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Born to Kill Episode 3 Recap

As the third episode begins, Sam (Jack Rowan) chats with his mother, while she prepares for work. Sam agrees to head outside and start his mother’s vehicle and deice the windshield. Jenny (Romola Garai) steps outside and nearly catches Sam fidgeting with her keys. He gets out of the vehicle and hugs her, before heading inside. As soon as Jenny is gone, Sam uses the stolen key to enter her filing cabinet. Inside, he finds documents about his father, Peter Shelton. Sam jumps on the computer and researches his father. He learns that Peter (Richard Coyle) killed his mother’s boyfriend. Jenny visits Oscar’s (Earl Cave) place. She gets the opportunity to speak with the boy. Oscar explains that the attack wasn’t as bad as he initially said. He gets flustered and rushes off.

born to kill episode 3 samBill (Daniel mays) and Chrissy (Lara Peake) bring grandma home. Bill makes a mess of things and Margaret (Elizabeth Counsell) is clearly not happy. Sam tracks down his mom’s solicitor, Philip (Pal Aron). However, he is not allowed to enter the building. Sam leaves and waits outside for Philip to leave. Meanwhile, Bill has dinner with Jenny. They speak about Christmas. Jenny also tells Bill about her encounter with Oscar. She also admits that her son has been stealing. Jenny insists she cannot force Sam to take the watch back, since it belonged to Mr. Williams (Karl Johnson). Sam tracks down Philip and tries to force the man to take him to see his father. Philip refuses and insists Sam will need to be accompanied by an adult.

bbc born to kill episode 3Sam texts Chrissy and asks to see her. During this time, Jenny tries to get in touch with Cathy (Sharon Small). She manages to enter Cathy’s house. She finds Cathy dead inside of her bathtub. Sam meets with Chrissy and tells her about his father being a murderer. Nevertheless, Chrissy explains that his mother never had a right to keep it hidden from him. Then, the two have intercourse. Sam explains that his mother will have no choice, but to take him to the prison. Bill tries to comfort and calm Jenny. Sam returns home and learns about Cathy’s death. He asks several questions about the investigation, but Jenny doesn’t seem to catch on. Sam tries to cheer her up, by showing her the Christmas present sitting on his desk. Meanwhile, Margaret discovers that her hidden money has gone missing.

romola garai born to kill episode 3In the morning, Sam wraps the gift, while Bill cooks for his family. Christmas quickly goes awry for both families. Bill’s mother lashes out at Chrissy’s mom. She admits she was hopeful when she died and thought it might force Bill to be a man. Jenny opens the gift and finds a family tree. Sam uses the opportunity to let her know that he knows about his true father. Jenny tries to tell Sam the truth, but he refuses to listen and blames her for running off with another man. He also makes it clear that he wants to go see his father and he isn’t taking no for an answer. Sam visits Chrissy. He strolls inside and gets into a calm spat with Margaret. Then, Sam and Chrissy visit the pier. Both express their desire to see grandma dead. Chrissy gives Sam a gift. Sam initially pretends not to have one. Then, he gives Chrissy Cathy’s necklace.

lara peake born to killAfter spending the day together, Sam returns home. Again, Jenny tries to convince her son that visiting Peter would be a bad idea. Nevertheless, Sam doesn’t care that his dad is a killer. He insists he remembers Peter playing with him. Jenny insists that wasn’t Peter. It was her boyfriend, James, who was killed by Peter. Jenny exclaims that Peter never wanted him. Chrissy speaks with her father about his mother. She tells him not to listen to her. Bill promises to be there for his daughter as well. Then, Bill tries to convince his daughter to steer clear of Sam, since he seems a bit troubled. Chrissy doesn’t listen. Sam and Jenny arrive at the prison. Peter is escorted into the meeting area. Sam admits he looks nothing like he remembers. Sam enters and sits down with Peter seconds later.

sam and grandma born to killPeter admits he understands why Jenny lied about him dying. He also blames himself for everything. When asked, Sam confesses he doesn’t remember Peter at all. Peter expresses remorse and insists he thinks about the murder every day of his life. Sam tells Peter he can stop pretending and be honest with him. Jenny tells the woman in charge about Sam’s problems and his counseling in the past. Then, Peter tells his son that he is getting out. Sam agrees to keep it a secret from Jenny. Peter tells Sam he wants them to be together. Peter also insists Jenny will try to keep them apart. Sam tells his father his mobile phone number. Peter returns to his cell immediately.


Born To Kill Review

Born to Kill is a little depressing and a whole lot of creepy. Some things are a little bit cheesy and some of the acting can be hit and miss. Nevertheless, the disturbing story and the excellent performance by Jack Rowan make Born to Kill a must watch. In recent times, I do not believe there has been anything quite like Born To Kill. It is incredibly unique and that is a big plus when repetition is so common.

I’ve enjoyed each episode and can’t wait to see how the series ends. The 3rd episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Born to Kill right now!

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