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Anne with an E Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, Matthew Cuthbert (R.H. Thomson) steps inside and speaks with Marilla (Geraldine James). They chat about the young boy from the orphanage who is supposed to arrive today. As Matthew heads to the train station, Rachel Lynde (Corrine Koslo) watches him from the window. Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) rides on the train. She has a flashback of her previous master treating her terrible and calling her names. Matthew arrives at the station and passes right by Anne. He steps inside and speaks with the clerk. He is told that there was no young boy. Anne is the one he is looking for. Matthew steps outside and speaks with her. Anne is very excited to meet Matthew. He seems confused and worried about the situation.

anne with an e anne and matthewMatthew offers to carry Anne’s bag. She hangs onto it and they head towards the wagon. Anne continues chatting all the while. She is happy to see the horse, which she promptly names Belle. Anne tells Matthew how much she likes to talk. Matthew says very little. Meanwhile, Rachel visits Marilla. Rachel learns about the orphan. She immediately tells Marilla that she has made a mistake. She tells Marilla about an orphan who burned down his parents’ home. Marilla doesn’t let her words bother her. Anne tells Matthew that he doesn’t like her red hair. Then, she tells Matthew about Mrs. Hammond, who she lived with previously. Before too long, Anne arrives at Green Gables. Marilla is not happy to see that they’ve gotten a girl. She insists that Anne will have to be returned. Anne becomes distraught.

anne with an e matthewAfter finally get Anne’s real name, Marilla forces her up from the ground. Anne asks Matthew why he didn’t tell her that they didn’t want her. Anne tries to convince Marilla that she can help Matthew work. She exclaims that she is just as strong as a boy. Marilla refuses to budge. Anne refuses to eat during dinner. She is sent to bed. She throws her clothing on the ground and tries to go to sleep. Matthew tries to talk Marilla into keeping Anne, but he is unable to persuade her. In the morning, Anne pretends to be Princess Cordelia. She is quickly interrupted by Marilla. During breakfast, Matthew tells Marilla that he sent word to see if the French boy was still available for hire. A comment Marilla makes causes Anne to have a flashback. She remembers being returned to the asylum. She drops silverware to the ground. Then, Marilla and Anne head out.

amybeth mcnulty anne with an eBefore they go, Matthew makes it clear he didn’t offer to hire a boy to get rid of Anne. Along the way, Anne impresses Marilla with her intelligence. Marilla asks about Anne’s parents. Anne makes up a lie, because she believes it would be more interesting. Anne finally relents and tells Marilla the truth. A dog emerges from the brush and scares the horse. Anne is thrown from the wagon. She jumps up quickly and scares the dog away. Again, Marilla seems impressed. They finally arrive and speak with Mrs. Spencer (Martha Girvin). Spencer learns about the mistake and offers to transfer Anne to another family. They meet with Mrs. Blewett (Michelle Giroux) right away. After listening to Blewett, Marilla changes her mind. She agrees to let Anne stay on a trial basis. Matthew is happy to see the couple arrive back home.

r.h. thomson anne with an eMarilla explains the trial to Anne. She also makes sure that she folds her clothing and hands it on the chair. Anne promises to work hard to prove her worthiness. Marilla instructs Anne to pray. She prays to look good when she is older and to stay at Green Gables. In the morning, Anne is up and at work, before the others get up. Then, Marilla agrees to make Anne a new dress. Before too long, Lynde arrives. She makes several rude comments about Anne’s looks. Anne fires back, before rushing out of the door. Rachel encourages Marilla to discipline Anne for her comments, before leaving. Once Anne finally returns, Marilla makes it clear the she will need to apologize to Lynde. Anne shows no interest in apologizing. She is told that she will need to stay in her room, until she does.

geraldine james anne with an eEventually, Matthew speaks with Anne in private. He manages to convince her to apologize to Rachel. Anne and Marilla visit her the following day. Anne apologizes and her apology is accepted. When Anne returns, she finds Jerry Baynard (Aymeric Jett Montaz) working on the farm. She is not happy and she gives Baynard a piece of her mind. She steps outside and sees Matthew struggling to work. Matthew tells her to go inside and help Marilla. Seconds later, William Barry (Jonathan Holmes) arrives. He asks Matthew about Anne. He admits that his daughter would like to hang out with Anne, as long she isn’t a bad influence. Matthew tells the others about the invitation. When Marilla tells Anne that she might have a new friend, Anne has a flashback of being harassed by the other girls.

anne with an e marillaMarilla gives Anne her old ribbon, before they head to the Barry house. Eliza (Helen Johns) invites them in. Then, Anne hangs out with Diana (Dalila Bela). They agree to be friends. Everything goes extremely well. Anne tells Marilla all about the experience. Anne admits she wants to go to the upcoming picnic with Diana and the others. Marilla instructs Anne to take her belongings upstairs. She does so and then plays around in her room. Marilla enters moments later and accuses Anne of taking her brooch. Anne tells a lie about losing it in hopes of staying at Green Gables. Marilla tells her that she will be sent back in the morning. Anne is sent away. Marilla finds the brooch in her chair and sends Matthew after the train, but it is already long gone.


Anne With An E Review

I really enjoyed the first episode of Anne with an E. At first, Anne was a tad bit annoying, but she grew on me pretty quickly. The relationship between Anne, Marilla and Matthew was great. It was nearly impossible not to become fond of Anne and the Cuthberts seemed to have felt the same. The episode had a little bit of everything. It was humorous at points, uplifting at others, and depressing here and there too. Now, I cannot wait for the next episode.

It might be a little predictable, but the series could be excellent in the long run. This episode scores a solid 8 out of 10.

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