Galavant Finale Review

The show begins with a flashback of Young Galavant (Harry Collett) and his father (Anthony Head). His father attempts to convince him that he is going to grow up to be an important hero. Afterwards, Galavant (Joshua Sasse) claims he is prepared to escape the prison and rescue everyone. Isabella (Karen David) is informed her cousin Harry is coming to save her. Madalena (Mallory Jansen) and Kingsley (Rutger Hauer) interrupt Galavant’s plans, by dragging everyone to the throne room.

King Richard (Timothy Omundson) insults his brother, before accepting a duel to the deal, with his brother. Of course, Kingsley selects Gareth (Vinnie Jones) to fight for him, while Galavant takes it upon himself to fight for King Richard. Isabella questions Galavant’s actions, before he is whisked off to the arena, where Richard complains to Gareth about his choice to fight against him.

Chef (Darren Evans) and Gwynne (Sophie McShera) discuss their possible grim future. When the bout prepares to get underway, an army approaches, which is led by Prince Harry (Kemaal Deen-Ellis). Isabella explains Harry is her cousin and also her fiancee. King Richard postpones the duel, in order to hold a feast for Harry. Meanwhile, Sid (Luke Youngblood) breaks down and sobs for Gal for a few seconds, before trying to make his escape, with the Jester (Ben Presley). The Jester gets the keys to the cell, with a little trickery, while the guards leave for the feast, which gives them time to escape.

Gwynne has come around and attempts to convince Chef into poisoning the food for the feast. Since he thinks it will provide them with a bright future, Chef agrees. Madalena attempts to seduce Gal one final time, before insulting his father. Sid attempts to lead the King (Stanley Townsend) and Queen of Valencia (Genevieve Allenbury) to safety. Gareth tells Richard he should have fought his brother himself, before the King and everyone begin to fall ill. Chef tells Gwynne he couldn’t do it, but he did taint their food to give them a little entertainment, before they’re killed.

Sid enters the throne room and throws Gal a sword. He hears his father’s voice, which instructs him to kill the King. Instead, he prevents Isabella from eating crab. Prince Harry finally concedes and heads home, after insulting Galavant. Kingsley drags in Chef and demands he be executed. Richard agrees to fight his own duel, but Kingsley still lets Gareth stand him for him.

The second episode begins with everyone locked in the dungeon and Galavant questioning his original plan. Galavant convinces Gareth to let him get a conference with the King. Galavant uses rumors about Madalena to get the king on his side.While Gareth and Richard argue about their duel, Galavant offers each a drink. Next, Galavant continues to get the King drunk, until he admits he never slept with Madalena, despite being married. Galavant proposes killing Kingsley, while he sleeps. The King agrees with the plan and lets everyone know about it.

Galavant and Richard head to the Dungeon, where Galavant insults everyone, before they make it to Kingsley’s bedroom. Kingsley catches the pair in the act and insults his brother. Kingsley takes Richard’s crown before sending him away. Kingsley attempts to secure Gareth’s loyalty. Galavant and Richard are transported to the dungeon.

The King begins to sing, which makes Gareth question his decision to duel against his old friend. In the morning, Gareth rushes into the dungeon and sets the King and Galavant free. Gareth attempts to send Richard and Galavant away with the pirates. Although they refuse at first, they eventually go with the pirates. Kingsley is informed of the situation and Madalena accuses Gareth of incompetence, before ordering him to kill everyone in the dungeon. Gareth agrees, but helps everyone escape, while holding onto Sid.

Gareth informs Kingsley of the situation. Kingsley prepares to kill Gareth, but is killed by Madalena, who gives Gareth a promotion to King. Isabella and everyone arrives at Harry’s place, where Harry has built her a permanent room.


The two finale episodes were definitely fun, with a little bit of humor. However, the ending felt like a bit of a cop-out considered we really don’t know, whether or not they’ll be another season. For the sake of finishing the story, ABC should definitely make it happen, despite shaky ratings. All in all, it is watchable. A 7 out of 10 is deserved.

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