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Born To Kill Finale Recap

As the finale gets started, we see that Peter (Richard Coyle) has been released from prison. Meanwhile, Sam (Jack Rowan) is forced to meet with a shrink. Jenny (Romola Garai) watches from outside of the room. Sam speaks highly of his father and the opposite for his mother. He becomes visibly upset when the shrink speaks down to him. When asked about James, Sam confesses he didn’t really know him. When the session ends, the shrink tells Jenny that Sam idolizes his father and has no empathy for anyone else. She also admits Sam cannot be called a psychopath, because he is still too young. Sam calls his father outside. He agrees to meet with Peter at a certain destination later in the day. After Jenny joins Sam in the vehicle, Sam agrees to attend Cathy’s funeral.

born to kill finale recapSam also convinces his mother to schedule another visit at the prison. He does this to show that he doesn’t know about his dad’s release. Bill (Daniel Mays) helps Chrissy (Lara Peake) get prepared for the funeral. He notices the necklace. Before Bill leaves, he speaks with Margaret (Elizabeth Counsell). He tells her that he’ll give her two weeks, before he moves out with Chrissy. Margaret becomes distraught, but Bill doesn’t seem to care anymore. As the funeral gets underway, Sam speaks with Jenny about far worse deaths than Cathy’s. Sam doesn’t show any emotions during the funeral. After it is over, he tells Chrissy about his father being released. She encourages him to go and meet his dad. Bill tells Jenny about his decision to leave his mom’s place. Jenny admits it probably isn’t a good time to move their relationship forward.

bill and chrissy born to killMeanwhile, Peter begins collecting supplies for his boat. During the funeral’s after party, Bill speaks with Sam and tries to convince him to stop thieving. Chrissy is confronted by Jenny. Jenny tries to convince the girl that Sam isn’t good for her. Neither Bill nor Jenny can get through. Sam and Chrissy decide to leave right away. Sam encourages Chrissy to meet his father with him. She doesn’t seem interested and seems a little weirded out by the thought. Instead, they decide to head for Chrissy’s house first. After noticing the necklace Chrissy was wearing, Jenny becomes suspicious. She freaks out when she finds out that Sam is gone. Jenny expresses her concerns to Bill. She admits she believes Sam might’ve killed Cathy.

sam and jenny born to killThey agree to go track them down right away. Chrissy gets into an argument with Margaret and she winds up falling down the stairs. Chrissy freaks out, but Sam seems excited by the event. Chrissy steps away, while Sam pretends to try and help Margaret. However, he ends up strangling the woman to death. Now, he convinces Chrissy that she is in big trouble and needs to flee with him. After they flee, Bill and Jenny enters and find Margaret’s body. Chrissy’s coat is found nearby. The authorities are notified right away. Jenny notices a bruise around Margaret’s neck. Sam and Chrissy manage to make it to Peter’s boat. However, Chrissy becomes freaked out and runs away. Sam eventually chases her down. Sam tells Chrissy that they get each other, since they’ve both killed. He explains he took Cathy’s life. Chrissy calls him sick, before rushing off. Sam gives chase.

elizabeth counsell born to kill finaleSam restrains himself and doesn’t harm Chrissy. He insists he doesn’t need her and lets her go. Meanwhile, the authorities notice the bruise on Margaret’s neck and immediately begin searching for Sam and Chrissy. Sam returns to his father’s boat. Peter admits he is ready to go. When Sam isn’t looking, Peter steals Sam’s cellphone. Sam is placed downstairs to hide from the cops. Bill and the cops manage to find Chrissy by the road. During this time, Peter gets in touch with Jenny. He arranges to meet her nearby. Peter forces Jenny to board his boat. Sam emerges seconds later and speaks with his mother. When Sam is distracted, Peter hits him from behind. This sends him into the water. Peter ties us Jenny, while Sam finally remembers the day of James’ death. He remembers Peter kicking him into the water and Jenny saving his life.

bill and jenny born to killSam sneaks up behind his father and hits him with the anchor twice. He drops to the ground dead. Sam unties his mother and confesses he now knows the truth. Sam watches from a distance as his mother calls the police. He pretends he didn’t see. Sam waits with his mother, until the authorities arrive. He is taken into custody. Along the way, he tells his mother that he’ll be fine.


Born To Kill Finale

The Born To Kill finale wasn’t too shabby. It was a little predictable here and there, but the ending was fairly satisfying. We’ll have to make our own assumptions as to how things end up for Sam and the other lead characters. The series could easily be continued with Sam proceeding through a trial or being locked away in prison. In the end, Jenny and even Sam came to the realization that he was never going to change.

He was just like his father, but probably a little worse. The bashing to the head jogged his memory and confirmed that his mother was right all along. Would an accurate memory of his father changed anything? It is doubtful. The finale was good. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with past recaps of Born to Kill right now!

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