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Doctor Foster Series 2 Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, Tom (Tom Taylor) sits down with Gemma (Suranne Jones) and Simon (Bertie Carvel). Gemma and Simon struggle to get Tom to tell them why he attacked Max. Simon asks about Isobel (Hope Lloyd). Tom tells Simon that Isobel hates him, because of what he did to her mom. Eventually, Tom heads to the car. Simon and Gemma agree to put their conflict aside, so they can be there for Tom. However, they cannot agree who will be responsible for paying the bill for the food. After the intro, Gemma returns home. She finds Anna (Victoria Hamilton) and Neil (Adam James) outside. Neil is packing his belongings into a van.

actor bertie carvel doctor fosterNeil admits he is single again and going to make the most of it. Anna and Gemma speak about Tom’s trouble, while agreeing to share wine. Gemma returns home and drinks. She texts with Ros (Thusitha Jayasundera) about the upcoming wedding. Moments later, Tom comes barging through the door. He explains that he got into a fight with Simon and ran from the car. Gemma begins preparing food. Simon arrives at the door seconds later. Tom doesn’t want to let him in, but Gemma opens the door anyway. She gets the key back to her place and Simon steps inside. Simon immediately apologizes. He explains that he merely suggested that Tom should switch schools. It is clear the Tom doesn’t want to do that.

tom doctor foster s2 e3Simon tries to get Tom to talk about Isobel. Again, he refuses. He suggests that they’re just friends. Eventually, Tom retreats upstairs. Gemma looks at her phone and begins planning something. She invites Simon to stay for dinner. Simon gets a call from Kate (Jodie Comer). He lies about his whereabouts. Simon explains that he lied to protect Kate. He also passes along Tom’s password, so Gemma can look at his photos later. Dinner begins seconds later. Simon is surprised to find his favorite glass sitting in front of him. Gemma insists it was just a coincidence. The couple again try to get Tom to open up. Tom suggests that Max (Frank Kauer) got jealous. Tom told him to shut up and they eventually got into a fight. Once dinner ends and Tom heads to his room, Gemma begins flirting with Simon.

doctor foster series 2 recapGemma sets her phone up and takes things to the next level. The phone records as she attempts to entice Simon. Eventually, Simon falls for it. The couple kiss for a few moments. Simon stops when he notices the phone. Simon deletes the video and begins belittling Gemma. Gemma explains that they’ve already come this far. They might as well go ahead and finish. Both admit that they hate each other, but they have sex anyway. Anna visits after Simon leaves. Anna tells Gemma that she should have threw everything away and removed the tumor from the body. She ridicules Gemma’s decisions and explains she is moving to her sister’s house. She tries to encourage Gemma to put Tom first and her problems with Simon second.

suranne jones doctor fosterTom comes downstairs and learns about Anna moving. He isn’t happy. Anna tries to get Tom to talk, but he refuses and rushes back to his room. In the morning, Gemma heads to the school. She speaks briefly with James (Prasanna Puwanarajah). Then, Simon arrives and they head inside. Gemma argues with the principal for a short time. The principal suggests that they should move Tom to a new school. She reveals that she received a letter from them suggesting the same the night before. Outside, Simon insists St. Austin’s would be a great school for Tom. He sends Gemma a video, before rudely departing. Gemma watches the video and sees Tom going nuts. She meets back up with Simon and learns that Tom is missing. She looks at the pictures and discovers that Tom was possibly in a relationship with Isobel.

doctor foster tom and isobelNext, Gemma meets with Ros. When she sees Isobel nearby, she sends Ros to the restaurant and tells her she will meet with her later. Gemma speaks with Isobel. She learns that Tom got drunk and became aggressive with her. Gemma tells Isobel that she should let her mother know. Then, she tells Ros that she needs to leave. She promises to be there for the wedding. Gemma rushes to Anna’s house after learning that Tom is there. Anna tells Gemma that Tom heard them last night. Gemma learns that Tom told Simon about Isobel first. She apologizes about last night. Tom rushes off. He finds James outside and tells him about Gemma sleeping with Simon. Then, he goes to Simon’s house. His father and Kate refuse to let him in. Tom runs off, while Gemma tells Simon that Tom will never forgive him.

hope lloyd doctor fosterGemma tracks down Tom again. She finds him trying to smoke a cigarette. He admits to getting drunk and acting stupid. He explains that he cannot remember anything except for Isobel crying. He wonders whether or not he should just disappear. Gemma explains that she will always be there for him no matter what. The following day, Gemma attends Ros’ wedding. Then, she puts a for sale sign outside of the house and leaves with Tom. She sends a text to Simon telling him that he has won and that they’re leaving.


Doctor Foster Review

This episode was most likely the best episode of the season this far. Things got serious. Gemma and Simon were forced to work together to solve Tom’s problem. Nevertheless, both continued to scheme along the way. Simon seems to always have the upper hand. Whether or not he planned everything out, he eventually got what he wanted. Gemma and Tom have decided to leave town for the time being.

The show is definitely a nail biter. The episode was a little depressing near the end as well. It scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Foster now!

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