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BBC The Last Kingdom Recap Episode 2

The second episode of The Last Kingdom begins precisely where the last one ended. Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and Brida (Emily Cox) run from Alferic’s men. After a brief chase, they manage to get away, before contemplating their next move. They decide that it would be wise to meet up with Ubba (Rune Temte). On their way to his location, they run across a ransacked village and are attacked by Edgar the Archer (Andy Gathergood). Edgar puts up a struggle, but he is quickly subdued.

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During their conversation with Edgar, they learn that Uhtred is being accused of killing Earl Ragnar. Despite it all, Uhtred insists he can talk sense into Ubba and they continue on their way. In Wessex, Alfred (David Dawson) speaks to Beocca (Ian Hart) about his infidelity. Beocca offers him wisdom and the pair speak about Uhtred’s attack on the Danes. They meet up with King Aethelred (Alex Newman), who is preparing for an upcoming showdown with the Danes. He insists they’re on their own, as the Last Kingdom of England.

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Outside of the Dane encampment, Uhtred and Brida “hump”, before Brida comes up with a plan, which can protect them. She insists they’ll take a hostage, so Ubba cannot slay them. They sneak inside and take Storri (Henning Valin) hostage, while King Edmund (Jason Flemyng) watches on. Brida and Storri head outside, while Uhtred confronts Ubba. Uhtred watches as Ubba and Guthrum (Thomas Gabrielsson) cruelly test King Edmund’s spirituality, before killing him brutally.

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After Edmund is killed, Ubba turns his attention to Uhtred, who is unfortunately unable to change his mind. Instead, Uhtred escapes and returns to find Storri naked and humiliated. Once again, Uhtred and Brida are forced to contemplate their options. Back in Wessex, Alfred learns about his nephew’s irresponsible drunken state. He has the boy ridiculed, before King Aethelred tells his right hand man that he wants Alfred to become king, if he dies in battle.

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Brida and Uhtred visit a town and Uhtred enlists the assistance of a blacksmith (Grahame Fox). He instructs the man to embed his father’s stone in the handle of the sword. Afterwards, he returns to Brida and they agree to wait around and allow things to play out. Uhtred returns to the blacksmith and retrieves his beautiful new sword. When he returns to Brida, they discover that they have been tracked down by Alferic’s men. A chase ensues. They eventually manage to subdue their attackers, before agreeing to head to Wessex.

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Due to their clothing, they’re greeted with disgust and fear in Wessex. Eventually, Beocca emerges and saves them from trouble. He introduces the pair to Alfred. They speak about Alferic and Kjartan. Alfred remains unconvinced. After the pair refuse to pray with Alfred, Beocca transports them away and shows Uhtred the charters of Bebbanburg. This encourages Uhtred to take drastic measures to gain Alfred’s trust.

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After they depart, Alfred speaks to Beocca and asks him how they should deal with Pagans, who refuse to believe in their God. Beocca admits he believes they need to witness and feel his true power, before they can be converted. Alfred writes down his words. Meanwhile, Uhtred and Brida visit the Danes encampment and contemplate Guthrum’s next move. Uhtred discovers their sacrifices and returns to Wessex with the information.

Actor David Dawson

Initially, the King and Alfred do not believe or trust Uhtred. However, Alfred admits it is best to proceed with caution. With Uhtred’s information, the King and his men meet the Danes on the battlefield and maintain high ground. Unfortunately, Uhtred and Brida remain locked up in Wessex for their efforts.


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Despite being a historical drama, The Last Kingdom has a lot of humor. This helps to keep things interesting. David Dawson was definitely a great addition to the episode. Now that Uhtred has made his move, there is likely no turning back. The next episode should be bloody and great. All in all, another good episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous episodes of The Last Kingdom now!

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