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Doctor Doctor Episode 6 Recap

When the 6th episode begins, we join Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) and Penny (Hayley McElhinney). The couple has just finished working with a patient and is headed back into Whyhope. Hugh invites Penny for a beer. She agrees, before spotting the watch Hugh has purchased for Ajax (Matt Castley). Penny ridicules Hugh’s choice and insists Ajax isn’t the type of guy who likes expensive jewelry. As they get closer to the hospital, they notice ambulance lights in the distance. They quickly discover that some of the miners have gotten into a fight. Hugh attempts to work on Gary, who is unconscious. Doctor Knight attempts to get in touch with a city surgeon to try and convince her to take the patient. Before he can, Penny enters with the X-ray and insists the man is dead.

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After the intro scene, we jump over to Matt Knight (Ryan Johnson), who prepares dinner for Charlie (Nicole da Silva). Charlie admits she just wants to move on with things. Meanwhile, Meryl gets Ajax and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) involved in planning a surprise for Charlie. Back at the hospital, Hugh speaks with Ross (Yure Covich). Ross learns about the man’s death. He admits the man wasn’t even involved in the fight. After their conversation, Hugh confronts Penny. He asks her if she knew the fight starter was a friend of Betty (Belinda Bromilow). She admits she did, before describing Betty as a non-judgmental individual. She also ridicules Hugh for contacting his friend in the city. After Hugh learns the man’s organs will be donated, he heads over to Aoife’s (Shalom Brune-Franklin) place.

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Aoife gets frisky with Hugh, who is forced to slow her down. In the morning, Hugh spots the surgeons, who will take the man’s organs. Hugh spots an old friend, Daniel (Chum Ehelepola). With Aoife’s help, he manages to evade them momentarily. She drives Doctor Knight to the hospital. He attempts to make another escape, but is trapped by his awkward patient Gus (Dan Eady). During this time, Hayley and Meryl take over Charlie’s duties, so she can have a day off. Back at the hospital, Hugh enlists the help of Floyd (Winta McGrath) to spy on his old comrade. Charlie gets a haircut with Hayley by her side all the while. The couple speaks about Ajax’s upcoming birthday. Meryl arrives seconds later and the group agrees to go out for a treat. Back at the hospital, Floyd proves to be a bad ally. Hugh ends up getting spotted by his old comrade. He pretends not to work at the hospital and this angers Betty and Ken (Charles Wu).

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Unfortunately, Gus interrupts and passes Hugh his urine and sperm samples. This gives Hugh away and quickly leads to harassment from Dan. Doctor Knight returns to his office to hide away. Seconds later, Charlie enters intending to do the same. Charlie gives Hugh a rundown of her day with Meryl. She also admits she has a little abdominal pain, but nothing to worry about. Seconds later, Matt receives a call from Jim (Steve Bisley). Jim convinces Matt to go fishing with him. During their trip, Jim tries to comfort Matt in his own weird way. Back at the hospital, Dan snaps a picture of Hugh with the intention of posting it on Instagram. Later, Hugh tries to smooth things over with Ken and Betty. It doesn’t work. He subsequently gets scolded by Penny as well.

Ryan Johnson Doctor Doctor

Penny coerces Hugh into visiting a recluse with her. As soon as they arrive and get out of their car, a man approaches them with a shotgun. The man, Craig (Ben Wood), drops the weapon and invites them inside, after learning they aren’t there to collect taxes. They also notice the man spitting up blood. Penny and Hugh treat the couple’s kids. That night, they share dinner with the family. Hugh gives the man’s wife a card and encourages her to give them a call. On their way back into the city, Hugh and Penny discuss the man’s condition. Hugh also reveals he took the watch back and got Ajax a new gift. Penny takes a look at Hugh’s phone and insists his new gift probably isn’t suitable either. Back at the hospital, Hugh is harassed by Ken for being a fake and a liar. The truth about Doctor Knight being in Whyhope has been spread all over Instagram.

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Hugh confronts Aoife, who immediately admits she told everyone about his troubles. He convinces her to visit his home for Ajax’s birthday. Moments later, Hugh arrives at the house with a motorcycle. Unfortunately, Ajax doesn’t like it. Meryl reveals Ajax was in a bad accident when he was 10. She also admits she told Hugh numerous times. The family shares dinner together, while Aoife tells naughty stories. Hugh is confronted and forced to tell the truth about his past. Charlie also becomes upset and storms off. Matt tries to calm his wife. He insists they should give it another shot. Meanwhile, Ajax tells Hugh he really doesn’t want the motorcycle. However, he agrees to take the money instead. Hugh refuses, before the conversation turns to Aoife and sex.

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The next day, Craig and his wife visit Hugh at the hospital. He tells Craig about his condition and also convinces him to take some medication. Ken interrupts and tells Hugh he will be flying more frequently in the future. Next, Hugh learns that Betty has been unable to get ahold of Ross. He also learns that the man has been having problems, since the fight. They travel to his place of work together. They find the man on the ground. Hugh realizes he probably has bleeding on the brain. He grabs a drill and a welding torch. With these two tools, Hugh manages to save the man’s life. One they return to the hospital, they celebrate with a drink outside.

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Penny tells Hugh he is like two different people. She admits she only has room for one Hugh. At the end of the episode, Hugh speaks with Aoife. He agrees they can sleep together in bed like a real couple.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 6th episode of Doctor Doctor was fairly good. There was a good amount of humor mixed in with several emotional scenes. The humorous elements of the show certainly seem to shine brighter than the rest. Hugh’s humiliation at the hands of his old comrade was great. It was also fun to see Ken mad at Hugh once again. On the flip side, Matt and Charlie struggled to get over their loss. Both were overwhelmed with support, when they only wanted to be left alone.

And of course, we have the romantic soap opera aspect of the show with Hugh, Aoife and Penny. I strongly believe Hugh’s involvement with Aoife is going to end badly. Only time will tell. This episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor now!

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