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Glitch Series 2 Finale Recap

As the episode begins, Beau (Aaron McGrath) sits beside of Paddy’s (Ned Dennehy) lifeless body. James (Patrick Brammall) has a conversation with Phil (Rob Collins). Phil’s messages are cryptic, making it difficult for James to understand them. Eventually, James learns about Paddy’s death. He rushes to the scene, after realizing that Phil is working with someone. Paddy’s body is loaded into the back of the police car. Beau is unable to provide James with any helpful information. Next, Owen (Luke Arnold) meets with Kate (Emma Booth) and the others. Kate tells Owen that she is still into James. Owen realizes that it is time for him to exit the picture. Sarah (Emily Barclay) arrives at the jail. She quickly lets Phil out of his cell.

beau glitch series 2 finaleMeanwhile, Paddy’s body turns to ash. When James checks it out, he finds a bullet in the mess. Nicola (Pernilla August) prepares the cemetery for the upcoming experiment. Beau tells James about Phil and Vic. He admits that Vic transformed into dust too. Next, Beau and his family learn that the Fitzgerald family is willing to give them money from the sale of the property. James meets with Kirstie (Hannah Monson), Charlie (Sean Keenan), and Kate. James explains that they need to get to safety. He suggests taking shelter at Noregard. Phil and Sarah chat about their future and their next move. James and the others arrive at Noregard. They’re allowed inside by Nicola. James heads out on his own. Kate and the others are transported to Elishia’s lab.

james glitch series 2 finaleThey run into John Doe (Rodger Corser). They’re surprised to see that John’s fingers have returned. He gives Nicola the credit. Moments later, John leaves with Nicola. The others are locked inside. James discovers that Phil has been released. Phil heads inside of the hideout and finds it completely empty. James calls Sarah and finds out the truth. They get into an argument and Sarah writes a note. Sarah tells Phil that she needs to hand off the baby, before they go to Noregard to get the others. Sarah gives the baby to Ellen (Katrina Milosevic) for the time being. Ellen notifies James. He tells Chris (John Leary) that he is going to get the baby. Phil and Sarah arrive at Noregard. They get right inside and quickly make their way to the lab. Charlie and the others escape using the fire exit.

phil glitch series 2 finaleDuring the chase, Sarah manages to shoot Charlie in the shoulder. Kirstie and Kate help him escape. They get into a van and Kirstie drives. They get in touch with James and are told to go to the cemetery. James chats with Chris about Kirstie, before they head to the cemetery as well. Meanwhile, John and Nicola prepare their experiment. When Phil and Sarah arrive, they’re forced to unplug. Charlie and the others hide, while John tries to fight off Phil. Kate is confronted by Sarah. James gets involved and Phil does as well. Phil grabs James from behind. Sarah decides to shoot Phil. Phil puts a bullet in Sarah’s chest. Kate cares for Sarah, but she dies anyway. The baby is shown and it appears to have evil eyes. After things settle down, John and Nicola try the experiment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring Elishia back to life. It does seem to expand the barrier though.

rodger corser glitchIn the morning, Kate goes to work on Charlie’s gunshot wound. Sarah’s body is buried. Chris speaks with Kirstie. He admits that there was a key piece of evidence against Kevin Brunner. He explains that he is ready to reopen the case. When Chris was 10, his brother paid him $25 to hide the bloody shirt in Kevin’s house. James and John contemplate destroying Phil’s body. Nicola doesn’t let that happen. She explains that she wants to study it. Phil is loaded into the van. As Nicola drives away, Phil begins to move. She admits she is glad he is alive. She tells Phil that he is now in her debt. James speaks with Kate about Sarah. Kate suggests that Sarah did it for James. He also lays out a theory as to why Kate and the others returned. Beau spreads Paddy’s ashes and puts on his hat.

glitch season 2 finale beauCharlie and Kirstie head to the pub and order drinks. Kirstie rushes to the bathroom seconds later. It appears that she might be pregnant. Kate meets with Owen. She tells him the truth. Owen steps outside and calls a friend. He tells them to come to his house immediately. James visits Ellen and picks up the baby. He is also given Sarah’s letter. James packs his belongings and reads the letter. John visits Elishia’s grave at the end of the episode. It appears that the weird symbol has formed beneath him.


