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Glitch Finale Recap

When the episode opens, Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) and James (Patrick Brammall) check over Maria’s body, while they argue over what to do with Vic. Paddy (Ned Dennehy) steals Vic’s notebook. James enters and confronts Vic with the murder of Maria, before Elishia dopes him up and puts him to sleep. Chris (John Leary) pulls over Kate (Emma Booth). Chris is surprised to say the least. Back at the farm, James and Elishia argue a little more. James insists Vic (Andrew McFarlane) is the only one who can tell him about their current situation.

Andrew McFarlane

Elishia attempts to convince James to let Vic die. He disagrees and tells Elishia she is going to operate on Vic and he plans on getting Kate to help. Meanwhile, Kate convinces Chris to place a call to her mother and get an update on her other family members. Charlie (Sean Keenan) and Kirstie (Daniela Farinacci) discover Maria’s body and get permission from James to bury it. After the phone call ends, Chris attempts to take Kate to the hospital and nearly kills her. Instead, he takes her to the police station and locks her inside of the cell.

Emma Booth

Sarah (Emily Barclay) is shown bagging up Kate’s old belongings. Paddy and Beau (Aaron McGrath) group together in the woods and plan their next move. Paddy scours through Vic’s notebook and discovers a mention of his return. He insists it could help retake the estate. Beau suggests they reclaim his phone with the video. Charlie and Kirstie manage to dig a grave and place Maria inside. The pair are interrupted by Elishia, who enlists Charlie’s help watching Vic. John Doe (Rodger Corser) escape into privacy and speak about Elishia’s intentions. She insists there is nothing else she can do.

Actor Ned Dennehy

Vic attempts to talk Charlie into helping him take out the others. James returns home just in time to find Sarah leaving for the hospital. They speak about Kate, before James promises he’ll make it to the hospital, once he finishes one more thing. James heads to Elishia’s lab and takes a bunch of medications, which were produced by Noregard Pharmaceuticals. Paddy and Beau manage to track down the phone thief. Paddy grabs him and puts a knife to his throat. During the event, Paddy has a flashback and watches his own son cut his throat.

Glitch TV Show John Doe

James heads to the police station and argues with Chris. He tells Chris to dig up information on Elishia and Noregard. He also breaks Kate free and transports her back to the farm. During the car ride, Kate notices the Noregard medications and brings the company to James’ attention. Paddy tells Beau about his troubles and complains about his son killing him. Beau suggests he will be sent to juvie now for sure. Paddy apologizes, but Beau leaves angrily. Charlie and Kirstie say a prayer for Maria, while Vic’s leg is operated on. After the surgery is over and proves to be successful, Elishia attempts to coax James into killing Vic.

Glitch TV Series Paddy

Katie discovers that Vic’s wound is healing at lightning speed. James confronts Elishia and asks her about her work with Noregard. She admits she doesn’t work for Noregard, instead they work for her. John visits and contemplates killing Vic. Instead, Vic tells him to use the whistle, which Elishia has been hiding away. John blows the whistle and all of the dead fell a gust of wind blowing in their faces. He also witnesses himself being hung in the barn.

Glitch John Doe Whistle

With that, Vic manages to convince John to help him. The take Kate captive and escape in Elishia’s vehicle. On the road, they also collect Charlie and Kirstie. James and Elishia chase after the pair in the squad car. Sarah is shown at the hospital moaning and waiting for James to arrival. Vic transports the group to the bridge. He attempts to force the others across the barrier, with the help of John. James arrives and pulls his gun. After an intense few moments, James shoots Vic dead. John attempts to cross the barrier, but Elishia injects him with medicine and puts him to sleep.

Glitch John and Elishia

Vic is thrown into the back of the vehicle, while James heads to the hospital. Charlie and Kirstie bury Vic, but refuse to give him any prayers. A Noregard employee is shown visiting the bridge and collecting Vic’s blood in a bag. John Doe and Elishia argue at the farm, while John insists he shouldn’t be here. At the hospital, Sarah has a successful delivery. Kate is shown reminiscing that night. Paddy lays down with his wife’s dress and has a vision of her sewing something into the dress’s sleeve. He discovers his last will and testament upon inspection.

Glitch TV Series Charlie

Sarah has a complication at the hospital and is forced to go through another surgery. Back at the farm, Elishia collects all of the Noregard medications and disappears. At the hospital, James is allowed to see Sarah. The doctor enters and tells him that Sarah was dead for a few minutes, but they managed to bring her back to life. James checks his voicemails and receives one from Chris. During the voicemail, he learns that Elishia died 4 years ago.


Glitch Review

The Glitch finale started off a little slow, but really delivered big in the end. The twists and turns were unstoppable and made it difficult to predict what would happen next. This season has been absolutely intriguing, enthralling and a little depressing. The acting is great and despite the ridiculous scenario, everything feels realistic. This speaks to the excellent writing and performances. Each character is genuinely fascinating and it is very easy to sympathize with all of them!

I truly hope we get a Glitch Season 2! Until then, the finale deserves an 8.5 out of 10! Be sure to catch up with past Glitch episodes now!

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