Galavant E5 E6 Review

When the episode opens, Galavant (Joshua Sasse) makes his ways to Valencia on the pirate ship. He requests guidance from Sid (Luke Youngblood) and Isabella (Karen David). Meanwhile, King Richard (Timothy Omundson) awaits his arrival. Madalena (Mallory Jansen) gets her hair fixed, by Gwynne (Sophie McShera). Madalena continues to push the King to get her the gem. Madalena seems interested in rising up and taking control of the kingdom on her own.

Next, Galavant, Isabella and Sid arrive outside of the castle. Isabella attempts to talk Galavant out of the attack. They wind up at the cathedral, where they meet the monks led by the confessional monk (Weird Al Yankovic). Back at the castle, the Chef (Darren Evans) is confronted by Madalena. He tells her about a celebration, which is set to take place that night. Madalena promises the Chef a chance at Gwynne, if he can discover what the King is hiding. Next, Isabella confesses her sins to the monk and seeks advice.

Richard and Gareth (Vinnie Jones) await for Galavant’s arrival. Their conversation is overheard by Madalena. Instead, Isabella enters and demands Galavant remain alive, if Richard wants the jewel. Galavant decides to sneak into the castle, by disguising himself as a monk. Madalena sets in motion an evil plan, which will allow her to take over the Kingdom. She informs the Chef to make a romantic meal, since Gwynne will be having dinner with him tonight. Next, the trio sneaks into the castle, but King Richard catches them. Gareth takes Isabella hostage, which makes Galavant give himself up to protect her, but it comes out that she betrayed him.

Inside of their prison cell, Galavant and Sid argue with Isabella, but she defends her actions, by stating she was defending her family. A mask is thrown over Galavant’s head, as he is led from the cell. The king pulls off the mask, but finds the Chef. Madalena pulls off Galavant’s mask, before removing his restraints. She says she’s written to someone, who is coming to execute her plan.

Next, Galavant speaks about the hardships he faced, while returning to Madalena. The pair obviously have different ideals for the future. The King begins executing people at will, while Gareth leaves him. The Chef attempts to prevent his own death, by telling the King about Xanax (Ricky Gervais), who sells herbs. Galavant is moved back to the dungeon, when Isabella finally tells him the truth. Madalena tells Gareth to torture them all.

Meanwhile, the King meets with Xanax and toad. Xanax makes a concoction for the King, who drinks it. Back in the dungeon, Galavant considers his chances with Madalena, while Isabella tries to talk him out of it. Gareth begins complaining to everyone, including the Jester (Ben Presley), about the King and Queen. Meanwhile, Richard begins his journey to self improvement. In a flashback, we see a young Richard (Alfie Simmons), who is overshadowed by his brother, Kingsley. Of course, Kingsley doesn’t want to be the King. Kinglsey takes the sword, but Richard became the king.

Richard figures out he has always used to being second. Now, he is prepared to retake his kingdom. Next, Isabella attempts to apologize to Gal, who admits he understands her actions. Finally, Galavant realizes Madalena never loved him. He is ready to save the day. Gareth returns to Madalena and tells her he isn’t going to follow her orders. The King enters and thanks him, before ordering Madalena to the dungeons. Madalena prevents this from happening, due to the presence of Kingsley (Rutger Hauer), who has come to steal the King’s lifestyle.


The first episode was a little hit and miss. However, the second episode was much better. Things are finally starting to pick up, as we drive closer to the end of the mini-series. I definitely enjoyed the presence of Ricky Gervais, as Xanax. Gervais’s role was likely the best guest role in the series thus far. The two episodes deserve a 7 out of 10.

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