Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Rule #92 Review

GG2D Abby and Lilly

When the show opens, Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) discovers that Jo (Alanna Ubach) has completely rearranged and destroyed her living room. As it turns out, Jo is organizing a fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Phoebe (Beau Garrett) wakes up, with Marco. Phoebe invites Marco to their Orange is the New Black fundraiser. Afterwards, Phoebe rendezvous with Jo and Abby, before telling them Marco is coming. Meanwhile, all of the other parents, including Kori Wingo (Suki Kaiser), arrive at the event.

Kori immediately confronts Phoebe. Kori reveals she is a photographer and her partner has a kid, before she leaves. Meanwhile, Jake (Paul Adelstein) interviews kids for the event. After the awkward interviews are over, Jake speaks to Abby, who insults Jake’s video venture. The pair agree to not let their relationship get ugly again. Next, Abby meets with Delia (Necar Zadegan), who insists she is over Beech. Delia says Abby should try to get out of paying Jake alimony, which Abby suggests will make him go ballistic. Delia insists it is the last battle and might get bloody.

Lilly (Conner Dwelly) asks for permission to hang out with her friends. When Abby suggests taking Zooey (Alison Thornton) along, Lilly says she doesn’t know, if Zooey will fit in with the girls. After Jo and Zooey leave, Lilly says Zooey isn’t her friend and it isn’t her job to help her, with her parent’s divorce, since no one helped her. Next, Delia gets a visit from her boss, Albert, who questions if she ended her relationship, with Beech, on good terms. He breaks the news that Beech has taken his business elsewhere, unless she meets them for dinner tonight. She agrees.

GG2D Phoebe Kill Bill

Meanwhile, Phoebe attempts to buy Marco an expensive suit, which he refers to as a costume. Meanwhile Jo has been getting friendly, with the other moms. She convinces one of the moms to allow her daughter to invite Zooey along for a night out. Next, Abby and Jake meet with their lawyers to settle the divorce. Delia attempts to get the alimony dropped and Jake agrees to the proposal. Abby and Jake begin debating sending the kids to sleep away camp in the summer. The argument comes to an abrupt end.

When Abby returns home, Jo has lost the hamburger phone. Jo tells Zooey about getting her invited to the Grove and receives a big thanks. Will contacts Abby and informs her he isn’t going to be able to make it, due to a delayed flight, which ruins her chance to go to the party, as Bonnie and Clyde. Meanwhile, Delia and Albert attempt to bring Beech back to the company. The deal falls through and Beech rushes out, but Delia follows him and apologizes for ending the relationship in a bad way. Beech insults Delia’s way of life, before speeding off.

Meanwhile, Phoebe impresses Marco, with her Uma Thurman impression from Kill Bill. She reveals she grew up as trailer trash, with dope growing parents. She continues belittling herself for not having a high school diploma, but Marco comforts her, before they head to the party. Jo and Abby are shown at the fundraiser, in their clever costumes. Afterwards, Jake approaches Abby dressed up like Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction. The pair agree to drop the sleep away camp for the night. Abby places a large bid on some jewelry.

GG2D Delia and Albert

Kori interrupts Phoebe and Marco, after they see some of her photography. When the fundraiser begins, Jake’s film is shown. The short film scores a lot of laughs and applauses, while making Abby sob. She soon gets into a bidding war, with Cheryl Black, who ups the bid, by one dollar. Jake is forced to step in and calm Abby down, before Cheryl places another bid. Abby and Jake speak outside. Abby questions why Jake wasn’t awesome, when they were together. Jake insists everything has to be about Abby and she should be happy for him. Jo rushes in and informs Abby that Zooey has been arrested.

Meanwhile, Kori’s photograph goes up for bid. Phoebe begins bidding big bucks on it, while Marco attempts to slow her down. Phoebe wins the auction, before she begins to fight with Marco. She insists she is going to disappoint Marco, before running off. Back at home, Zooey and Lilly are disciplined for shoplifting. The girls go to bed, before they reveal their reasoning behind their crimes. Meanwhile, Phoebe gets drunk, with her $10,000 picture, which she throws in the fire.

GG2D Jake Pulp Fiction

Jo goes through Zooey’s things and discovers the Hamburger Phone. Delia arrives at work to discover some flowers. Albert informs her that Beech is back in business with their law firm. Delia discovers a large diamond ring, within the flowers, with a note about writing a new story. Abby rushes to the door expecting Will, but it turns out to be Jake. Both apologize for their mistakes the night before, as well as during their relationship. Jake gives abby a gift and thanks her for supporting him through the years. The gift turns out to be the jewelry that Abby was trying to win, at the fundraiser.

The pair embrace and nearly kiss, before Will rings the doorbell. Abby thanks Jake, before he leaves.


Many episodes of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce have been filled with silliness and over the top antics, but this episode was definitely different. It offered a lot of emotional scenes, but a fun dress up party, which offered some of the best scenes of the entire season. It seems Abby and Jake are beginning to question their divorce, which is likely to cause a whole lot of problems. Meanwhile, Phoebe definitely has some history, which she isn’t willing to reveal just yet. By the way, where the heck is Lyla?

The episode was definitely one of the best of the series and deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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