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Doctor Doctor Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Fifo Jazz (Michael Kotsohilis) gets high on drugs and goes insane in front of the hospital. The man slices off his junk and a dog runs away with it. That night, Hugh (Rodger Corser) attempts to sleep with Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin). He continues focusing on his day and finds it difficult to do so. Nonetheless, Aoife puts Hugh in a bind when she tells him she loves him. During this time, Meryl (Tina Bursill) and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) visit the park to check out a piece of art they order. Neither seem impressed with the structure. At the hospital, Ken (Charles Wu) and Hugh check out the results of a recent drug study. Hugh recognizes that the drug works and quickly realizes he needs to get Joey (Dave Eastgate) in the next trial.

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Hugh pays a visit to Joey and finds him in the bedroom with Tugger (Lucy Durack). With Tugger’s help, Hugh manages to convince Joey to partake in the trial. Matt (Ryan Johnson) speaks with Jim (Steve Bisley) about the brewery. He tries to convince his father to take out a loan for new equipment, but he refuses. Back at the hospital, Aoife harasses Hugh. She tells him she wants an answer in 24 hours. Next, Hugh teams up with Penny (Hayley McElhinney), who complains consistently about the town’s drug addicts. Seconds later, Jodie (Shakira Clanton) arrives with a big sandwich. She jumps on the plane and plans to take the couple to their destination. At this time, it is revealed that Penny is more fearful of planes than Hugh.

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Back in town, Meryl finally unveils the new artwork. Meryl is hassled by Rod, after everyone agrees that the work of art resembles a sex organ. Meanwhile, Matt tries to visit the bank and get the loan on his own. Tim (Hamish Michael) ridicules Matt, while simultaneously letting him know that he owns nothing. Penny and Hugh arrive at the mine. They begin treating the miners, while Hugh spots one man, who seems to be selling drugs. He consults the man seconds later and makes a purchase. Ken calls and tells Hugh he has been able to get Joey into one of the later drug trials. Doctor Knight insists it won’t be soon enough. After they leave the mine, Penny and Hugh are forced to make a detour.

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In the air, Jodie gets sick and vomits several times. While Penny and Hugh arrive at their destination, Jodie’s sickness leaves them stranded. The couple rushes over to their new patient, Martin (Max Cullen), who has fallen off a ladder. He reveals his wife has Alzheimer’s and simply over exaggerated his condition. The man seems to be fine besides a twisted ankle. Seconds later, Hugh gets a call from Joey and Betty (Belinda Bromilow). Betty reveals she calls the company and tried to get Joey into an earlier trial. Unfortunately, she was refused as well. Penny interrupts and tells Hugh that they’re forced to stay overnight.

Hayley McElhinney Doctor Doctor

Seconds later, Doctor Knight makes contact with Trevor (Jacek Koman). He enlists the man’s help getting Joey into the trial. Trevor agrees to speak with the doctor in charge. Back in town, Meryl and Hayley discuss their dilemma. Meryl insists any attention is good attention. Hayley seems to think otherwise. During this time, Matt pays a visit to his father. They argue over Jim’s refusal to invest in the hops. A fight ensues and Ajax (Matt Castley) is forced to separate the men. Later, Meryl belittles Jim for his behavior, while Charlie (Nicole da Silva) does the same with Matt. Back in the country, Hugh shares a drink with Martin. They also discuss the man’s love for his wife and his ability to care for her. Seconds later, Martin shows Hugh and Penny their room, which contains a single bed.

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That night, Ajax and Hayley pay a visit to the sculpture. They find a young couple taking a photo with it. Hayley admits she doesn’t want to be responsible for Meryl’s downfall, due to the sculpture. Hugh and Penny reluctantly get in bed together, before chatting about Martin’s relationship with his wife. During their chat, Hugh gets a message from Aoife. Penny checks his phone and finds naughty pictures. After a brief fight, Hugh heads to the bathroom and prepares to use the drugs he bought from the miner. A phone call interrupts his activities. He speaks with Trevor and tells him to offer the doctor a donation to get Joey into the trial. Trevor doesn’t like the idea, but he eventually agrees to help. Hugh steps outside. When he returns, he finds Deb snorting his drugs. They dance momentarily, before Deb (Maggie Blinco) grabs her chest and collapses.

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With Penny’s help, Hugh manages to save the woman’s life. Penny spots the telltale signs of Hugh’s drug abuse. In the morning, she scolds him and asks for another urine sample. Trevor calls and lets Hugh know the doctor accepted his offer. On the way back, Penny laughs and jokes about Hugh’s relationship with Aoife. As soon as they arrive, Hugh tells Aoife he loves her. Then, he consults with Jazz and his fiancé. He is forced to break the news to Jazz’s fiancé. Then, Hugh heads inside and tells Joey the good news. That night, Hugh goes digging up his parent’s backyard, while trying to find Meryl’s money. Ajax comes outside and agrees to help. During the dig, Ajax tells Hugh everyone always acted weird, when he visited.

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They manage to find Meryl’s money. Moments later, they pay a visit to Nathan’s (John Batchelor) place. Together, the trio decides to blow up Meryl’s statue. Hayley catches them in the act. Of course, she pushes the detonator. In the morning, Hugh and Tugger see Joey off. Doctor Knight returns to the clinic and tells Aoife he didn’t mean what he said. Hayley tells Meryl that they’ll be able to get insurance money from the artwork. Hugh gives Penny his urine sample. She also learns about his breakup with Aoife. Of course, he pretends she is simply upset about something else.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 7th episode of Doctor Doctor forced Hugh to rethink his relationship with Aoife. He quickly took Penny’s advice and did the right thing. Of course, it was simply too late. The damage was done. Hugh put himself into a detrimental situation and his own actions will likely come back to haunt him. Nonetheless, he has now put himself right back on track to enter into a more intimate relationship with Penny.

The series has been angling for this from the very beginning. And finally, Joey has been sent off to the city for treatment. Will it prove to be effective or is Hugh simply grasping for straws? This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Read previous recaps of Doctor Doctor now.

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