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When the show opens, Commissioner Miller’s (James Nesbitt) corpse is dragged from the water, while Liz (Brit Marling) attempts to intimidate the reporter, who is trying to expose Miller. Tom Oliver (Jonny Sweet) receives a phone call and informs everyone of Miller’s death.  Charles Inglis (Paterson Joseph) assigns Sharon (Nicola Walker) to inform Miller’s widow about his death. She informs Liz Garvey that she cannot do it, since they had an affair in the past, but Liz suggests Sharon is the best person to do the job, since she cared about him.

Liz speaks with Mia (Ella Smith) and tells her she received a call from Richard, before his death, but didn’t answer it. Meanwhile, Robbie (Adam Deacon) and the other officers joke about Miller’s death and his possible homosexuality. Clarkey (Cavan Clerkin) tells Davina (Jill Halfpenny) he informed Sandi about their relationship, while she lies about informing Banjo. Meanwhile, Warwick (Nick Blood) angrily tries to break into his apartment, since he lost his keys. Tony helps him in, while Banjo (Andrew Brooke) convinces Robbie that Tony (Stuart Martin) is gay.

Next, Charles finds out about Miller’s affairs. Finn (Bertie Carvel) suggests Liz should’ve informed him, since he knew the reporter and could’ve stopped her. Banjo and the boys discuss Richard’s love life, while Robbie confronts Tony about being gay. Tony admits to it, which sends Robbie on a tirade of homosexual jokes. Robbie scares an old schoolmate, who is smoking dope, before showing off his weapon. His schoolmate begins belittling him, which causes him to snap and pull the gun on his old friend. Banjo and Tony rush in and calm the situation. Tony tells Robbie he’ll be in trouble, if he ever does it again.

Meanwhile, Liz is abandoned by Finn and Inglis, as they watch police storm buildings, but find nothing. Tony confronts Warwick and suggests he takes some personal time, but Warwick says it would hurt his career. Banjo agrees they’re the avengers and refuses to harm Warwick’s career. Liz suggests they can still savage Miller’s reputation, but Finn insists they need to protect Inglis and Inglis agrees. Finn takes Liz aside, before threatening and accusing her of having an affair with Richard. He suggests it is time for Liz to move on.

Liz returns home and reads an article about her potential affair. Next, Davina and Clarkey meet up, while Banjo scours the house for evidence of an affair, before going on a rampage. Next, the group is required to bust a warehouse party. Banjo ends up shooting an unarmed man, but Robbie covers up, by giving the deceased a weapon. Meanwhile, Liz lays in bed and enjoys her depression, while Mia is tasked with running the victim’s name, Carl Jeffries, through the mud. Despite Finn’s plan, Mia receives a call from Liz, who provides her with a better strategy.

Next, the police receive an update on the search for the bomber from Sharon. While Clarkey and Davina hang out, Banjo finally get in touch with Davina and tells her about the shooting. The police continue to search for the bomber, while Davina tells Clarkey she is going to have to stay with Banjo, in order to protect his job. The pair confront a bike messenger, who looks similar to the drawing of the suspect, but let him go.

Meanwhile, Robbie and crew discuss the shooting. Warwick insists he didn’t see a gun, but they convince him to say he did. Matt Coward (Daniel Kaluuya) attempts to make contact with Liz. Finn confronts Mia about Liz’s press release, before ripping it up. Meanwhile, police surround a house, where they believe the bomber could be. Inglis speaks with Sharon and suggests sending in the force immediately, while she insists she is in charge and will evacuate the neighbors first.

The bike messenger bomber comes out of the house and surrenders, before Sharon gives a speech to the press. Clarkey and Davina are belittled for missing the suspect. Finn and Inglis agree the situation is a win, before they see Liz on television giving an interview and denying the affair. She also attempts to protect Miller’s legacy. Liz suggests nobody is infallible and they only try to do their best. Finn and Inglis agree this was a clever move and will force her back into the equation.


Despite the lack of Richard Miller, the episode was one of the best and funniest yet. Much of this had to do with the craziness of Robbie, Warwick, Banjo and Tony. While the episode was overloaded with comedy, it had quite a bit of drama, especially between Davina and Banjo, but Liz seemed to successfully maneuver herself back into the picture. This was definitely an episode worth watching and deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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