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Glitch Series 2 Episode 1 Recap

As the second series gets started, we jump back four years in time. We see Elishia McKellar (Genevieve O’Reilly) climb out of a morgue. She changes her toe tag with another person and escapes the hospital undetected. She breaks into a house moments later. She grabs some clothing and stares at a picture of herself and her girlfriend. After the intro, James Hayes (Patrick Bammall) learns that Elishia is dead. His train of thought is disturbed by Ellen (Katrina Milosevic), who tells him that the baby has arrived. Ellen and James care for the baby, while Sarah (Emily Barclay) rests. After Sarah wakes, she requests to be allowed to feed the baby.

mckellar glitch series 2Sarah promises she is okay, but admits her brain is a little foggy. She confirms that she doesn’t remember much of the birth. Ellen returns with milk. James makes his escape. He returns to the barn and speaks with Kate (Emma Booth). James tells Kate about the baby girl and Sarah’s condition. Kristie (Hannah Monson) and Charlie (Sean Keenan) emerge. Kristie explains that the entire place has been ransacked and that McKellar has disappeared. James tells them about McKellar’s death four years ago. Charlie and the others try to show James Vic’s burial spot. However, when they get close, Kristie’s eye begins to bleed. They’re baffled, since they were able to access the exact spot earlier.

glitch series 2 episode 1 recapThen, James leaves. Kate tries to come with him, but she cannot. John Doe (Rodger Corser) breaks into a nearby house. He is confronted by a woman, who offers water and food. The couple is forced to flee when someone arrives outside. The woman admits the house isn’t hers either. James heads to the hospital and digs into records about McKellar. He finds that she had plenty of drugs in her system at the time of her death. Then, James finds the name of Alison (Maggie Naouri). He tracks her down and asks her about the doctor’s research with Noregard. James learns about their relationship and is also given some of McKellar’s research papers. He looks through the documents and finds a weird symbol. Then, he dumps Vic’s automobile.

mckellar death glitchCharlie and the others move to a new hideout. Meanwhile, Paddy (Ned Dennehy) travels to a gas station. He meets with an attorney of sorts, Steve Tripidakis (Lex Marinos), about the deed to his house. Paddy shows him the document, but Steve admits he believes it is too old to be valid. He snaps a picture, before Paddy leaves. Paddy tries to return home, but hits an invisible barrier and his eye begins to bleed. He manages to scurry away. Meanwhile, Beau Cooper (Aaron McGrath) is confronted by two boys. They deliver a message to Beau and tell him to pass it on to Paddy as well. Phil (Rob Collins) and a co-worker get blown up in an oil rig explosion. It seems that Phil dies, but immediately reawakes. McKellar watches the strange woman enter a building with John Doe.

rodger corser glitchThe woman identifies herself as Nicola Heysen (Pernilla August). She explains that she was a researcher who worked with Noregard Pharmaceuticals. She knew McKellar. She confesses that McKellar hid information from the company and lied to everyone. She agrees to share the information with John, as long as he cooperates with her. She looks at a scab on John’s arm and explains that a single cell remade his entire body. Moments later, she tells John that his real name is William Blackburn. Blackburn was arrested and charged for highway robbery and murder. In a flashback, we see Blackburn being lashed by soldiers. Back in the present, it appears that John will be willing to help Nicola.

glitch series 2 paddyCharlie and the others chat about Elishia’s big experiment. Kate goes stir crazy and decides to go swimming. During her swim, she meets Owen (Luke Arnold). The two chat briefly, before James and the others arrive. Owen hurries off. Chris (John Leary) gets a visit from Vic’s wife. She explains that Vic has gone missing. James tells Kate all about McKellar’s past. He explains that she was doing research into cellular regeneration. He suggests that Elishia seemed to be an entirely different person. James returns to the hospital and learns about Sarah’s near death experience while giving birth. She takes a drink of her coffee and spits it out. The cup crashes to the ground, as she complains about it being too hot. Charlie visits the lake alone.

actress emily barclay glitch series 2He pulls out a pen and write K.K.C on his arm. This causes a flashback. Moments later, he is interrupted by Paddy, who requests his assistance. Charlie agrees to help Paddy get his property back. He also makes Paddy away of the invisible barriers. James researches McKellar online. He gets a visit from Chris, who asks about Vic. Meanwhile, Kate tries to leave on her bike, but discovers that it is out of gas. She visits Owen and gets some for free. During this time, Kristie has a flashback of herself skateboarding with a friend. Chris and James search the barn. They look around the back and nearly discover Vic’s burial plot. However, James manages to convince Chris to leave before they spot it.

sean keenan glitch s2 e1Owen and Kate find a dead bird. Then, they decide to smoke a joint together. Paddy and Charlie break into Paddy’s property. When they get closer, Charlie has another flashback. It seems he has some type of connection with Paddy’s old house. Owen and Kate get romantic, while Sarah ridicules James for leaving her. Later that night, Phil returns home. Nicola takes John Doe to the Noregard facility. James takes Sarah home. They play with the baby, while Sarah insists she wants to name it Nia. James heads outside to feed the dog. When he does, he finds McKellar in his backyard. She pleads for help saving John Doe from Noregard.


Glitch Review

The series 2 opener for Glitch was a little bit slow, but it did a good job expanding on the previous season. I am not much of a sci-fi fan, but Glitch is different. It does a good job adding a human side to each of the undead characters. While this episode was a little slow, it seems that things will begin to pick up very quickly. Also, the episode had a lot going on at the same time, but it never became cluttered or difficult to understand.

I am eager to learn more. I cannot wait to see the next episode. This one scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Glitch today!

  1. How many other people love this show? 0 comments?? It’s fantastic.

  2. Layra says:

    When the risen come back, they are healthy. Kate’s amputated breasts grew back. Why does John (William) have the whip scars on his back and face?

  3. Caroline says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch season 2 and share the link with me

  4. RENEE says:

    Why and who is Sarah working with to get rid of the risen

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