Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Rule 426 Review

GG2D Abby

In the latest episode of the Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Abby (Lisa Edelstein) finally goes on a date with Nate (C. Thomas Howell). Meanwhile, Ford (J. August Richards) and Max (Patrick Heusinger) receive accreditation by Adele Northrop (Laverne Cox), who is an LGBT activist.

When the show opens, Max, Ford and Abby are seen attending an event, where they run into Phoebe. Ford brings up an upcoming LGBT event. Abby stays glued to her phone and and seems to be flirting with someone. Outside, Abby watches Pheobe make out with a man. Afterwards, Abby reveals to Phoebe (Beau Garrett) and Lyla (Janeane Garofalo) that she has been speaking with Nate.

Next, Abby meets Nate at the school, where they direct traffic together. Abby admits she cannot have anything to do with Nate, since he is married. However, he confirms he has left his wife. Afterwards, Max and Abby go shopping for clothes, when Max suggests Abby should go out with Nate. However, he doesn’t seem interested in their conversation and is distracted by his phone. Lyla confronts Phoebe about her kiss, which causes friction between the women. Phoebe offers Lyla a back rub from Damon Cash (Isaac Haig), which she believes will chill Lyla out.

Abby and Nate go on a date, at a classy restaurant, where Nate tells a story about a run in with Paul Newman, while Abby brags about her dates with Oprah. After dinner, the pair head to the record store, where their relationship continues to develop. The pair head home and share a kiss, which is very awkward. After the break, Max and Abby go for a run. Max questions Abby’s relationship with Nate, which ruined her marriage with Jake.

Next, Lyla receives a massage from Damon. Lyla slaps Damon, after he begins to explore the wrong areas. Next, Ford asks Max, if he has gotten a suit yet, before helping him find a suit for the Gala. Lyla belittles Phoebe for setting her up with Damon, before she receives a large bill, which needs to be paid as soon as possible. Next, Nate and Abby have sex and it is extremely awkward. Abby is left unsatisfied. Nate offers to go around round, but Abby refuses.

Afterwards, Abby runs into Delia (Necar Zadegan), who suspects Abby got laid. She questions her about the experience, before Phoebe arrives and probes Abby, as well. Next, Abby attends the Gala and tells Max about her sexual experience with Nate. Max is introduced to Delia, before Abby, Max and Ford join Lyla. Adele Northrop takes the stage and begins to speak, but Phoebe enters and begins to argue loudly with Lyla. The arguing between the women reverts to Max and Ford.

When Adele presents the award, Ford takes the stage alone. Max listens to Ford’s speech from offstage. Ford puts down the cards and speaks from the heart, which puts Max’s worries to rest. Afterwards, Abby tracks Nate down. They agree the relationship is awkward and isn’t going to work. The pair agree to never have sex again.

Next, Abby and Ford watch the kids play baseball, while Max coaches. Next, Lyla goes out to dinner by herself, while Phoebe hooks up with a man and woman in a bathtub. The show ends with Abby watching television alone, at home.


This was a pretty good episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, in which the girls tangled with one another. Of course, their drama transferred to Max and Ford, who were on the verge a receiving an aware at an LGBT Gala. While the episode brought Max and Ford back together, the women seemed more fragile than ever. The episode’s end was definitely bleak.

At the same time, it appears Nate could be out of the picture now, since his relationship with Abby was anything, but passionate and satisfying. With that said, the future is wide open for Abby. The episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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