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The episode starts with a training exercise, in which Robbie (Adam Deacon) lets the team down. Meanwhile, Liz (Brit Marling) gets high with her ex-boyfriend, Granger (James Lance) and works like a banshee. Next, Commissioner Miller (James Nesbitt) notices a newspaper article, which upsets him. He confronts Liz and insists she get the article retracted. Liz explains her idea of making a digital news channel, Metwork, for the police force, which would channel the major networks. Miller is interested and tells her to put together a proposal.

Next, Liz works with Finn (Bertie Carvel) to discuss the current ongoings. The group discusses police sponsorship, but Finn isn’t interested. Mia (Ella Smith) finds the story, which upset Miller. Apparently, Miller lied about the number of people he saved from his past. Next, Robbie is confronted about his inability to shoot the woman, during the training episode. Matt Coward (Daniel Kaluuya) speaks with to Robbie, who brags about himself. Robbie turns down an interview. Davina, Clarkey (Cavan Clerkin) and Nobbo (Owain Arthur) detain some teenagers, who are caught smoking dope.

Liz speaks with Charlie Inglis (Paterson Joseph) about a group of bank robberies. She attempts to enlist his help, which causes him to call in armed response. Next, Warwick (Nick Blood) and the police force are told to watch the banks, during their free time. Next, it was the Mayor’s, Grant Delgado (Ralph Brown), who was detained, by Davina (Jill Halfpenny) and crew. They’re forced to let Jason (Calvin Demba) go, despite having drugs.

Next, Liz wants Sharon (Nicola Walker) to get tasered, in front of everyone. Of course, she has no interest in it. Next, Commissioner Miller is made aware of Jason’s arrest. Warwick speaks with Tony about the sausage roll. Meanwhile, Robbie begins second guessing himself, since he couldn’t shoot the woman. Robbie sets himself up to be surprise attacked sometime during the day, which will test his skills. Next, Warwick and Banjo (Andrew Brooke) play “whose the cunt in the car”. Of course, they discover it is Tony (Stuart Martin). Liz learns about Jason Delgado being arrested. Liz and Miller argue over the handling of Jason. Miller continues to push Liz to have the news article fixed.

Next, Robbie and Coward head to the shooting range, while Jerry and Miles reassign him to an agricultural unit. Miller calls Grant and tells him about his son. Of course, Finn leaks the news to the media. Meanwhile, Warwick, Tony and Banjo continue watching the bank, while arguing. They catch a call about the robbers on the radio and join the pursuit. Nobbo makes jokes about Davina having intercourse, which upsets Clarkey. Meanwhile, Coward continues to follow Robbie. Robbie is attacked by the female office. After, he begins to brag about his reflexes, which is recorded, by Coward.

At the station, the police find more drugs on Jason. Miller, Charlie and Tom Miller (Jonny Sweet) discuss the situation. Miller insists this is already out there in the press. Delgado is questioned about the arrest of his son, but gives no comment. Mia tells Liz she has been able to track down two people that Miller saved, but not the third. Liz speaks with Delgado, who insists he wants to take his son home. Warwick and crew follows the bank robbers. A stand off ensues and Warwick drops one of the robbers, with an elbow. Despite Banjo pumping him up, Warwick vomits and loses it.

Charlie confronts Sharon, who has agreed to do the tasing. Liz calls Finn and questions him about the Deputy Mayor’s son. Finn reveals they’re raiding his house as they speak. Delgado angrily belittles Liz, before questioning her what she would do. She insists she would go out the front and meet the press head-on. Delgado warns Liz about Richard Miller. Coward watches all of his footage on Robbie, before insisting the pin has been pulled on the grenade. He pieces the footage together to make Robbie look like a whacko.

Mia thanks Tom for stepping in, since Sharon has stepped out. He asks her about the risks and inquires about an absorbent pad, which will protect him. Of course, there isn’t one. Sharon speaks during the procedure, while Tom moans in agony. Afterwards, Delgado heads outside and thanks the police. Richard receives a call from Delgado. Liz gives Miller the paperwork for Metwork, which he turns down. Liz insists she wants Metwork and Finn gone, or she’ll leave. Richard watches the news and discovers that the deputy mayor came across as a good family man, which causes him to smash his television.

Before the episode ends, Banjo attempts to have sex with Davina, but she turns him down.


I’ve seen some negative comments and reviews of Babylon, but I’ve enjoyed both episodes. In fact, I’ve laughed all the way through. The comedy hits the spot and there is just enough drama to keep things interesting. This certainly isn’t a show that you should take serious, but it is a fun forty minute ride, which will keep you entertained throughout. Even among the chaos and carnage, there are a few hints of truth hidden within, if you’re smart enough to find them. All in all, the episode was fun and funny. It deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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