Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Rule #3 Review

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The episode opens with a sex scene between Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) and Will. Jo (Alanna Ubach) works to get her daughter, Zooey (Alison Thornton), into a good school. Warren calls to inform Abby her article has been posted to Huffington Post and she is trending on social media! Delia (Necar Zadegan) meets with Gordon Beech (Matthew Glave) to allow him to sign his divorce papers. Delia denies Gordon’s request for a moment alone, but he takes one anyway and suggests Delia head to Bora Bora with him.

Jo and Abby drop the kids off at school, where they run into Phoebe (Beau Garrett). She informs them she is getting ready to meet Marco (Brandon Jay McLaren) and read Abby’s article. After Phoebe departs, Jo and Abby meet with the head of the fundraising committee, Cheryl (Kendall Cross). They also meet Nate’s wife, Karen (Susan Walters). The meeting quickly goes sour, when the group attempts to discover the identity of the cheating husband. Jo winds up causing a scene, before the pair make a hasty retreat.

Outside of the school, Abby and Jo plan their recovery. Abby suggests laying low, but Jo needs to write a big check, as an apology. Abby receives a phone call from Amanda, from the Huffington Post, scheduling a sit-down. Meanwhile, Phoebe proposes a PR stunt to Marco, but he isn’t interested, when he learns he has to accept cooperate money from Coca-Cola. Phoebe suggests using their money to push his agenda.

Jo meets with Delia, who gives her some bad news. While she appears to be rich, she has very little cash, since everything is tied up in assets. Jo discovers she has a Kentucky stud farm, with six thoroughbreds. Abby sits down with Amanda, who congratulates her from bouncing back from the YouTube fiasco. She offers Abby a big job at the Post. When she makes it back home, Jake (Paul Adelstein) tells her Lilly (Conner Dwelly) is being bully at school. Apparently, the school kids have a slut list and Lilly made the list.

Jake suggests it was Abby’s fault Lilly made the list. Jo enters in a fury. Next, Abby and Jo get drunk and complain about their situations. Phoebe and Marco get help from Ford (J. August Richards), with the Coca-Cola proposal. Marco thanks Phoebe, who kisses him, but Marco doesn’t seem interested. On his way out, Ford tracks Max’s (Patrick Heusinger) cell phone to The Getty Center, when he doesn’t answer. Delia speaks with Gordon and basically agrees to his Bora Bora trip, before receiving bad news about Frumpkins.

Jake and Abby meet with Principal Vicki Barrows (Carmen Moore), who has investigated the cyber bullying. Since it was all done online, the school is unable to take action. Instead, she insists the parents sit down and talk it out. Eventually, she admits the list was created by Nate and Karen’s daughter, Dorie Klein. While Jake, Abby and Lilly prepare to meet with the Klein family, Jo speaks to Principal Barrows about Zooey. The Principal says the board thought it would be a bad idea to accept a student in the middle of the semester. Jo prepares to go off, but Zooey stops her. She gets a call from Delia.

The family sits down with the Kleins. Despite Dorie taking down the list, things quickly go sour, when Karen suggests there are appropriate uses for the word “slut”. Afterwards, Ford asks Max about his visit to the Getty. The conversation turns into an an argument, when Max tells him about Duncan. Abby meets with Jo and Delia. Apparently, Robert Frumpkis has already been remarried, without a divorce. Phoebe enters and joins the pity party. Before they can drink whiskey, an earthquake hits and the electricity goes out.

Aside from a minor cut, everyone is fine, after the quake. Charlie (Dylan Schombing) plans to build a tent, before Phoebe suggests she blew it with Marco. Abby insists there will not be anymore Huffington Post articles, since they have the potential to destroy Lilly’s life. Inside the tent, Delia and Charlie discuss their fears, with Delia admitting hers is commitment. A few minutes later, Jake arrives, but the lights come on. Jake looks deflated, after Abby tells Charlie that daddy isn’t staying.

Abby sits down to read Will’s book draft, before Lilly enters and tells her she put herself on the slut list, because boys like girls, who do that kind of stuff. Abby tries to convince Lilly she is too young and to stay away from guys, who like girls on the slut list. Lilly asks about the article, before insisting she should write the column, since she shouldn’t be slut shamed.

Phoebe apologizes to Marco, who forgives her. She managed to get the signage removed from the first project, but insists the rest will be a case-by-case basis. Marco seems impressed. Gordon receives a test from Delia, which insists he go alone. Abby visits Will and tells him his book is excellent. She insists the writing is good and apologizes for panicking earlier. Abby questions why Will would want her, before he reassures her and the pair kiss.


The episode was packed with character develop, which was mostly positive gains. Despite a slip up, Phoebe managed to pull herself together and separate from her sexual interest in Macro, which will likely play into her favor. Meanwhile, Abby was able to overcome her insecurities regarding Will and his book. Of course, the episode’s high point was likely the interaction between mother and daughter, Abby and Lilly. At first, it was depressing, but wound up touching on some modern social issues. The episode was worth a 7 out of 10.

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