Glitch Review

It is really a shame that the writers decided to kill off Paddy. Nevertheless, the finale was pretty good. Seeing that Nicola was playing both sides wasn’t a big surprise. It was nice to see Sarah get removed from the picture. I just wish they would have taken Kate with her. It seems that Owen may be up to something no good. That wouldn’t be much of a surprise either. The guy is hardly trustworthy.

It seems that Phil will survive to fight another day. Now, he will work and kill for Nicola apparently. John Doe seems to be the only one trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Will Kirstie get justice? Will there even be a 3rd season? This season was pretty good, but I don’t think it was as good as the first. The finale was pretty good. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Glitch now!

  1. Kate says:

    I really enjoyed the second season. The one major distraction was the use of two infants as Mia. One had a head of hair. The other was completely bald.

  2. kagoon0709 says:

    btw, it was Phil who shot Sarah before dying, not James. just a correction.

    • ReelMockery says:

      Yep, you are correct. Had to go back and look to make sure. As to the wall, I think the experiment did extend it. I also have a suspicion that it might bring the others back to life. Will have to wait and see next season. Thnx for the comment! 🙂

  3. Wonderina says:

    How can Kirstie be pregnant?

    • kagoon0709 says:

      The exact mechanism is of course a mystery, but there is a clear scene where Kirstie suddenly feels ill and pukes in the toilet. Maybe she has gotten pregnant when she was got raped before, and when she got resurrected, the condition was transferred exactly.

    • Drew says:

      Kristie was raped before she was murdered (just like her friend who was raped by not murdered). She’s pregnant with her rapist’s baby.

  4. When did Sarah die? Was it while she was giving birth? Why was she resurrected? I missed a lot, I believe.

    • ReelMockery says:

      Yep. I am not sure that the show ever clarified it though. They just kind of gave the impression that she had died. That is why she was bleeding from the eyes and such. Also, her connection with Phil made it seem that she had died.

    • KMitch says:

      They said that she died on the table after giving birth, while the doctor was trying to stop the hemmoraging and she had to have a hysterectomy. The doctor said they lost her for a moment, but she came back to life.

  5. Heidi says:

    Sarah did say she was one of the risen. When she was in the car with Phil she said,”If the others were mistakes then what are we?” to Phil.

  6. Aga says:

    Kirstie and Charlie were the strongest points, I agree that Kate was annoying, i think she pushed herself onto this Owen and chased him way too much. Very lame ‘run-out-of-gas’ excuse

  7. Sherry says:

    Did the show ever reveal how William and the Dr knew each other in a previous life? Also William had already died twice?

    • aga says:

      No, it was left unanaswered , she knew him in her previous rencarnation kind of? because the dates of their lives are different

  8. recs says:

    i want mooooooreeeeee. Season 3 pleassseeee

  9. Moni says:

    Coming at you from New york. My goodness just finished the second season and I must say I am weeping. It was emotional and exciting, just well done. I think paddy and Sarah’s deaths were so powerful in their own way and the foreshadowing was to “die ” for. I could go all day on this show. I truly hope that a season 3 is in its making. I actually sympathize for Sarah’s character as she couldn’t predict that Kate would be turning in her grave (better said) crawling out of it to intervene with Sarah’s life. Although It didn’t seem to matter, as she gave her life to bring another spirit. I truly feel that was her purpose. (oh I go crying) when she says that she would die for the baby; she literally had already and foreshadow she was going to die again. Beau and his great great great “father” was so touching and his death in vain. Kate’s character is complicated and a bit annoying with the back and forth with owen but I didn’t feel she deserved James anyway.

  10. Moni says:

    Just to touch on the other characters. The acting was superb . Kirste scene with her rapist (Who seemed as if karma found him in life..the universe works in mysrerious way) was so heart wrenching. Victims are not the ones who normally wirness our offenders being punished. Especially for kirstie who had already passed. But the truth will be revealed.

  11. Jacki says:

    I got hooked on this show, really enjoyed it. Please bring it back with season 3.

  12. arva says:

    if anyone has any idea What’s with owen ?
    he went out to call someone after kate has told him about her story

  13. ReelMockery says:

    Not sure, but I’d say he is probably up to no good. Doesn’t seem to be in the same boat as Phil though.

    • MONI says:

      I don’t know if hes necessarily up to no good. In my opinion he likes working with embalming fluid and he likes resurrecting things so to speak that are dead like the bird. So I believe there’s some sort of connection with his father And the phone call

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