American Crime Recap Episode 8

Carter American Crime

At the beginning of the episode, Carter Nix is interviewed for a television segment. Aliyah is shown organizing a rally for Carter. He ends the interview, after questions tick him off. Timothy Little (Cedric Duplechain) insists the group may be getting a little too big. Next, Mr. Gutierrez watches the attack video, before he attempts to get Tony out of trouble. Instead, it is suggested Tony should accept a plea.

Barb Felicity Huffman

Tony meets up with Edgar, who congratulates him for defending his sister and not ratting on his cousin. Tony admits the beating felt good, but he doesn’t want to go to prison. Meanwhile, some African American men lash out at Barb and nearly break her car window. Russ attempts to secure another job. This time, he admits to his crime on the application. Hector is told about his girlfriend, who wants to see him. He admits he wants to see her.

Hector American Crime Mustache

Barb reports the attack to the police. During the conversation with the cop, she learns that the DA is offering Carter Nix a plea deal. Barb and Nancy (Lili Taylor) meet with DDA Soderbergh (Joe Nemmers). Barb wants the death penalty and insists Soderbergh is caving in. Afterwards, Barb suggests bringing in people and organizing their own demonstration. Carter is presented with his plea. Carter insists he should accept the deal, but Aliyah doesn’t want him to. Eventually, he caves in and agrees to fight it. Russ meets with his old co-worker and wants to swap drama, but she sends him away.

Barb and Nancy American Crime

Eve watches, as Gwen attempts to learn to walk. Barb shows up and attempts to get Eve in on the demonstration. Russ meets up with Richelle (Gwendoline Yeo), who wants to know, if he has been avoiding her. He admits he knows better than to come around, since he only causes trouble. Mark arrives and Russ asks, if he could fix up Matt and Gwen’s place in exchange for staying there. Mark urges Russ to ask Tom and Eve. Instead, he insists Russ should flee the coop. The pair argue over one another about family.

Gwendoline Yeo

Meanwhile, the police arrive at Aliyah’s command center and informs them of a bomb threat. Barb meets with a separatist, who works with the Rainbow Works. She insists she can get a bunch of couple to come down and rally on her behalf. Alonzo meets with Tony and tells him about Hector getting off. He insists Tony should give up info on Nix. Tony disagrees and argues, before rushing out. Hector (Richard Cabral) meets with his girlfriend. Hector is shown a picture of his daughter. The pair argue over Hector running away and leaving his little girl behind.

Edgar American Crime

He suggests getting married, so she can enter America, but she runs out. Nancy and Barb consider their chances, but they’re only getting responses from hate groups. Still, Barb insists she isn’t going to give up and cave in. Barb questions whether or not she is a racist, but Tom meets with Mark. The pair agree to allow Russ to fix the place up. Aubry gets a visit from her mother. She insists it isn’t her mother’s fault for allowing Brian to do things to her.

Aubry American Crime

Aubry insists she’ll sell her family down the river, before she’ll turn on Carter. The pair argue over one another and nothing is understandable, until Aubry confesses her love for Carter. She insists they will not be able to kill Carter. Aliyah learns that the city is willing to allow the group to meet outside of the city. Barb gets her vehicle fixed, while she heads into a gun shop. The shop owner questions Barb about her son. After he shows a little support, he attempts to sell her a gun. After a little speech, she receives a revolver.

Meanwhile, the assembly arrives on both sides of the fence. The march turns into a big mess, until the police attempt to shut it down. After a few black screens, Russ enters the house, with Mark and Richelle. Russ cries in their bedroom, until the episode ends.


Well, the episode was certainly better than the last, but that isn’t saying a whole lot. Ultimately, the showdown in the streets turned out to be a major disaster in terms of editing and choreography. The jumping back and forth to black screens took away any excitement from the event. At the same time, it generated douche chills. Still, the episode was better and it was nice to see more of Hector. However, his mustache is really jacked up. The episode deserves a 5.5 out of 10.

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