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We open with Fyodor (Dimiter D. Marinov) initiating a few recruits into Leviathan. One of the recruits wishes to decline the invitation, since he is a family man. One of the men happens to be Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown), who is now telling his story to the SSR. He suggests Leviathan is attempting to make Russia the greatest superpower in the world. They discuss the women prisoners, who are trained as spies and soldiers. Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) takes Carter (Hayley Atwell) out of the room and suggests she is overstepping her bounds. The pair argue, with Carter suggesting one of the women could’ve killed Ray Krzeminski (Kyle Bornheimer).

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Carter meets with Angie, who is practicing her lines. Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) reveals her father has signed her up for secretary school, before Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) intrudes on the conversation. The pair agree they’re working toward a common goal, before Jarvis brings up his visit from Dooley and the Battle of Finow. Carter tasks Jarvis will making a list of Howard Stark’s most recent female friends. Meanwhile, Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) heads to a supposed job interview. At the same time, Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) heads to the prison to speak with Sheldon McFee (Devin Ratray). Sheldon agrees to Daniel’s terms, before he confirms Carter’s identity.

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Jarvis and Carter head to the jewelry store, where they research a list of women, who were given bracelets by Stark. The pair track down and examine the wrists of all of Stark’s previous ladies. Dooley and the doctor continue the questioning, before Ivchenko suggests Dooley has been sleeping at the office. Across the street, Dottie has disabled the dentist and is preparing to snipe down Dooley or Ivchenko. Dottie doesn’t shoot, but appears to be taking pictures. She witnesses Ivchenko making a hand gesture, before she writes a note, which insists her next target is Peggy Carter.

Peggy investigates the home of one of the women, while Jarvis stands guard outside. Ida is long gone, but signs point to her being the suspect. Meanwhile, Dooley receives therapy from Ivchenko, as he reveals his wife cheated on him, while he was away at war. In order to comfort him, Ivchenko says he lost his family to Leviathan. Daniel interrupts the pair, with important information. Next, Peggy and Jarvis meet up for lunch and Peggy discovers she is about to be arrested. With a little cooperation, the pair escape out the backdoor, but run into Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray). Peggy takes him down violently, before the pair agree to meet at her apartment, but Daniel arrives and tries to stop her. However, he lets her go.

Back at the station, Dooley puts everyone to work tracking down Carter, while Agent Yauch (Alexander Carroll) is tasked with watching Ivchenko. The pair quickly strike up a friendship thanks to the Doctor’s skills, while Thompson and Daniel head to the Griffith to look for Peggy. Although Peggy gets Steve’s blood, she is surrounded by the SSR officers. We see she has hidden on the ledge outside of the window.

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Peggy makes her way to Angie’s window and speaks to her, before the agents rush Angie’s room. Angie makes up a story about Peggy’s sick grandmother. Her acting is convincing enough to make the agents leave. After they’re gone, Angie lets her into through the window. Meanwhile, Yauch gives the doctor the location of Stark’s inventions. He seems to be hypnotized, as he helps to plan Ivchenko’s escape strategy. Following the doctor’s order, Yauch commits suicide, by walking out in front of a truck.

Peggy thanks Angie, before she exits and runs into Dottie, gives her a big kiss, which makes her woozy. Peggy notices the marks on Dottie’s wrists, but it is too late, as she hits the floor. The agents arrive in the nick of time and take Carter into custody. At the station, she attempts to explain the situation to Dooley. Angie enters Dottie’s room, while Daniel prepares to interrogate Peggy.


A Sin to Err was a strong episode and held my attention throughout. There were plenty of action scenes and many reveals. For starters, we discovered Ivchenko and Dottie were actually working together all along. On the other hand, Daniel was finally able to expose Peggy and convince Dooley to bring her in, which they finally did. The episode definitely left viewers guessing. It deserves an 8 out of 10.

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