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Doctor Doctor Episode 8 Recap

At the beginning of the 8th episode, Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) attempts to help Ajax (Matt Castley) overcome his fear of motorcycles. After the intro scene, Hugh gets good news from Penny (Hayley McElhinney). Hugh has been given permission to perform surgery once again. Betty (Belinda Bromilow) spots their flirtatious celebration. The celebration is ended, when Penny receives a phone call about her son, Floyd (Winta McGrath). The couple heads to the school where they discover Floyd sitting on the roof. Tugger (Lucy Durack) and Charlie (Nicole da Silva) watch on as Hugh climbs onto the roof with the boy.

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Hugh manages to convince the boy to come day, while agreeing to allow him to watch an upcoming surgery. Penny quickly lashes out at Hugh and tells him not to get cocky. Once they return to the hospital, Hugh attempts to smooth things over with Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin). Aoife lets him know she is the type to hold grudges. Simone (Alice Lily Zahalka) enters and the couple gangs up on Doctor Knight. Ken (Charles Wu) joins in on the fun, while labeling Hugh as a sociopath. Moments later, Hugh is introduced to his next patient, Glen (Sam Fraser). After a quick examination, it is revealed that Glen is suffering from appendicitis. Hugh quickly uses the opportunity to get to perform surgery.

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A giddy Hugh quickly schedules surgery for the young man. At home that night, Meryl (Tina Bursill) makes a major announcement. She reveals she intends to run for mayor. Later that night, Ajax speaks with Hugh about a private matter. He confides in Hugh that he wants to have sex, but also doesn’t want to pressure Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) into anything. Hugh tells the boy what he would do. Ajax promises to do the opposite. After Ajax returns to his room, Hugh confronts Jim (Steve Bisley) and Meryl. He tells them that he knows about Ajax and tries to urge them to tell the boy the truth. While they acknowledge that Hugh’s assumptions are right, they refuse to tell Ajax.

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In the morning, Hugh offers to take Ajax to the surgery. He agrees, but Jim enters with a different plan. When Hugh prepares to leave, he discover Meryl hiding in his vehicle. She tries to scare him, but Doctor Knight insists he wasn’t going to tell Ajax without their permission anyway. Then, Hugh stops and tells Charlie about his dilemma. He takes her advice and she quickly takes the story back home. Finally, Hugh returns to work and performs surgery with help from Aoife. Penny becomes enraged when she discovers that Hugh allowed Floyd to watch the surgery. Hugh and Penny argue briefly, before Hugh thanks her for helping him operate again.

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Then, Penny turns her attention to Floyd. They argue shortly, before Floyd admits he likes Hugh, because he doesn’t treat him like a baby. Meanwhile, Charlie and Matt (Ryan Johnson) get naughty. After they finish, Charlie is forced to tell Matt about Hugh and Ajax. Matt confronts Meryl, who is touring the town with Hayley. Meryl explains the situation to Matt. Matt freaks out and wonders whether or not his mother and father would do the same for him. Back at the hospital, Hugh learns that Ken has a list of patients that are waiting to be taken to a bigger hospital. Hugh quickly conjures up a plan to perform surgery on those patients.

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Hugh quickly realizes that Ken has feelings for Aoife. He gives Ken advice, in order to get access to the patient list. Hugh heads outside and finds Aoife and her friend wrecking his car. Meryl calls Hugh and scolds him for telling Charlie about his problem. Hayley overhears Meryl speaking about Ajax, but Meryl insists it was nothing. Meanwhile, Hugh gets a visit from Simone. She reveals she has found a lump in her breast. Hugh feels around and is unable to find one. Simone makes it clear she wants to sleep with Hugh. Surprisingly, he refuses. When Hugh returns home, he finds Jim on the phone and Ajax waiting for him. Hugh takes his dad’s place and hangs out with Ajax.

hughs car wrecked doctor doctor

During their conversation, Hugh asks Ajax whether or not he wonders about his real father. He admits he doesn’t. During this time, Matt and Charlie argue over the situation. Meryl returns home and tells Jim they’re going to have to tell Ajax the truth. Jim doesn’t agree. Meanwhile, Betty and Penny chat about Hugh. Betty quickly realizes that Penny has feelings for Doctor Knight. Nonetheless, Penny denies it. Later, Meryl confronts Hugh and tells him they can tell Ajax the truth. They agree to walk him through the entire story at the flower show. The next day, Hugh performs several surgeries. Hugh tells Aoife about Simone’s visit.

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Aoife is surprised to learn that Hugh refused her advances. Seconds later, Ken interrupts with a meal for Aoife. When Ken walks away, Hugh tells Aoife that he likes her. She refuses to listen. Then, Hugh thanks Penny once again. This encourages her to try and find a man to date. When Aoife leaves, she is confronted by Ken, who has wine. She asks about his intentions and Ken lies. Aoife takes the wine and leaves him alone. When Hugh returns home, he discovers that Ajax has been practicing on the motorcycle. Hugh notices that the bike sounds weird. He checks the chain just as Ajax gives it gas. Hugh’s hand gets cut severely.

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During the chaos, Ajax learns that Hugh is his father. He drives off on the motorcycle. Matt transports Hugh to the hospital. Hugh gets a young doctor, who he criticizes immediately. Meryl follows through with her previous arrangements, while pretending nothing happened. Hugh is given anesthesia. He goes to sleep as the episode ends.


Doctor Doctor Review

Doctor Doctor is undeniably predictable and terribly cheesy. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed each and every episode. The actors and actresses mesh together very well. And of course, each episode has plenty of humor, with just enough emotions tossed in to keep things interesting. The Hugh Knight character is definitely front and center. The doctor has gone through a major transformation over the previous episodes.

Those around him have adapted to those changes in one way or another. While Aoife has started to despise Hugh, Penny seems eager yet reluctant to enter into a relationship with her colleague. This episode is the first to end with a slight cliffhanger. I am eager to see whether or not Hugh will be able to operate again. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor immediately!

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