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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Rod Eagle (Patrick Wilson) speaks with Hugh (Rodger Corser) at the hospital. Hugh recommends that Rod stay at the hospital for a few more days. Rod explains he would’ve left earlier, if he had known about the missing ballots. Then, Hugh and Penny (Hayley McElhinney) take an airplane to an airplane crash scene. They arrive at the scene and find that everyone is deceased. Then, Penny refuses to let the plane take off. She freaks out and gets off of the plane. Eventually, Jodie (Shakira Clanton) convinces them to get back on board. They shoot each other up with drugs as the plane takes off. Ajax (Matt Castley) gets ready at the hospital, so he can be mentored by Hugh. Tugger (Lucy Durack) talks with Meryl (Tina Bursill) about the ballots.

penny and hugh doctor doctorMeryl eventually agrees to a recount. Moments later, Betty (Belinda Bromilow) wakes up Hugh and Penny. Dr. Toke (Angus McLaren) surprises Penny when he comes strolling through the door. Toke is introduced to everyone. Then, everyone spies on Toke and Penny as they speak outside. Meanwhile, Matt (Ryan Johnson) tells Jim (Steve Bisley) that a journalist is visiting to interview them about life on the ranch. Moments later, Matt becomes enraged when he learns that Jim plans to give the farm to Hugh when he passes. He insists it is a family tradition, but Matt is unhappy nevertheless. Matt rushes to the school and complains to Charlie (Nicole da Silva). Of course, there is nothing she can do about it. Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) tells Meryl that everyone is ridiculing her on social media.

penny and hugh doctor doctorThen, they run into Sharon (Lynne McGimpsy) and Rod. Rod hassles Meryl and calls her a criminal. He begins chanting lock her up! Back at the hospital, Hugh plays a joke on Ajax. The airplane victims are hauled in and it seems to disturb Ajax. Charlie confronts Meryl about Jim’s decision. She lets her know that she is not happy with it. Ajax opens one of the body bags and looks inside. He is interrupted by Betty. Hugh gets in touch with Floyd (Winta McGrath). He pulls the boy aside and explains that Toke wants to take Penny back to the city. He tells Floyd to keep an eye on the couple. Moments later, a sick man enters the hospital. Ken (Charles Wu) and Mia (Brittany Clark) help him to a bed. Hugh learns that Brian’s (Peter Corbett) leg was gored by a pig. Hugh goes to work on his leg, while Jim talks Matt into helping him around the farm.

actress lucy durack doctor doctorMeryl continues freaking out over the upcoming recount. She speaks with Hugh and asks about Rod’s chances of living. He refuses to tell her. Meanwhile, Floyd spies on Penny and Toke. Charlie and Matt snub Hugh, due to the farm issue. Meryl tells Hugh that she believes she has scabies. After a quick examination, he tells her that she is just experiencing stress. That night, Matt and Charlie prepare for their meeting with the journalist. The next day, the journalist, Jac (Ebony Vagulans), arrives. She admits she likes Charlie’s book. Seconds later, the trio heads for the bar. Penny tells Betty that Floyd wouldn’t leave her and Toke alone all night. Tugger and the others begin recounting the ballots. Ajax speaks with Brian and learns that the man’s wife died in a vehicle accident just like his mother. He also notices that his leg has gotten worse.

ajax doctor doctor series 2Hugh checks it out. Meanwhile, Toke decides to help Penny get over her fears of flying. Charlie and Matt continue giving Jac a tour of their home. Jac eventually begins speaking about Meryl and the family. Tugger informs Meryl and Rod that Rod is ahead by a few votes, yet only 75% has been counted. Penny overcomes her fears. Ajax checks on Brian yet again. The man seems to be getting worse. Hugh and Mia work on him, but he passes away. Afterwards, Ajax ridicules Hugh for making a joke about it. He also complains that about the way Hugh just let his mother. Jac tries to convince Matt and Charlie to give her the inside scoop on Meryl. They refuse and demand she leave their property. Hugh and Toke get into a fight out on the streets. Back inside the town hall, Rod learns he has lost by 11 votes. He loses his cool and crashes to the ground.

charlie doctor doctor s2 e4Hayley informs Hugh. Rod is rushed to the hospital right away. Rod undergoes a successful surgery, before he is flown into the city. Tugger tells Meryl that her incompetency has led to her being sent elsewhere. She explains that another cop will take over Whyhope. Jim tells Matt the truth about the farm. He explains he is going to give it to Hugh, so Hugh can give it to his eldest, Ajax. He also admits he likes Matt, because he needs nothing from him. Toke tells Hugh he is impressed with his work. He also invites him to join the force. Hugh refuses. The men shake hands and depart on good terms. Mia kisses Ken and tells him to respond later. Hugh finds Ajax with the bodies. He apologizes for his past mistakes.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 4th episode of Doctor Doctor’s 2nd season was good. It finally put an end to the election ballot fiasco. I enjoyed the Aussie series making light of crazy American politics. The episode brought up old feelings between Ajax and Hugh. It seems that Hugh managed to smooth that over. However, it appears that he is losing Penny to Toke. Meanwhile, Ken has found a possible love interest in Mia. It’ll be fun to see how that plays out.

The episode was fun and kept me entertained from start to finish. A 7.5 out of 10 is awarded to episode four. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor right away.

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