Grantchester Ep 3 Review

The episode begins, with Amanda (Morven Christie) and Guy (Tom Austen) asking Sidney (James Norton) to marry them in Grantchester. Sidney suggests they reconfirm their decision, before returning home and getting drunk. In the morning, he is awaken by Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones), who insists he has forgotten something, before he sets off on his bike. He rendezvous with Leonard Finch (Al Weaver), who is moving in. Leonard is harassed and scared by Mrs. Maguire, before Sidney meets with Arthur Evans (Kieran O’Brien), who wishes for Sidney to marry him and his girlfriend. Afterwards, Sidney meets with Daisy Livingstone (Jean Marsh), who insists the church always meddles in other’s affairs. She suggests Sidney’s life is a waste, since he has no wife or children, before insisting her daughter, Isabel (Lucy Black), will not marry Arthur. Daisy suggests Arthur is trying to do her in.

Isabel enters and causes a fuss, before saying she loves Arthur and is intent on marrying him. Before leaving, Sidney tells Arthur and Isabel that he’ll return everyday, until she agrees to the marriage. Next, Sidney runs into Gladys Sheppard (Isla Blair), who reminds Sidney to fix the tap. Back at home, Mrs. Maguire belittles Sidney, before Leonard is given the task of preaching on Sunday.

Sidney meets with Geordie Keating (Robson Green), who attempts to give him alcohol, but it is refused. Sidney gives him a note from Hildegard Staunton (Pheline Roggan). The letter suggests Hildegard has a personal interest in Sidney. Leonard arrives and whisks Sidney away. Sidney discovers Daisy has passed away. Afterwards, he finally gets the water tap working, despite having flashbacks of his war days. He catches Arthur throwing out all of Daisy’s belongings. Arthur continues to speak about the wedding, but agrees to hold off the announcement, until after the funeral.

Geordie pays Sidney a visit and tells him there are no records for Arthur and he must be using an alias. Sidney informs them about Daisy’s concerns of Arthur doing her in. Afterwards, the pair meet with Dr. Robinson (Mark Bonnar), who tells them Daisy died due to complications of cancer. Next, they speak with Derek Jarvis (Michael Simkins), who questions Sidney’s intent, before showing them the death certificate. Geordie suggests asking Arthur questions about Daisy’s death. Sidney sits down with the pair, who suggest Daisy was mean and bitter in her final days. Afterwards, Sidney receive a letter, which refuses Amanda and Guy the consent to marry in Grantchester.

A friend of Daisy visits, which makes Sidney check her burial records. He discovers she wanted to be buried under the oak tree. Leonard questions Sidney about his sermon. Although Sidney agrees it was good, he really hasn’t read it. Leonard gives his sermon, which is very awkward. After it is over, Sidney apologizes and is belittled for lying. Amanda questions Sidney’s feelings for marrying her to Guy, but he breaks the news that the archbishop refusing their request. Sidney admits to Amanda he thinks Isabel or Arthur helped Daisy on her way.

Sidney confronts Isabel with Daisy’s letter requesting to be buried under the oak tree, before she informs her about her stolen belongings and Arthur’s disappearance. Afterwards, Sidney discovers that Gladys Sheppard has also been killed. Geordie inspects the house for prints, while Leonard describes finding the body. Mr. Jarvis suggests poison, as the cause of death. The trio confront Isabel about a photo, which was gone missing from Gladys’s house. Isabel admits it was a picture of her as a baby.

Atkins arrives and informs them of the discovery of Arthur’s car. A search of the premises results in the capture of Arthur, who is holding onto the stolen jewelry. In an interview, Arthur denies the murders. He also defends Isabel. Instead, he offers information regarding a mysterious man, who has been seen around the town. Sidney believes the man might be Daisy’s friend. After the funeral, Sidney meets with the man again and learns he used to be a choirboy at the church. He used to be a schoolmate of the girls. Sidney is able to get the man’s prints and takes them to Geordie. The prints match, but the pair are unable to track down the mysterious man.

When he returns home, Sidney discovers Jack Chapman (Nick Brimble) in his home. Sidney questions Jack’s reason for returning and is handed the stolen picture. Jack reveals he is Isabel’s father. He admits to running away, at the time. Jack is interviewed by Geordie. Sidney chases down Leonard, who is attempting to flee the area. Leonard insists he wasn’t ready to deal with the sight of death, but Sidney counters with births and weddings.

At the bar, Sidney continues to avoid alcohol, before Geordie admits to letting Jack go. He reveals the poison was potassium chloride. Finally, Sidney remembers there were no signs of a struggle, which means Arthur wasn’t the killer. Meanwhile, the killer seems to be targeting his next victim. Sidney and Geordie speak with Jarvis, before questioning him about Dr. Robinson’s death certificates. They stop Robinson in the act, but the patient begs for Robinson to be allowed to finish the job.

Robinson is interviewed and insists he was stopping the pain from debilitating illnesses, but Sidney insists not all of them were in pain. Robinson suggests both men took lives, since they were soldiers, while Sidney insists it was his duty to save lives. Afterwards, Sidney asks Geordie, if there is ever justification for killing. Geordie says no, but war is different. With that, Sidney shares a drink with Geordie. After he returns home, Sidney looks at his medal, while reminiscing about a fellow soldier’s death.

Afterwards, Sidney summons Amanda and Guy, in order to tell him that the archbishop granted their requests, but Amanda knew he was lying. Leonard attempts another sermon, while Jack confronts Isabel. This time, Leonard’s sermon is a smashing success. Sidney writes a return letter to Hildegard and insists she should come out sometime.


This was definitely a terrific episode of Grantchester! In fact, it was most certainly the best episode yet. There were tons to like including Sidney’s lying and scheme, the doctor’s potentially justified killings and poor Leonard’s predicament. If you watch any episode of Grantchester, it should certainly be this one. It deserves a 9.5 out of 10!

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