Empire: False Imposition Review

When the episode opens, Empire holds a conference, in which Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) questions Hakeem about his desires, before Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) enters and begins giving a list of demands. Cookie argues with Hakeem and Anika Gibbons (Grace Gealey), before Lucious brings everyone back to reality and forces them to focus on Empire. Cookie sets up her office, with platinum records that he produced. Tiana Brown (Serayah) enters and requests Cookie to listen to her last work. She lets Cookie listen to the song.

Hakeem and Lucious argue over his priorities. Hakeem wants to go to a Titan (James Washington) concert, but Lucious gives his passes away to Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) and sends Hakeem to the studio. Becky attends the concert and witnesses a fight between Titan and an old rival, before Titan pulls a gun, fires and is arrested. Lucious speaks to Anika about Titan, before his hand begins shaking uncontrollably. He finally tells Anika about his ALS and his three year prediction.

Cookie meets with the A&R department and informs them she is also going to be handling Tiana. Anika is obviously upset with the situation, but continues the meeting, by recommending recruiting someone new. Lucious enters and insists he wants Titan, before ordering his team to get him here. Lucious suggests getting Titan, since it will also hurt Creedmoor and Billy Beretti (Judd Nelson). Marvin Menchel (Dennis Grimes) and Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) enter and recommend against the move. Lucious disagrees and Anika insists she will go meet with Titan at the Brooklyn Correctional Center. Despite Cookie’s arguments, Lucious insists Anika will handle the situation and tells Cookie to take care of her own client, Jamal (Jussie Smollett).

Cookie takes pizza to Jamal and his boyfriend, Michael Sanchez (Rafael de la Fuente). Cookie attempts to give Cookie money, but Jamal refuses, since it is Lucious’s money. Cookie urges Jamal to get back to work. Hakeem and Tiana are approached by Lucious and Anika about performing a duet at the Teen Choice Awards. Next, Cookie meets with Sister Fatima (Olivia D. Dawson), in hopes of meeting with Titan. The pair discuss their religion and motherhood. Fatima reveals her son was protecting himself and the guy he shot burned down the community city a few nights ago. Cookie insists Lucious has plenty of lawyers and wishes to help Titan.

Next, Detective Walker (Damon Gupton) pays a visit to Lucious and reveals he found Bunkie’s car. He requests alibis from each man. Lucious insists he was at home at the time. Andre tells the detective he was with his father watching the Mayweather fight. Meanwhile, a flashback shows Andre hiding his dad’s handgun, when cops arrive.

Lucious and Anika meet with Titan’s cousin and manager. Titan’s cousin insists he hasn’t spoke to Titan and that Titan killed a Cashville drug dealer. During their conversation, a drive by happens and shoots out the windows of the restaurant. Cookie tells Lucious about her visit to Titan’s mother and her love for the Nation of Islam. Lucious insists he never forgot about Cookie while she was in prison. Cookie insists she can convince Titan’s mother to see the light, but warns Lucious about getting back involved with the Nation, which killed his father.

Hakeem attempts to work on his son, but Lucious isn’t impressed. Lucious tells Hakeem to record it and take it to Cookie, who will sign off on it, once it is good enough. Next, Jamal visits Lucious and admits it is impossible to work in his new place. However, Jamal gives back the payment for helping Hakeem at Laviticus. Jamal admits his talent is worth more than Lucious could offer, before leaving. At the club, Vernon (Malik Yoba) informs Lucious that Titan is in solitary, but Lucious insists he isn’t going after Titan anymore. She insists it is because of Titan’s involvement with the Fruit of Islam. Beretti enters and confronts Lucious.

Cookie speaks with Tiana about her mother and how she met Lucious, while they wait for Hakeem. Beretti and Lucious argue over their falling out. Meanwhile, Hakeem is in a bubble bath with Camilla (Naomi Campbell). The pair speak about the industry trying to bring them down and box them in, when Tiana enters and leaves angrily. Beretti insists Lucious cancel his IPO, or he will bury Empire, by using Lucious’s past. After he leaves, Lucious insists he is going to decimate Beretti and will visit Titan in jail.

Hakeem pays a visit to Jamal and requests advice about Tiana. When Hakeem finally arrives, he apologizes to Tiana, who says he should start respecting his mother. Jamal walks through his neighborhood and begins getting musical inspiration from his surroundings. Meanwhile, Hakeem and Tiana perform at the Teen Choice Awards Nominations concert. Next, Lucious arrives at the jail to see Titan. The guard is a big fan and immediately escorts him in.

At the jail, Titan speaks about the evils of the music industry. He suggests Lucious lost his soul a long time ago. Lucious suggests staying with Beretti will lead to more problems. They speak about the Cashville gangster, who burned down the community center. Lucious insists he is willing to pay the 7 million to get the center rebuilt, but it will be Titan’s money, before giving him a phone to record his music for Empire on. Titan seems to agree.

Hakeem tells Cookie she was right about the song. Cookie tries to smooth things over, but it falls flat. Becky says she’d like to shadow Lucious, when he works with him. Lucious tells Cookie they always made a good team.


The latest episode of Empire was pretty good and added a new rival to Empire, with Billy Beretti. Since it appears Lucious and Cookie are slowly getting back on good terms, the show is going to need a nemesis like Billy. The episode didn’t touch much on Andre, Hakeem or Jamal, but when it did it was effective. Jamal is finally stepping out and working on his own, while Hakeem potentially hurt his relationship with Tiana, but continues to strike all the right chords with his music.

This was a pretty good episode, which deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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