American Crime Recap and Review Ep5

Russ and Mark American Crime

At the beginning of the episode, Russ and Mark (David Hoflin) visit Matt’s home and the crime scene. Russ collects a few articles of clothing, before giving it to the coroner. Carter Nix is read his bond conditions, fitted with an ankle bracelet and released. While he makes plans for food with his sister, Ms Shadid (Regina King), Jenny and Tony attend church, with their father, Alonzo. After church, Alonzo tells them he got their car back and plans on fixing it with Tony, but Tony complains and insists it is a bad idea.

Regina King American Crime

Shadid shows Carter to his new place and hooks him up with work, which he doesn’t want. Meanwhile, Aubry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard), who has been sober for a few days, hangs out with her father. Aubry convinces her father to get her some wheels. At the jail, Hector Tonz (Richard Cabral) gets his facial wound stitched, before he meets with the DA, who wants him to snitch. Aubry purchases a six-pack and pays a visit to Carter. They recall their first meeting. Aubry admits she isn’t sober and tells Carter about the ankle bracelet.

Aubry Taylor American Crime

Aubry tells Carter that they’re prepared to kill him, but he refuses to believe it. Russ and Mark head to the cemetery and plant flowers. Barb pulls Mark away and complains to him about Matt’s burial. At the Gutierrez house, Tony calls Edgar’s friend, Luis (Joseph Julian Soria). The pair meet up and Tony accepts money. Tony heads off in Louis’s vehicle. When Carter wakes up, he discovers that Aubry has cut off his ankle bracelet. She discusses her plan to escape to Canada and smuggle themselves to Vietnam. After some convincing, Carter agrees to run with her.

American Crime Hector Tonz

Russ daydreams at work. He receives a little comfort from a co-worker. Next, Mark shows Gwen (Kira Pozehl) the video of Russ planting the flowers. Luis tells Tony that Edgar is ignorant, before Tony complains about people looking at him and his father turning him in. Luis tells him to keep quiet about his activities and stay away from gangs. Aubry and Carter drive towards Canada, while discussing the requirements for getting into the country and their coyote. Next, Alonzo receives news that they’re trying to pushing them out of the church. He’s told to stay away from the Sunday morning mass.

American Crime Kira Pozehl

Mark confronts Barb and tells her he is getting married. He reveals he has been dating for an entire year. Barb grows concerned, when Mark tells her that his girlfriend is colored. They end up arguing over Matt’s transition to the army and their upbringing. Mark finally reveals his girlfriend’s name, Michelle. He confirms she’ll be coming out, if she can get furlough. Meanwhile, Aubry and Carter stop for alcohol and food, while discussing their next move. Jenny is harassed on the street about her brother, before she fights back. Unfortunately, she is hit a few times and left on the ground.

Jenny Attacked

Aubry and Carter’s trip begins to turn sour, as they argue over drugs and their destination. Eventually, Aubry is forced into the backseat, as Carter turns the vehicle around. Jenny returns home and attempts to hide her black eye. Carter and Aubry return back to Modesto and Aubry insists she’ll get money from her dad for drugs. Instead, she finds her brother. She attempts to borrow $500 from him, but only gets $87.

Matt Corpse American Crime

Carter and Aubry head to get some drugs. Carter is questioned about his stay in prison, but he refuses to answer. The drug dealer the pair robbed earlier shows up and Carter is attacked. Aubry grabs a razor blade and slashes the man across the throat, before they make their escape. The pair get a motel room, before they contemplate Aubry’s murder. Aubry begins using the man’s drugs, before she overdoses, which forces Carter to call the authorities. Carter is returned to jail.

Tony and Luis American Crime


Overall, the episode was alright, even though it felt like a time warp, with Matt being buried, without objection from Barb. Otherwise, not much happened aside from Aubry being a total idiot and making a bad situation even worse. Perhaps she overdosed and killed herself? Sadly, it is difficult to have sympathy for her. The downfall of the episode is the scrambling of individualized scenes. Hector was shown and that went nowhere. Gwen wakes up, is shown once and disappears. Each episode seems to be pieced together rather poorly. A 6.5 out of 10 is probably generous.

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