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Doctor Foster TV Show Premiere Recap

Doctor Foster is a 2015 television series from the BBC. When the series opens, we’re quickly introduced to the ordinary Foster family. Dr. Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) seems to have an excellent relationship with her husband, Simon (Bertie Carvel, Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell). Their young son, Tom (Tom Taylor), seems well behaved enough. Before she heads to work, Gemma grabs her husband’s scarf and heads on her way.

Suranne Jones Doctor Foster

When she arrives at work, Gemma is bombarded by Gordon Ward (Daniel Cerqueira). Gordon complains about his back pain and numerous other ailments. She casually chats with her colleague Ros (Thusitha Jayasundera), before heading into her office. Once she gets inside, she hangs the scarf on the door and it all begins. She discovers a long blonde hair on Simon’s scarf. Afterwards, she sits down with Gordon and once again hears about his innumerable illnesses.

Doctor Foster Recap

Next, she meets with Carly (Clare-Hope Ashitey), who pleads for sleeping bills. Gemma refuses and sends her on her way. Next, she meets with Susie Parks (Sara Stewart). Susie invites Gemma and Simon to an event and Susie succumbs and agree. Afterwards, she sits in her office and obsesses over the hair. After the workday has concluded, Gemma heads to the school and collects Tom. While there, she encounters Simon’s assistant, Becky (Martha Howe-Douglas) and her daughter, Isobel (Megan Roberts). Beck tells Gemma about her split from her ex.

Doctor Foster Carly

She returns home and prepares for dinner. Simon arrives home and complains about traffic. Gemma attempts to squeeze information out of Simon. However, he doesn’t give up anything substantial. Finally, Neil (Adam James) and Anna (Victoria Hamilton, The Game) arrive for dinner. The group speaks about old times and Gemma tells the others about saving Simon from a potential drowning in the past. She escapes to the kitchen and drinks wine alone, before Anna interrupts and learns about the hair.

Doctor Foster TV Series

Anna makes a joke about the situation and attempts to pretend it is nothing. After she leaves, Gemma contemplates inspecting Simon’s phone, but doesn’t. That night, after Simon heads to bed, Gemma checks his phone and discovers nothing. She returns to work and tells Ros about her situation. Back in her office, Gemma is one again harassed by Gordon and his constant troubles. She manages to escape, by pretending to be ill. Outside, she is confronted by Carly, who again asks for the sleeping pills.

BBC Doctor Foster Bertie Carvel

Gemma blows her off and follows Simon. He stops at a shop and Gemma is bombarded by a former colleague, Jack Reynolds (Robert Pugh). The pair argue about Jack returning to the clinic, before Gemma returns to her pursuit. She follows Simon to the senior citizens center, where he meets with his mother, Helen (Cheryl Campbell). Gemma confronts him inside and admits to following him. Surprisingly, Simon doesn’t seem to mind. He insists he visits Helen frequently, which accounts for him arriving home late so commonly.

Jack Reynolds Doctor Foster

Before she leaves, she checks the sign-in log and discovers Simon’s name missing from previous days. She heads to Simon’s workplace and manages to talk her way inside. She prints off his schedule, before digging through a briefcase and discovering condoms. Becky enters and surprises her. Becky admits the bag is hers, before Gemma plays off her actions, by pretending to try and schedule a surprise holiday for the pair. That night, Simon and Gemma head out to the restaurant to meet with Susie and her husband, Chris Parks (Neil Stuke, Silk).

Actress Suranne Jones

Before they enter the restaurant, Simon admits he knows Chris. He also apologizes for being away from home for so long. Inside the restaurant, everyone is introduced and Ros joins the group, as well. Gemma grows jealous, when Susie touches Simon on the shoulder. She heads outside and encounters Carly. Gemma opens up about her situation and receives advice. She also takes a cigarette from Carly, but quickly discards it, before heading back inside. That night, Simon and Gemma make love, before Gemma gets up and searches the Internet for cheating husbands.

Chris and Susie Doctor Foster TV Show

She discovers a segment of the play, “The Mourning Bride”. She recites it to herself. In the morning, she heads to the office and calls in Carly. She agrees to prescribe her the medication, but asks for Carly’s assistance in return. Carly follows Simon and keeps Gemma updated along the way. Jack is brought in and attempts to talk his way back into his position, but winds up in an argument with Gemma. Jack rushes out, before Gemma does the same. She learns from Carly that Simon is kissing some woman outside of a home.

Actor Robert Pugh

Carly describes the woman and Gemma attempts to pressure her into taking a picture. Unfortunately, Carly only gets the woman’s license plate number. Carly insists she can figure out who it is. Awhile later, Carly returns home with Tom and speaks with Carly outside. She learns that the car belongs to Susie. Gemma hands over the prescription, but manages to extract information out of Carly pertaining to her situation. Carly complains about her boyfriend, who has been abusing her. Gemma insists she can get rid of him and the pair head to Carly’s apartment.

British TV Series Doctor Foster

Gemma grabs her bag and heads inside. She meets with Daniel Spencer (Ricky Nixon) and tells him about her profession. She insists she will forward incriminating medical records to his current employer, if he doesn’t leave and stay away. After a quick struggle, Gemma injects Daniel with some medication. Moments later, Gemma is outside, Daniel packs his belongings and is seen leaving the apartment. Carly tells Gemma she should look in the trunk of Simon’s car. Afterwards, Gemma heads to Simon’s birthday party. She coaxes Simon into handing over his car keys.

Bertie Carvel

She scours through the vehicle and eventually discovers a bag and another cell phone. On the phone, she finds pictures of Simon and Kate Parks (Jodie Comer), Chris and Susie’s daughter, snuggling up together. She also discovers that Ros, Susie and Chris knew about the secret all along. She returns to the party and acts like everything is normal. Simon gives a speech, before Gemma recites the poem once more. The final lines insist “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.


Doctor Foster Review

The premiere episode of Doctor Foster started a little bit slow. It quickly picked up, as soon as Gemma discovered the hair. From that point forward, the episode was an absolute thriller. The entire premise feels a lot like The Affair, but far more intriguing. It almost feels like Gemma is being drug into a trap, yet Simon’s relationship with Kate is seemingly real. I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds and feel the urge to binge the entire season!

All in all, the premiere of Doctor Foster is absolutely fascinating and intensely intriguing. The acting is topnotch and this only enhances the overall quality of the show. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with the other Doctor Foster episodes now!

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