Caesar’s Messiah Review

Over the years, there has been one piece of literature, which has outsold everything else. It has sparked an array of wars and fear in people from all around the world. If figured were calculated, I have little doubt that sales of the book would top in the millions or billions per year. Joel Osteen makes millions each year preaching his own form of religion, which is meshed with self-improvement ideologies. Don’t forget about Pat Robertson and his estimated worth of $100 million.

Heck, even Benny Hinn has accumulated massive wealth, while reenacting the healing of Christ, despite being debunked innumerable times. Despite many false predictions, the 700 Club still likely gets millions of viewers each and every day. Joel Osteen’s smile, suit and face, which has undoubtedly been altered, is held up, as a saint and celebrity, while taking his fan’s money and laughing, as soon as he has entered the shadows.

It is difficult to ignore the local branches, which preach one form of another and many times do so for their own prosperity. The Bible, Jesus and Christianity has become a staple of modern society. Even history is referred to as BC and AD, as a way to imply the actuality and historical accuracy of The Gospels. References are prevalent. It is on our currency, films and books. The media plays on The Revelations, with Israel being in a dangerous predicament and the End Times looming above our heads. Politicians stumble over a few Biblical phrases and are immediately showered with support or hatred.

There is no doubt people should be able to do as they please, since it is a free country, but there is no denying that the government and media’s use of all forms of religion have become propaganda. Without the pseudo religious grander of politicians and the Middle East’s link to Revelations and End Times, it is likely very few people would care about Israel, Iran or the Middle East, as a whole. What if these same techniques and methods were once used to control the people of past civilizations?

Flavian Christians

Joseph Atwill and The Caesar’s Messiah

This is where Joseph Atwill and The Caesar’s Messiah enter the picture. Atwill, who is an American Bible scholar, wrote the book and the documentary, The Caesar’s Messiah. There is no denying that the documentary dwells into a controversial subject, which many people would argue for or against, regardless of the facts presented before them. If individuals want to believe, they will and will do whatever they can do to present facts supporting their argument and vice versa.

I find Joseph Atwill to be very personable. Throughout the documentary, he and his fellow scholars, who hail from around the world, do not seem to overdramatize anything. It is clearly obvious these men and women have done their research. If you’re willing to be open minded, it is likely you will find the same. The accompanying artworks and music fits the overall documentary and the Roman time period excellently.

Caesar's Messiah Review

The Flavians and Josephus

So, could the Bible have been written by The Flavian Dynasty of Rome? Has the Revelations already passed? Is Vespasian God and his son, Titus, son of God? There is little doubt that the Romans were well ahead of their time. The Flavians were known to use literal propaganda to control the opinion of the Roman citizens, during their reign. Was their secret weapon Josephus? Does the Biblical Revelations tell of Titus Flavius’s military conquest of Jerusalem? Caesar’s Messiah is very convincing.

As the Romano-Jewish scholar and historian, Titus Flavius Josephus, suggests in The War of the Jews, “That these calamities of the Jews, who were our Savior’s murders, were to be the greatest that had ever been sence the beginning of the world, our Savior had directly foretold, and that they proved to be such accordingly, Josephus is here a most authentic witness.” This is how the book’s translator William Whiston perceives the information and it seems to be credible. The documentary does an excellent job translating historical events directly to the Revelations.

According to history, Josephus lived a pretty good life, despite being referred to as a turncoat. He lived alongside the Flavians and was frequently protected, by the Caesars, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. By reading through Josephus’s books, it is obvious he was an intelligent man and his works prove to be much more interesting and is easily understandable, when compared to the Bible.

I did scour through, read and attempt to make comparisons between the Caesar’s Messiah and Josephus’s works. They’re most certainly there.


After watching Caesar’s Messiah, I flipped it back and watched it again. Then, I went and read upon the information provided. I scoured through Titus Flavius Josephus’s works and read through historic accounts. The information correlates, as Atwill describes. At this point, I find it more believable than anything else.

Although people won’t want to admit it, The Bible is written for the past. Even if you cannot accept Atwill’s ideologies, you should do your own research. Think outside of the box, allow yourself to be a free thinker and look for your own answers. There is definitely a history behind the Bible and it is still a mystery. With the technology and information we’ve gathered today, it is a little unfathomable to believe the mystery remains. Perhaps it does not and the book is too powerful and valuable to dispel the mystic?

Personally, I found all of the information to be thorough and well presented. By shattering the concept of an impending doom, people could live without the fear presented by governments. I am not egotistical enough to believe that the Revelations will be unleashed in my time, just because I am here. History repeats itself and others probably thought the same in the past, during tumultuous times. WW1 and WW2 were mostly likely considered to be the same.

Ultimately, people should believe what they wish, without being controlled by outside sources. The information presented by Joseph Atwill, Rod Blackhirst, Robert Eiseman, Timothy Freke, Acharya Murdock and John Hudson, is at least eye opening. Even if you wish to believe in the Prophecies, you should at least know how outside sources, such as governments and religious leaders, can easily manipulate and capitalize on your beliefs. The Caesar’s Messiah shows how it was done in the past, or potentially done, if you do not believe. For that, I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Since the documentary is on Youtube, it is definitely a must see for anyone, who wants to explore the subject. The book, which is on Amazon, has been linked below. I recommend it.
Joseph Atwill Caesar's Messiah

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