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Cardinal Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) returns to running. Meanwhile, Eric Fraser (Brendan Fletcher) helps Edie (Allie MacDonald) practice her marksmanship skills. After practice ends, they return to Edie’s place. Once they step inside, Edie sleeps with her elderly grandma. Then, they venture downstairs, where Keith (Robert Naylor) remains passed out. Eric tries to wake him up, but the boy doesn’t budge. Meanwhile, Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) speaks with Josh (Alden Adair). She finally accepts Josh’s apologize for telling her mother about their baby pursuit. Josh makes a few statements, which emphasize his jealously and controlling behavior. When Lise leaves, she gets in her vehicle and takes a birth control pill.

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At the station, Cardinal informs the team that their tech department has discovered an encrypted email on Todd’s computer. He insists they’re working to decrypt it as quickly as possible. Each team member is given an assignment. Delorme is told to watch the phone lines and take note of the incoming tips. Noelle Dyson (Kristen Thomson) speaks with her in private. She wonders whether or not the assignment is a way to keep Delorme away from Cardinal. Edie checks on Keith again. He is still out and this leads her to believe she may have given him too much medicine. Eric grabs a pair of cutters and places Keith’s pinky in them. Edie continues insisting she needs to go to work. While this stops Eric, it also convinces him that Edie might not be ready for the task.

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Meanwhile, John gets a call from a colleague. The detective informs John that he has investigated the location of Todd’s phone, but there is nothing there. John tells the man to search around a little. As soon as the call ends, the detective leaves without looking at all. Next, John meets with Dorothy Pine (Gail Maurice). He asks her about a bracelet of sorts that was found with Katie. Dorothy insists the bracelet was Katie’s and not a gift from the potential killer. While Edie is at work, Keith finally wakes up. Eric feeds him a story about getting drunk and needing help. Eric insists they took him home, so he would be safe. Eric gives the boy some water and he falls asleep once again. During this time, Edie arrives at work. Her colleague, Margo, arrives late and is ridiculed by the boss.

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Margo complains to Edie that she didn’t clock her in. Then, she asks Edie about her facial scars. Back at the station, Delorme continues taking calls. She speaks with a colleague and learns that Cardinal once works with the UC. She follows up on the lead and obtains information about Cardinal’s work history. Meanwhile, Cardinal visits his wife, Catherine (Deborah Hay). He asks her what someone would need to produce their own film. Catherine gives him a big list of necessary supplies. Next, we jump back to Eric. We see that Keith is now tied and taped to a chair. Eric snaps pictures, while simultaneously taunting the boy. Seconds later, Constable K. Fox (Eric Hicks) arrives at the door. The grandma answers and speaks with the Constable.

keith torture cardinal episode 3

Keith screams, but Fox doesn’t hear him. The Constable leaves seconds later and Keith’s mouth is taped shut. Commanda (Glen Gould) is led to a dead animal, which has been ran over a car. Delorme finds more information about Cardinal’s work history. Cardinal was involved in a nightclub raid that turned into an explosion. In the end, a single cop was killed in the raid. Delorme visits Malcolm Musgrave (David Richmond-Peck). Delorme takes up for Cardinal. Nonetheless, Malcolm remains convinced that Cardinal set them up. Next, Jerry Commanda tracks down Francis. The man’s vehicle is wrecked and he is totally drunk. Francis is asked about his truck. He refuses to give up anything of note. Meanwhile, Eric pays a visit to Edie’s job place. Eric flirts with Edie’s coworker.

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Meanwhile, John speaks with Delorme about the tips. They’re told about a call from Toronto about a missing boy by the name of Keith London. John checks the mans and determines that the killer is throwing the phones on trains to mislead the police. Edie returns to Keith. She cleans out his bucket and removes the tape on his mouth. She then learns about the police’s visit. Edie agrees to get Keith something to eat. She winds up taping his mouth shut once again. While she is gone, Keith manages to free his arm. Meanwhile, the detectives discover that Todd was speaking with a 19-year-old girl online. Delorme analyzes the text and suggests it was likely a man pretending to be a female. They obtain an address for the emails. Edie returns to Keith and a scuffle ensues.

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John and Delorme arrive at the address. An older man is taken into custody. He admits to pretending to be a woman online and meeting with Todd. However, he has an alibi was away when the boy was killed. Keith is tied up again. Edie visits Eric at the music store and gives him a surprise. She shows him Keith’s finger, which is cut off herself. Edie admits she made him bleed for Eric.


Cardinal Review

The third episode of Cardinal brought in the dynamic duo of Edie and Eric. Is this the terrible killer that Cardinal is attempting to bring to justice? Whether or not they’re the bigger fish, it is certain that this psychotic pair needs to be brought down. While the show didn’t delve into full-blown torture, Keith’s treatment was very raw and startling. This episode also told us a little more about Cardinal’s background and the real reason he is being investigated by Malcolm Musgrave.

Cardinal continues to improve. In fact, it has really grown on me at this point. I am beginning to like it a lot. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved for the 3rd episode. Catch up with previous recaps of Cardinal now!

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