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Blue Murder Killer Cop Episode 2 Recap

As the episode gets underway, we see that Roger Rogerson (Richard Roxburgh) has taken up standup comedy. Then, we see Roger meet with Wayne Crofton (Andrew Ryan). Roger complains that the bags have been coming in light. Rogerson gives Wayne a rough ride for stealing some of the drugs. Then, Mark Standen (Matt Nable) meets with Julie Weinthall (Emma Booth). The following day, Roger and Michael Hurley (Dan Wyllie) meet with James Kinch (Robert Mammone). The man has a business deal for Hurley. Roger steps in and mentions that Kinch acted as a snitch in the past. He is soon sent on his way. Roger assaults a man and obtains information for Michael. Roger tips off the cops and they soon break up Kinch’s drug operations. Kinch is taken into custody and questioned by Julie and Mark.

roger rogerson blue murder killer copKinch is given money and taken to a plane. Before he boards the plane, he shows off his watch to Mark. He tries to give him the watch, but Standen refuses to take it. Roger and Annie (Toni Collette) go for a walk. They pass by the house, which is still on the market. Again, Roger expresses interest in buying it. Roger meets with Hurley and is given several stacks of cash. He buys the house moments later. Then, Roger pops the question. Anne says yes and the couple gets married moments later. During the wedding, Roger and his friends step outside and moon the cops. Roger learns about the mooning. He orders the cops to bring in Wayne and Hurley. During this time, Michael Hurley learns that he has terminal cancer. Mark tries to scare Hurley into flipping on Mara and Rogerson. Hurley refuses and promises that neither of them will either.

matt nable blue murderStanden meets with Rogerson and gives him a similar deal. Once again, Rogerson turns it down. Seconds later, Anne and Rogerson are arrested. Then, we see that Standen is addicted to gambling. He loses a substantial amount of money. Hurley remains free, while Rogerson stays in prison. During this time, Standen speaks with Wayne. Wayne agrees to give up some of the dealers, but he refuses to flip on Hurley. On February 12, 2006, Hurley is arrested. Standen is congratulated back at the station. During the party, the gambler comes for his money. Of course, Standen doesn’t have it. The man eyeballs Julie. He seems he would use her against Standen. The couple have gotten into a romantic relationship. Then, Anne speaks with a friend. The woman admits she doesn’t know how Anne stands Roger being in jail again.

robert mammone blue murder killer copShe visits Roger in prison. He promises that he misses her just as much. Then, we jump to February 26, 2006. Mark meets with James Kinch in Dubai. James gives Mark money to gamble upstairs. The two men talk business and contemplate smuggling drugs into the country. Roger is met by officers as he is released from prison. Roger learns that Michael isn’t doing good. He also learns about Mark’s gambling problems. Roger meets with Michael. During the visit, Michael tells the police that Standen is dirty. Julie refuses to believe it. After the police leave, Michael asks Roger for a favor. He tells Roger to get in touch with Wayne. Roger goes on the hunt. He learns that Standen gave Wayne indemnity and a new life. Michael’s funeral is held during this time.

anne and roger rogerson blue murderRoger speaks with Anne. He admits he is ready to settle down, but there is something he needs to do first. Then, we see Mark lose even more money. Mark meets with a friend and arranges to smuggle drugs through his food business. At this time, the cops learn that someone high up has switched sides. They being to suspect Standen. They talk Julie into getting his phone, so they can wire tap it. That night, she grabs his phone and passes it to the police. Then, she returns it without Mark noticing. Rogerson tracks down Wayne and learns about a million bucks that has gone missing. Rogerson begins tracking Standen. He visits the food business and speaks with Bill. He asks him about the million bucks. The man admits a friend arranged it. The police listen in. The police pull Roger over and tell him to back off. He has no interest in doing that.

emma booth blue murder killer cop episode 2Roger admits it is personal. He quickly realizes that Jalalaty notified Standen after he left. Moments later, Roger tracks down Standen. Mark threatens Roger and makes a snide comment about Michael. Roger begins talking about the million bucks. As the cops listen in, they quickly realize that they’re going to have to arrest Standen pretty soon. Roger covers the phone and pulls out a gun. He tells Standen to take it and kill him. Mark refuses. Jalalaty is arrested. Standen is arrested moments later. Roger meets with Julie at the pub. She asks him about her father. Roger admits that her father was a good cop, but he was also corrupt. Roger reminds her that she was sleeping with Standen, so she is no better than her old man. Then, we jump forward in time. Roger has gotten much older. Rogerson heads to an office building an tries to get a job. He is thrown out of the building moments later.

actor richard roxburgh blue murder cop killerRoger runs into Glen McNamara (Justin Smith) at the pub. Glen tells Roger that he has work for him. The men meet with the student in the storage unit and wind up killing him. Roger learns that the police have identified him and Glen. He speaks with a crowd and is booed. He lashes out at the group and tells them that they’re sick. Roger calls Anne and tells her that he is coming home. He is met by journalists outside of his home. Roger spends a little time with Anne, before the cops arrive outside and arrest him. At the end of the episode, Roger speaks about little men leading little lives. He insists he was above that. He also explains that the streets were safer when he was out there. Roger insists that he did not change, everyone else did.


Blue Murder: Killer Cop Review

The Aussies always deliver when it comes to their true crime stories. I could say it over and over again. The Americans could learn a thing or two from them. Underbelly, Bikie Wars, and Blue Murder. The second episode of Blue Murder Killer Cop was likely better than the first. Despite being corrupt and dirty, it is hard not to sympathize with Rogerson to some degree. He is partially right after all.

Roger didn’t change. Society did and it has gotten so much easier on criminals. That is definitely true. The series was fascinating. I enjoyed both episodes. The second was better than the first though. An 8.5 out of 10 is awarded to episode 2. Catch up with previous recaps of Blue Murder now!

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