Call the Midwife: Christmas Special Review

The show opens with mature Jenny (Vanessa Redgrave) on Christmas of 2005. She prepares Christmas cards, before the show flashes back to Christmas os 1959 and Jenny (Jessica Raine) receiving a Christmas card. Meanwhile, the Sunday school begins preparing for their Christmas concert. Fred (Cliff Parisi) shows up to get his Christmas costume from Trixie Franklin (Helen George).

Chummy speaks with Peter (Ben Caplan), who is worried he is going to fail his exams. Next, Cynthia Miller (Bryony Hannah) is offered to join the order, in the new year.If she is not ready, she will be given the opportunity again in the future.

At the hospital, a baby is prepared for vaccinations, while Denise is spoken with about the orphanage. Chummy suggests Denise will be able to make a fresh start, after she returns. Meanwhile Fred attempts to pick up a Christmas tree, but is greeted by Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt), who has some special requirements, when it comes to her Christmas tree. Next, Denise and her friend board a bus, which drives towards the orphanage.

Joan returns home with the Christmas tree, which barely fits inside. The girls deliver some pies to the worker from the Christmas tree farm, as a thanks for helping to deliver the tree. After he returns home with the pies, Denise arrives at the orphanage. They quickly discover the facility isn’t going to be a picnic, which is a big shock to Avril Fox (Louisa Connolly-Burnham). The girls are shown to their beds, while Avril continues smoking.

Meanwhile the midwives spam with Tom Hereward (Jack Ashton) about the struggles of being a nun. Trixie chats about Cynthia and admits she believes she is throwing her life away. Next, Timothy and his mother shop for Christmas trees, when the worker falls and begins to have a seizure. Back at the orphanage, the girls speak about their futures. One of the women at the facility is forced to give up her child, while Denise begins to grow ill. Meanwhile, the girls learn about Victor, who had a seizure.

Next, Doctor Turner (Stephen McGann) speaks about Victor, who was released from the mental hospital in the past. Next, Chummy receives word of the troubles and mishandling at the orphanage. Next, Cynthia visits Victor and cleans his wound. She gives the couple, who aren’t married, a prescription for medication, which they will not be able to afford. The couple agree to share their pie, which they received from Cynthia earlier, with Cynthia. Nancy, Victor’s girlfriend, is expecting a baby.

Dr. Turner visits the orphanage and runs into Avril. Denise is diagnosed with chickenpox. Meanwhile, the nuns scramble to fill the matron spot at the orphanage, since the old one ran off, after being putted by Avril. Cynthia attempts to convince Nancy to visit the doctor. With a little encouragement, Nancy relents. Chummy helps Peter prepare for his exams.

Afterwards, Nancy visits the doctor, where she discovers that she isn’t pregnant and cannot get pregnant. Despite the news, Victor tells Nancy he still loves her. The kids at the school sing and dance, as they prepare for the concert. They discover Fred, as he gets dressed as Santa. Meanwhile, it begins to snow outside.

After the girls have fun at the orphanage, Chummy inspects Avril, who seems to be going into labor. Chummy struggles with Avril, while Peter struggles with their son, Freddy. Avril opens up about her abusive mother. She reveals that her mother abandoned her at an early age. Meanwhile, Peter seeks help for the baby, who cannot stop coughing. Peter attempts to call an ambulance, but the weather is making it difficult. Instead, he takes the baby to the nuns, who treat the problem, with steam. Avril successfully gives birth to the baby, which is a little girl.

Despite getting no sleep, Peter heads in to take the exam. Avril has no intention of looking at or getting to know the baby. She insists she wanted love from the baby’s father, but didn’t get it. Chummy insists love doesn’t always come in obvious packages and insists the baby needs her love, but Avril refuses. Next, Denise seems to be going into labor.

Shelagh (Laura Main) and Dr. Turner share a moment and chat about their new baby and her origins at an orphanage, before Avril confronts Chummy and wishes to hold the baby, which she does. Avril has second thoughts about giving up her baby. Meanwhile, the children perform at the Christmas concert, with Fred dressed as Santa Claus. Denise has given birth to a healthy baby, despite the chicken pox. Her mother suggests she will have other grandkids. Despite being given a chance to back out, Denise insists giving up the baby will be the best thing for it and her.

Everyone enjoys dinner, before sitting around the television. Peter receives news that he passed his exam. Cynthia has decided to become a nun. The episode ends with a little reminiscing from mature Jenny.


The Christmas special for Call The Midwife was captivating and definitely didn’t seem to last over an hour. The show offered a unique perspective on Christmas, instead of the average happy Christmas. Instead, much of the episode was realistic and bleak, which was excellent. Overall, the plot with Victor and Nancy was excellent, as it was hard not to feel sorry for the pair. On the other hand, the orphanage was definitely eye opening and compelling. I enjoyed the episode and give it an 8 out of 10.

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