Gotham Review: Penguin’s Umbrella

After last week’s intriguing cliff hanger, this should be an interesting episode for James and Bullock. Of course, I look forward mostly to Cobblepot’s rise.
The episode opens with Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) cockily walking the streets of Gotham. Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) gets news of the situation and is absolutely furious. Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) is prepared to kill James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), but the roles are quickly reversed. James continues begging Harvey for help dealing with the situation.
Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) is getting interrogated by Butch, before coming to the realization that James didn’t kill Cobblepot. James interrupts the meeting and holds up the criminals. The fat criminal threatens James and Barbara. James dispatches both criminals, before fleeing with Barbara. Gordon seems to be forcing Barb to flee the city. While she doesn’t want to go, she knows that it is the best option. Strange to see a Gotham landscape with a blue sky.
As the show returns, James enters the police station and receives stares from everyone. He questions an officer about the blank warrants that the judge has already signed. Mooney is seen with Carmine Falcone. Mooney declares that Bullock, Penguin and Gordon need to be killed. Mooney is beginning to question Falcone’s knowledge. Does he know something that nobody else does?
Gordon is back at the office. He is questioned about his presence. He says that the warrants are for Mayor Aubrey Jones and Carmine Falcone. Of course, he is told that he is crazy and should get out of town immediately. The hit team shows up at the police office looking for James. Victor Zsasz introduces himself and begins questioning the officers to Jim’s presence. After spotting Jim, he quickly gets his attention and explains that he is here to bring Jim in alive.
Victor explains that he’ll cut off Jim’s hands. Of course, Jim isn’t threatened. After a little harassment from Victor, all of the cops flee and refuse to side with Gordon. A big shootout scene initiates. Jim isn’t fairing so well and escapes, after being struck in the side. He rushes down the stairs and heads to the garage. Victor and his henchmen search for him. Victor spots him, from under the vehicles, before he flees. An seemingly unaware cop approaches and questions their actions, before being shot down.
As Jim makes his escape, he is shot down. As Victor and crew approach, Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya drive up and save the day. Victor finishes off the unsuspecting cop, before adding another tally to his arm, with a razor blade. He declares that she is his 28th victim, before we head into a commercial. That was pretty intense.
Gordon wakes up in a makeshift hospital, where he is being cared for, by a friend of Montoya and Allen. She explains that they’re in a dissection lab of the university, which explains the rats. Gordon insists that he needs to leave. While the doctor doesn’t want to let him go, Crispus suggests otherwise.
Fish is having a meeting with Sal. As the two discuss business, Sal calls in Penguin. Sal explains that Falcone and Mooney feel disrespected by Penguin. Cobblepot makes an apology, but Fish doesn’t seem too thrilled with the sentiment. After threatening Cobblepot, Mooney smacks him across the face, which gives Sal Maroni a big chuckle.
Butch ties up a bunch of nuns to block to street, which prevents Maroni’s gun shipment from reaching its destination. Butch explains that they’ll open up the roads, after they turn over Penguin. Maroni isn’t too pleased by the action and isn’t so eager to give up Penguin. Instead, he insists on pushing back immediately. Penguin explains he knows the perfect spot to his the Falcones.
Montoya apologizes to James and confirms that Barbara is safe. Alfred and Crispus appear in the vehicle’s window. James explains that the situation is safe, before they head into Wayne Manor. James explains that he might not be able to get the murderer of Bruce’s parents. He explains that he might not make it and Renee and Crispus will take over the case, if he doesn’t. Bruce thanks Wayne. Gordon explains that he has to stand alone and cannot accept help. Bruce hugs Gordon.
Penguin leads a small army of gunmen towards a warehouse. The door explodes and the gunmen enter, before killing everyone inside. Penguin struts in and claims there is over a million inside. Frankie Carbone (Danny Mastrogiorgio) begins harassing and attacking Penguin. He threatens Cobblepot and claims that he cannot be trusted. Penguin explains that Frankie has a problem, which is money. Frankie’s henchmen subdue Frankie and they subdue him. Penguin stabs Frankie and explains that he paid off the henchmen.
Before Frankie dies, Penguin explains that love conquers all.
Carmine and Sal meet and Carmine explains that both sides have lost lives and that the bloodshed should end. Carmine explains that he’ll let Sal keep Penguin, if they give him a warehouse. The pair argue over which property. Carmine accepts a toxic waste dump near Arkham, despite Fish’s arguments. Sal questions Carmine about Gordon and explains that nothing is more dangerous than an honest man.
Meanwhile, James Gordon is suiting up with a full arsenal, when Bullock knocks on the door. Bullock enters, in a drunken state and explains that he isn’t going to kill Gordon. Bullock brings his own hooker with him and explains that he is going to help Gordon, who explains that he is going to arrest Carmine and the Mayor in the morning. Bullock doesn’t like the idea and explains they’ll be dead in the streets. However, he says he’s doomed anyway and it doesn’t make a difference.
James and Bullock take over the Mayor’s limousine and arrest him quite easily. As the show returns, Bullock and Gordon use Aubrey and his limousine to pass into Falcone’s mansion, without suspicion. Gordon explains that Carmine is under arrest. Nobody in the situation seems worried about death, aside from the Mayor. However, Carmine explains that Victor Zsaz has Barbara. After returning to Gotham, Barbara supposedly begged Carmine for Gordon’s life.
Bullock continues insisting that Carmine is lying. The show flashes to Victor, who has Barbara. The pair is getting ready to enjoy cupcakes, before Victor’s phone sings a jazzy little tune. Gordon has given up, in order to protect Barbara. Victor brings in Barbara and Carmine begins evaluating the situation. He explains that he is not the enemy and Gotham needs people like Gordon. He explains that anarchy is the enemy.
Carmine lets everyone leave, after explaining that he might still have uses for Gordon. He explains Gordon must see the truth. Back at their flat, Barbara beings apologizing to Gordon, before the pair embrace. As the show flashes back, Carmine is enjoying the cupcakes. He heads outside to the hen house. Out of nowhere, Penguin struggles up and the pair embrace. The show flashes back to the time, before Cobblepot’s supposed execution.
The Penguin explains that he’ll give Carmine a valuable secret, if he gives Gordon the task of killing him. He believes Gordon might give him a chance to live, which he eventually does. Cobblepot explains if he lives, he will be Carmine’s snitch for life. Cobblepot explains that Nikolai and Fish actually love each other and Fish is attempting to push Carmine out of the way to put Nikolai in power. Of course, she is only doing this to make way for herself to gain power.
Carmine explains that letting Gordon live could be a bad idea. However, Penguin says Gordon will see the light one way or another, before the show ends.

While the previous episodes were good, this one finally touched upon greatness. Not only was this an excellent episode, but it actually felt like a product of the Batman series. The suspenseful, intense shootout and chase with Gordon and Victor was great. Robin Lord Taylor continues to impress, as Penguin.
In a perfect world, all episodes of Gotham would be this good, which is why this episode gets a 9.5 out of 10.

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