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Born To Kill Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we’re introduced to Sam (Jack Rowan). The boy speaks to himself about smiling and his father, who apparently died while serving in the military. Seconds later, Sam speaks with his mother, Jenny (Romola Garai), downstairs. They chat about the patients at the hospital where Jenny works. Sam serves his mother breakfast, before heading to school. As soon as Sam leaves, Jenny opens an envelope and reads a mysterious letter. On his way to school, Sam encounters a dead bird. He seems fascinated by it. On the bus, he stops a bully from harassing Oscar (Earl Cave). Meanwhile, Chrissy (Lara Peake) arrives in town with her father, Bill (Daniel Mays).

actor jack rowan born to killThey chat about Chrissy’s grandma, who is in the hospital. Jenny meets up with her liaison officer, Philip. They chat about the letter. It is revealed that Sam’s father isn’t actually dead. He is locked in prison for something terrible. Jenny seems prepared to speak out against Peter, so he will not be released. At school, Sam hangs out with Oscar. He asks the boy how it felt to be smothered by the bully. Sam tells his new friend about his father’s heroic death. Then, Sam and Oscar go swimming. Sam tricks Oscar into diving in from the high board. They play around, before Sam almost drowns Oscar. A flashback brings Sam back to reality and he lets Oscar go. Bill and Chrissy settle into their new home.

oscar and sam born to killBill explains that he intends to visit his mother alone first. Chrissy thinks the decision is weird. Sam spies on one of the nursing home patients. Then, he visits Bob (James Greene) in person. Bob gives Sam a tin of candy. Cathy (Sharon Small) tells Sam to leave Bob alone, since he needs his rest. Sam turns his attention to Mr. Williams (Karl Johnson). He gives the man some candy, tells a joke, and reads a book. The following day, Sam is introduced to Chrissy at school. Sam seems oddly attracted to the girl. Meanwhile, Bill visits her mother. He tells her that he plans on taking care of her, once she is released from the hospital. Bill is introduced to Sam’s mom. We also learn that Bill works as a detective. Sam follows Chrissy after school. He tries to turn on the charm, but Chrissy tells him he is trying too hard. He notices her matches when she lights a joint.

jack rowan born to killThat night, Sam visits the hospital. He finds his mother putting a watch on Mr. Williams. Jenny pulls him aside and tells him that Bob has passed away. Sam tries to express genuine sadness. Then, he is given an opportunity to say goodbye. Sam digs through the man’s belongings and grabs a comb. He begins combing the man’s hair, before Cathy enters. Jenny enters and Cathy ridicules both. She insists Jenny is pushing her luck letting Sam roam the hospital freely. Sam visits a cave of sorts and uncovers a hidden box. He places the comb inside and hides the box away. The following day, Chrissy tries to set the school’s lab on fire. Meanwhile, Oscar invites Sam to his father’s birthday party. Sam agrees to think about the offer. The students are taken in front of the principal in an attempt to find out who was responsible for the fire.

lara peake born to killWhen Sam sees the box of matches, he knows it was Chrissy. He decides to accept the blame to save Chrissy. However, Chrissy does the same. Jenny meets with a friend and tells her about the upcoming release of Peter (Richard Coyle). She speaks about the potential of making a victim statement. She admits she wants the court to know exactly what type of man Peter was. However, she is also scared. She begins preparing a statement as soon as she returns home. She is interrupted by a call from the school. Jenny manages to convince the woman not to suspend Sam. Both are given detention. Chrissy lashes out at Sam and tells him that she didn’t want his help. She insists it was a selfish act. Sam makes it clear that he likes Chrissy. She doesn’t return the favor. When Sam returns home, Jenny asks him about the fire. He admits he did it to protect Chrissy.

born to kill tv series chrissySeconds later, Bill and Chrissy arrive at the door. They apologize. Then, Bill asks Jenny out for a bite to eat. She turns him down, but admits they’ll see one another at the hospital. Then, Jenny asks Sam about his friends at school. He promises everything is fine. Sam practices in front of the cellphone. He changes his father’s story. This time, he gets shot and doesn’t get blown up by a landmine. Jenny enters and reveals she is going out with Lisa (T’Nia Miller). Sam also reveals he is going to a party too. Sam joins Oscar for the party. Oscar plays video games, while Sam watches. Oscar’s dad, Mike (Simon Bubb), enters and introduces himself. He invites the pair down for dinner. They light the birthday cake and sing happy birthday to Mike. Sam remains in the kitchen and seems to cry a little. Oscar’s mother interrupts and invites him inside.

episode 1 recap born to killMeanwhile, Lisa and Jenny dance and sing. Jenny admits that Sam doesn’t know about his father. Lisa tries to convince her to keep it that way. Sam tells Mike about his father. He uses the shooting story this time. Oscar mentions the lie and this sends Sam into a rage. He leaves in a hurry and heads to the hospital. Jenny arrives home, while Sam sneaks into the hospital. He sits down with Mrs. Williams. Williams speaks about girls and this further enrages Sam. He closes the curtain around the bed. He uses the machine to administer a deadly dose to Williams. Then, he climbs on top of the man to prevent him from notifying the nurse. After Williams has died, Sam conceals the evidence and steals his watch. Then, he leaves.

tv series born to killHe apologizes to Cathy. Then, he exits the hospital with a big smile on his face.


Born To Kill Review

What the heck? That is one of the first responses I had to Born to Kill. The series is oddly alluring, yet incredibly creepy and disturbing. It has plenty of noticeable flaws, such as some strange dialogue and a few believability issues. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the first episode and Jack Rowan’s haunting performance. The series isn’t totally believable, but the Sam character definitely had a Ted Bundy like vibe.

Rowan certainly made the episode worth watching. I am intrigued and can’t wait to find out what happens next. What will Sam do now? How will he react when he learns about his father? Or perhaps he already knows? Born To Kill is very unique and unlike anything I’ve seen before. That is rare today. The opener scores a solid 7.5 out of 10.

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