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Doctor Doctor Episode 10 Recap

At the beginning of Doctor Doctor’s finale, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) tries to help Hugh (Rodger Corser) regain control of his hand. During their chat, Hugh quickly realizes that Hugh has a crush on Penny (Hayley McElhinney). Of course, Hugh denies the accusation. After the intro, Floyd (Winta McGrath) is followed to school by his mother. The boy contemplates swimming to school in the future. At the clinic, Meryl (Tina Bursill) speaks with Penny and tries to obtain a prescription for testosterone. Her request is quickly denied. Seconds later, Betty (Belinda Bromilow) asks Penny when he intends to tell the others about her move. It is clear she isn’t in a hurry. During this time, Hugh breaks into Penny’s computer and checks her emails.

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He learns about her upcoming move. Next, Hugh meets Penny for a drink. She reveals that Hugh is halfway through his probation. Penny scours over her review and comments on Hugh’s past troubles. Nonetheless, Hugh signs the document. Hugh also congratulates Penny on her new job. This forces her to come clean. Hugh heads out onto the streets, where he is stopped by Tugger (Lucy Durack). Tugger escorts the doctor back to the police station and immediately accuses him of helping Joey commit suicide. She insists Hugh will be locked away, as soon as the toxicology report is returned. Back at the clinic, Penny makes the announcement. Ken (Charles Wu) quickly becomes upset and nearly breaks into tears.

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That night, Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) calls locals and tries to convince them to vote for Meryl. Seconds later, Meryl enters and tells Hayley about the upcoming drinking party at the brewery. She admits she intends to use the event to accumulate votes. That night, she goes hunting for her money. She is stopped by Ajax (Matt Castley), who reveals that Hugh took her money. Meanwhile, Charlie harasses Hugh over his fondness for Penny. Matt (Ryan Johnson) watches and becomes jealous. Moments later, Meryl confronts Hugh and learns that he used the money for Joey’s treatment. Hugh cryptically tells Meryl where she can find the money. In the morning, Penny receives the toxicology report. She takes it to Tugger immediately.

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Both women are surprised by what the report discloses. Penny speaks with Hugh outside and tells him that Joey died from snake poison. However, she admits she didn’t tell Tugger how much was found in his system. Hugh is forced to thank Penny once again for saving him. Hugh tries to comfort Tugger. However, he is attacked for hooking her up with a dying man in the first place. Nonetheless, the couple shares a hug moments later. Floyd pays Hugh a visit and tells him about his decision to swim to school. Hugh admits that might not be a good idea. He tells the boy to use urine should he get stung by a jellyfish. Meanwhile, Matt and Charlie continue arguing over Hugh and Penny’s relationship. After Matt storms off, we jump over to Ajax, who is firing his shotgun. Ajax admits to Hugh that he squealed on him.

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Nonetheless, Hugh doesn’t seem to mind. He manages to smooth things over with Ajax, who agrees to call him the Other Dad. Meanwhile, Meryl pays a visit to Nathan (John Batchelor) with the intention of borrowing money. Meryl is surprised by Rod (Patrick Wilson), who reveals himself to be Nathan’s dad. Meryl is forced to leave empty handed. Later that night, Hugh gets a call from a drunk Penny. He offers to come over and help her pack. She agrees. On his way over to her place, Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin) invites Hugh over for sex. Before Hugh can arrive at Penny’s place, Floyd arrives home from his slumber party. He complains about being arrive of being urinated on. Once Hugh arrives at Penny’s, he is ridiculed for telling Floyd about the stingers.

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In the morning, Matt finds Hugh soaking in his bath. He becomes upset when he learns that Charlie just got out of the tub. Moments later, Hugh returns to his parent’s home. Meryl gets a call and is forced to leave. At this time, Penny’s replacement, Nora (Helen Thomson), arrives at the clinic. She quickly begins to get under everyone’s skin. Meanwhile, Ken speaks with Penny and tries to wiggle his way into her new job. She admits they are only allowed to have a single assistant per team. Ken becomes upset and storms off. Nora enters moments later. Penny also becomes upset with Nora’s behavior. Meanwhile, Meryl meets with Rod. He agrees to step down and let Meryl take over, as long as she sleeps with him. She refuses. Next, Hugh meets with Nora. Nora begins linking Hugh to her ex-husband.

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Seconds later, Hugh is forced to give up a urine sample. Nora watches the entire time. Hugh approaches Penny and begs her to stay. Despite his efforts, Penny refuses. Aoife interrupts and informs the couple that a bus has crashed and is on its way to the hospital. A few seconds later, the clinic begins to fill up with injured patients. The team works excellently together and manages to save multiple lives. Afterwards, the team sits around and tries to convince Penny to stay. She admits she cannot and must move on. Nora interrupts and sends everyone back to work. Hugh speaks and Penny and tells her that she is a good doctor. Next, Matt packs up his belongings and leaves Charlie. Hugh speaks with Charlie and learns about Matt’s decision.

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When asked what he is going to do now, Hugh admits he is going to wait it out and do nothing. The next day, Ajax and Hugh chat about his future. Ajax also throws Hugh balls. He manages to catch one and immediately wants to tell Penny. He rushes over to her place and speaks with Betty. Seconds later, he catches up to Penny and forces her to pull over. During this time, Charlie leaves a message for Matt. Hugh stops Penny and speaks with her. They celebrate his recovery, but Penny still continues on her way. At the clinic, Nora looks over Hugh’s 6 month review.


Doctor Doctor Finale Review

Well, Doctor Doctor’s first series has finally come to a conclusion. While the show is definitely cheesy, I’ve enjoyed every single episode. At the same time, the show has managed to remain a little mysterious. Some storylines were a little predictable, but others were not. I was surprised by the ending and am certainly glad the show will head to a second season.

All in all, the finale deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous episode recaps of Doctor Doctor right now!

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