair’s relationship. She tells Sidney to tell Johnny to remember, what their mother used to always tell them. During the night, Geordie witnesses DCI Jacob Williams (Nicholas Sidi) entering and receiving a large sum of money from Archie. Afterwards, Gloria is introduced to Sidney and Amanda. She instantly believes the pair to be married.

Grantchester Gloria Dee

After a little drinking, Sidney and Amanda receive a song dedication from Gloria, before Archie rushes in and exclaims that Claudette has been attacked. They rush outside and find the girl dead. Geordie discovers an industrial counterweight, before being interrupted by Detective Williams. Archie, Tommy and Justin (Ted Reilly) approach and Archie pleads with Williams to find the culprit. They also discover that Claudette has been covered, with Archie’s coat. Sidney returns to Amanda, who seems shook up about the dead. Sidney comforts her, before Guy Hopkins (Tom Austen) enters in a hurry and ushers Amanda away out of jealousy.

That night, Sidney and Geordie discuss the murder, while Sidney reminisces a familiar fact about the night of the murder. The next day, Sidney confronts his sister, who confirms she took Claudie’s place and checked the customer’s coats so Claudie could meet with Walter. Sidney and Geordie track down Walter, who is being beaten, by Justin, in the streets. Walter questions, if Claudie had enough time to be afraid, which bothers him terribly. Walter blames the murder on Archie. Sidney and Geordie return to the bar, where Sidney tells Johnny, what Claudie told him.

Leonard Finch

Geordie writes down his phone number and leaves it, before Detective Williams attempts to run them out of town. Afterwards, Sidney calls home and speaks to Leonard Finch (Al Weaver), who is having a terrible time, with Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) and Dickens. Sidney pays a visit to Guy, who questions his relationship with Amanda and reveals that the pair are going to get married in London. Sidney returns to the bar alone and gets close to a flirty Gloria. The next morning, Sidney wakes up in Gloria’s bed. She attempts to comfort him for his bad decision, but he still seems distraught. Before he leaves, he discovers a charm from Claudie’s bracelet on the floor.

Sidney rides, with Justin, who expresses regret of Claudie’s death and suggests Gloria was jealous of her youth. When he gets back to Grantchester, Sidney tells Geordie of his sin and shows him the charm from Claudette’s bracelet. Tommy calls Geordie and provides him with a name, Charlie Rush, and a date. Sidney questions, whether or not he should tell Hildegard about his encounter. When he returns home, he is grilled, by Mrs. Maguire. He is met by Hildegard, who has purchased him a Gloria Dee record. The pair go on a stroll and Sidney tells her about his trip to London, but fails to mention Gloria.

Sidney returns home and tosses out all of his records, despite concerns from Leonard and Mrs. Maguire. Jenny pays Sidney a visit and asks him to attend Claudie’s funeral and speak with Johnny. Meanwhile, Geordie discovers that Detective Williams arrested Archie, but released him, for the potential murder of Charlie Rush many years ago. At the funeral, Sidney attempts to comfort Johnny. Walter enters and causes an uproar, because of Archie’s feelings for him. With a little convincing, Walter is allowed to see Claudie. Johnny stands up to his father and finally stands up to him for beating their mother. He also reveals Claudie was running away. He reveals that their mother was going to run away with a kind man, but Archie found out and beat her up.

Grantchester Archie and Justin

Sidney confronts Gloria about the charm, but she insists she allowed Claudie and Walter to use her bed. Geordie discovers that Charlie Rush was having an affair with Johnny’s mom and was the fellow, who she was going to run away with. Archie finally reveals that he didn’t cover Claudie up, with the jacket, which makes Sidney believe someone couldn’t stand, what they had done. They confront Tommy, who tells them where to find Archie. He also reveals that Claudie and Charlie were killed with the same weapon.

Grantchester Johnny's Place

When the pair make it to the warehouse, they discover Justin holding Archie hostage. After a little convincing, Archie admits to the murder of Charlie, before Sidney talks Justin down. Justin gives himself up and is arrested. Although Williams wishes to ignore Archie’s confession, Geordie follows through and insists he will call Williams’s governor, if he doesn’t. Afterwards, Sidney returns to his chapel and preaches about repentance. Archie’s bar is redesigned and the logo now reads Johnny’s Place. At the end of the episode, Mrs. Maguire tells Sidney that Hildegard has fallen in love with him.


This episode of Grantchester was fabulous and touched perfectly on jealousy and domestic violence. The addition of Camilla Marie Beeput, as Gloria Dee, was exceptional. I could listen to her musical performances for hours on end. Throughout the series, it seems like Jonny Johnson would never get a break. Finally, he has obtained his own club, despite losing his sister and father. Meanwhile, Sidney has two admirers, Amanda and Hildegard. What’s the old vicar going to do? An excellent episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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    Ancient Aliens? Will look into it. Definitely sounds familiar!

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