American Crime Review: EP2

American Crime TV Show

When the episode opens, Carter sits in jail, as the judge prepares all of the inmates for arraignment. At the same time, Gwen’s parents attend church service. Afterwards, Carter Nix is charged with the murder, while Barb watches. Tony is processed into a juvenile detention facility. Mr. Gutierrez attempts to speak on his son’s behalf and get him bail, but it is futile. Instead, he is belittled for not understanding the importance of a lawyer.

American Crime Tony

Tony is led to his cell, where he is instantly harassed by Silk and Wes. Meanwhile, Russ speaks to Scott about his son. Russ mentions getting through his troubles, by speaking to Matt and his brother. Scott admits Matt used some drugs and drank, but he refuses to go into greater detail. Gwen’s father speaks to the media and insists they’re happy the police have made an arrest. He is questioned about the race of the suspects, but refuses to answer.

American Crime Tony and Silk

Meanwhile, Aubrey is released from jail. She is urged to testify against Carter, but continues to defend his innocence. Hector and Carter come to face to face. Hector insists he isn’t a snitch, before being wheeled off. Next, Russ and Barb speak to Gwen’s parents and talk about Matt’s burial. Gwen belittles Tom and Eve for not being at the arraignment. After they depart, Russ and Barb argue over Matt’s burial location and his drugs. Barb suggests Russ is spreading lies and should just go back to Arizona.

American Crime Aubrey Homesless

Aubrey attempts to get a visitation with Carter, but is refused. She is threatened with arrest, before storming out. Tony complains about his treatment, but is largely ignored. At home, Jenny argues with her father and suggests he wishes he was white. When Aubrey returns home, she is kicked out of her room. Afterwards, Russ speaks with Tom and attempts to smooth things over. Tom admits Matt and Gwen’s relationship wasn’t perfect, before Tom pleads with Russ to fight for his son.

American Crime Hector and Carter

Barb speaks with the investigator, who breaks the news about Matt’s drugs. She freaks out and begins yelling for Detective Palmer. Regardless, Barb gets angry and leaves. Aubrey runs around town, as she attempts to get high, which she eventually does. She wakes up in the streets. Back at the jail, Hector is told about a warrant for murder, which will see him extradited to Mexico. Next, Tony talks to his probation officer.

Gwen American Crime

Tony admits he knows what he was doing was wrong, but it made him happy to tick off his father. Aubrey places a call to Michael. Once he finally picks up, she pleads for money. He agrees to send the money, if she stays where she is. She insists she needs a great deal of money. Afterwards, Eve speaks to Gwen, while Tom gets angry at the detective, when he delivers the lab results. Aubrey finally receives the wired money and heads to a motel. She finally gets a shower and calls Michael to let him know her location.


Russ attempts to break into Matt’s house, but he is stopped by a cop. Tom tells Eve that Gwen’s rape kit came back negative. Tom insists they don’t think she was raped. Tom says the cops think Gwen was having sex with more than one man. Eve takes his phone and shows him a picture of Gwen. Afterwards, Barb speaks with Nancy, who insists she has been in a similar situation. Barb insists the situation is racist and would be different, if a black couple were the victims. Nancy says that Barb needs to advocate all the time, but also figure out how much she can handle. She says it isn’t about her and she will do whatever is necessary for her child.


Overall, American Crime Episode 2 definitely had some nice moments. The meeting between Hector and Carter was a little intense. Russ’s quest to discover the truth about his son is always interesting. Tony’s time in lockup was also fun, but not for him. However, it seems like there is simply too much going on. Almost none of the characters have any real charisma. During both episodes, I have been unable to get interested in anyone, besides Hector. The others seem to fall flat and some of the acting is definitely shaky. The episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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