miriam attar fearless episode 5 recap

Fearless Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Emma Banville (Helen McCrory) is still locked in the prison cell. One of the soldiers calls and notifies Heather Myles (Robin Weigert). Also, Logan Bradley (Jonah Lotan) is contacted. After the call with Logan ends, the power is shut off to the facility and Emma is escorted out of her cell. She meets with Logan and asks him about Linda. During this time, Miriam Attar (Karima McAdams) gets a visit from Dominic (Jonathan Forbes). Dominic makes it clear the Emma wishes to recuse herself as Miriam’s attorney. Miriam seems to admit that Yussef is a terrorist. She also expresses worry that her cellmates will attack her or Emma will be punished for being a snitch.

miriam attar fearless episode 5 recapLogan tells Emma that he is being shipped out. Emma begs for information. She learns that Logan did indeed meet with Linda at the airbase. According to Logan, Linda was transported there by Phil Simms (Ben Cartwright). Dominic and Monty (Allan Corduner) meets with a private investigator. The man tells them about Logan and his upcoming shipment out of the United States. He also admits that Emma is messing with the wrong people and has gotten herself into serious trouble. Emma chats with two investigators, while Heather gives them men questions for her. Heather discusses her options with a colleague, Kretchmer (Colin Stinton). Kretchmer demands that Emma be sent back to England right away. Heathers get a call from Olivia (Wunmi Mosaku). Olivia explains that she wants to have a conversation with Emma.

wunmi mosaku fearless episode 5Meanwhile, Matthew Wild (Jamie Bamber) learns that he is the clear winner of the election. He sits down for an interview with Zeinan Akbari (Priyanga Burford). He admits it isn’t in the bag just yet. However, everyone else seems hopeful for Matthew’s victory. During the short interview, we learn that Wild is an Iraq veteran. Emma lands in England. She is transported to Olivia’s location. Dominic is also there. Emma tells them everything she learned from Logan. Emma gives Dominic information and tells him to request flight details from a friend. Then, she leaves with Olivia. The two track down Phil and speak with him. The accusation upsets Linda’s father. He gives Phil a quick beating. Phil admits he transported her to the airfield. Phil explains that he just drove her there and did nothing else. Phil also admits that Linda was with her friend, Rachel. Emma and Olivia visit the airstrip. The place is now rundown and apparently abandoned.

olivia and emma fearless episode 5Emma points out the nearby trees. She explains that Linda’s body had to be buried here first. Olivia admits there isn’t enough evidence to clear Kevin. Tony Pullings (Alec Newman) calls Heather and tells her that Emma knows everything. Emma gets a call and learns that two flights came through that night. She hangs up, before getting more details, since she is going to visit Kevin. Emma tells Kevin that she is close to clearing his name. Annie Peterson (Rebecca Callard) reminds Emma that Kevin needs to remain calm. Emma heads to the parking garage and meets with Dominic, after removing the battery from her phone. Douglas shows them pictures of the aircrafts. He explains that one plane was the Gulfstream out of Virginia. Another was a C-5 out of Hamburg. He also mentions the name Jack Kretchmer.

colin stinton fearless episode 5 recapDouglas seems convinced that Jack was involved with the decision to go into Iraq. Olivia’s boss becomes suspicious of her activities. He speaks with Jenna and asks her what Olivia has been up to. Heather listens from a distance. They learn about Dominic’s visit to Miriam. They also learn about Emma betraying Yussef. They agree that Dominic must’ve told Emma about it by now. Meanwhile, Emma discusses the situation with Dominic and Monty. She remains convinced that they’re trying to hide someone. Douglas tells them about a photograph in a newspaper. Emma looks at it and finds a picture of Alastair. Alastair (Michael Gambon) calls Heather and tells her that Emma has requested an interview. Heather tells him to deny the request. However, Alastair goes through with it. Emma starts with asking Alastair about his history. Then, she turns the conversation to the party at the airbase.

michael gambon fearless episode 5He admits he met with the Iraqi scientist, Mustafa Sabah, and used his information to support the Iraq war. He confesses it might have been a mistake. He denies any link to Linda. He also ridicules Emma and tells her that she has lost it. He tells that the police and The Guardian would laugh at her evidence. That night, Emma discusses the situation with Dominic, who believes they’ve won. Steve returns home seconds later. Emma tells him that she wants to end the relationship. He tells her that he is good for her and also loves her. Emma takes her information to the police. Like Alastair said, they’re simply not interested. They could care less about the new evidence or Rachel. Next, Emma visits the hospital and learns that Kevin has passed away.


Fearless Review

Jesus. That was long winded and rushed. I feel little to no enthusiasm for Fearless, so there are probably tons of errors above. I simply do not care, because this show seriously blows loads. The series is already cliché enough and now we revisit the Iraq war. Did the writers aim to copy from London Spy? I doubt they would even have that level of intelligence. It is more likely that they just threw everything on the wall and prayed something would stick.

Wunmi Mosaku and Michael Gambon are pretty good. As the series drags on ever so painfully, I grow increasingly irritated with Helen McCrory and her persistent smile. Her nemesis Robin Weigert is even worse. At times, it feels like she has just snorted thirty lines of Adderall. I’ve never seen such an annoying performance. Fearless is downright terrible and there is truly no way to save this stinking pile of garbage. A 3 out of 10 is deserved. Check out recent recaps of Fearless, if you’re a glutton for punishment.

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