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BBC Doctor Foster Episode 3 Recap

During the beginning of the episode, Dr. Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) runs into Neil (Adam Jones) outside of her home. Neil is very flirty and compliments Gemma for her looks. Gemma heads on her way and encounters a motorcycle wreck on her way to work. She cares for the wounded motorist and winds up with a dirty shirt for her troubles. Finally, she arrives at Anwar’s (Navin Chowdhry) office. During her conversation with Anwar, Gemma is instructed to examine her financial accounts.

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Although she is initially hesitant, she admits she wants to keep her current life and stature. After the meeting has concluded, the neighborhood gets together for Simon’s (Bertie Carvel) announcement. He speaks to the crowd about his new building development, Academy Green Development. Everyone enjoys themselves, while Gemma asks Neil, if he can help her with the accounts. She invites him out to dinner, so they can get into specifics and he agrees, without hesitation.

Doctor Foster Suranne Jones

After the event ends, Gemma meets with Carly (Clare-Hope Ashitey) outside of Kate’s house. Gemma attempts to pressure her into getting close to Kate. She offers her money and insists she can pull it off, if she pretends to be pregnant. Carly eventually agrees and strikes up a conversation with Kate (Jodie Comer). Simon and Gemma meet at the hospital and check on Helen (Cheryl Campbell). Helen complains about the constant pain in her head, but Simon suggests everything will be fine. That night, Gemma gets dressed up and prepares to go to dinner with Neil.

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Simon and Gemma argue a little, before she leaves. On the way to the taxi, she scratches Simon’s vehicle horrendously. While Gemma meets up with Neil, Carly visits Kate and Ros (Thusitha Jayasundera) visits Simon. Kate tells Carly about her relationship, while Ros continues trying to pressure Simon into telling Gemma the truth. Neil comes clean with Gemma and admits he has wanted to sleep with her for over 5 years. Kate tells Carly about Simon’s initial hesitance and his suggestion that he wanted no one else, but Gemma.

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Gemma and Neil wind up going upstairs to a private room, while Simon cries to Ros. After a little prodding, Gemma gives in an has intercourse with Neil. Also, Carly seemingly convinces Kate to do away with her man. In the morning, Gemma changes her tune and blackmails Neil. She pressures him into giving up their financial information. Afterwards, she returns home and falls asleep on the couch. When she wakes up, Tom and Simon are standing above her. They question her about her night. She also learns about negative comments about her on the Internet, before she gets up and prepares to head to work.

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At work, Ros is ridiculed for flirting with a colleague. Afterwards, she tells Gemma about her conversation with Gemma. She tells her about Simon’s money troubles. After work, Gemma meets with Neil and learns that Simon has completely drained the accounts, Tom’s college money and has remortgaged the house. She discovers that Simon signed her signature on the form, without her permission and learns about Simon’s mysterious donor, White Stone. Anna (Victoria Hamilton) arrives home and acts oddly, when she encounters Gemma and Neil together.

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She pays a visit to Helen and tells her about the situation. She insists she will be fair with Simon. Kate visits Carly at work and tells her she has broken it off with Simon. Moments later, Simon enters and pleads with Kate. She attempts to convince him that the baby is gone and tries to force him to tell Gemma the truth, but he refuses. He rushes off. Afterwards, Carly tells Gemma about the encounter. She attempts to persuade Gemma that the relationship is finished.

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Back at home, Simon wallows in his sorrow. That night, he receives a phone call and is informed that Helen has killed herself with sleeping medication. They head to the hospital and speak to the doctor. When asked by the doctor, Gemma insists she didn’t give Helen any medication. The pair return home and tell Tom about Helen’s passing. That night, Gemma attempts to comfort Tom and Simon. Near the end of the episode, Gemma and Simon hold hands, as if everything is going to be fine.


Doctor Foster Review

Another excellent episode of Doctor Foster. The mystery of the show never ceases to amaze and startle. Now, both sides of the marriage have made terrible mistakes. There is no going back now. With two episodes remaining, it is likely things are going to head downhill fast and I can’t wait to watch the disaster. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with our other Doctor Foster recaps now!

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