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In the latest episode of Agent Carter, Stark’s dangerous weapon has been acquired by the enemies. Of course, only Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is capable of recovering the weapon. Can Peggy pull it before below SSR Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) and Agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) discover her true motives?

When the show opens, Carter is listening to a Captain America radio show, but forces Angie Martinelli (Lyndsy Fonseca) to shut it off. The pair discuss lodging options for Peggy. Next, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) shows Peggy around Stark’s mansion and insists that she stays, but she refuses. After he shows her the master bedroom, she changes her mind. They discuss their next goal, finding the milk truck.

Green Suit (James Landry Hebert) continues his plans by making arrangements to find Leet Brannis (James Frain). After he attacks a mob boss (Don Luce), he gets a lead on the the buyer of the dangerous chemicals. Meanwhile, Carter checks out the headquarters for the milk company and begins inspecting all of the trucks. She is unable to find anything, but receives the name of the driver of a missing truck. She is now out to find Sheldon McFee (Devin Ratray).

Meanwhile, Roger (Shea Whigham), Jack and Ray Krzeminski (Kyle Bornheimer) investigate the explosion, but find nothing. Ray is left to sort through the scene, while Dooley and Thompson head out. Next, Peggy speaks with Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), who mentions a woman being seen on the night the chemical was stolen. Afterwards, Peggy learns the SSR are looking for radiation, which forces her to make contact with Jarvis and order him to get rid of Stark’s car.

Next, Thompson and Dooley speak with Hugh Jones (Ray Wise), who tells them he used to be friends with Stark, but Hugh’s wife got in the way. The pair question Hugh about Stark’s weaponry. He mentions that Stark was supposedly working to build explosives using radiation. Meanwhile, Peggy attempts to break into the desk, in order to get more information. Sousa returns and stops her progress. Dooley calls and speaks to Peggy about the radiation. She takes the information to Hugh’s office, where she discovers the SSR are scanning employees for radiation, since they believe it is an inside job.

Of course, she goes into the bathroom and uses the radiation monitor on herself, which forces her to get rid of her watch. She discovers Miles Van Ert (James Urbaniak), when scanning the employees. Of course, he is one of the scientists from the night before. Of course, he is cleared of radiation. However, Peggy suggests checking the other clothes from each of the employees. Next, Dooley interrogates Miles Van Ert, since his clothes are contaminated. He offers him a way out, if Ert agrees to give up the bigger fish. After Dooley leaves, Thompson begins the torture. Dooley sends Carter home.

Carter returns to the Automata, where Angie has found her another apartment, which is right next to hers. Peggy turns down the offer, before meeting with Jarvis. The pair listen to the Captain America radio show, during their travel. Next, Dooley and crew learn about Leet Brannis and Sheldon McFee, who was the driver of the milk truck. Meanwhile, Green Suit continues to leave a trail of murder behind.

When the show returns, Carter and Jarvis discover the milk truck. When Peggy inspects the back, she discovers it is full of the deadly chemicals. She sneaks inside and confronts Sheldon, who begins to fight with her, but she quickly brings him down. Next, Leet attempts to steal the truck, but it stopped by Jarvis and Peggy. They discover that Leet was sent to steal Stark’s weapons. Leet insists he wants protection. The trio take the truck, but Green Suit lands on top of the truck’s roof, as it drives down the road.

While Peggy and Jarvis struggle to get rid of Green Suit, Thompson and Dooley find Sheldon wandering down the road still tied to the chair. During the fight, one of the bombs is ignited. Sheldon is interrogated. The trio jump out of the truck and send it, with Green Suit, into the water. The agents and Sheldon witness the explosion. After the explosion, Peggy interrogates Leet, who simply draws a heart symbol on the ground. Leet dies, as Peggy and Jarvis make their escape.

Next, The SSR agents investigate the scene, where Leet is found dead. Sousa finds the key, which was dropped, when Peggy fought with Green Suit. Next, Peggy agrees to move near Angie. She is introduced to the landlord, Miriam Fry (Meagan Fay), who lays out the requirements of living at the facility. Back at work, Carter is shown some sports photographs, but she fails to impress the male agents. Sousa reveals they weren’t able to get pictures of the blonde, Peggy, which is definitely good. Meanwhile, Ray Krzeminski continues digging through the scene of the explosion, until he discovers a license plate.


Although the second episode was good, it didn’t seem to pack as much punch as the pilot. The series is moving along at a pretty good pace, as Peggy Carter begins to get closer to clearing Stark’s name. Much of the action, which was fun, felt like we’d already seen it before in a different environment. I did enjoy the Captain America radio show, which was presented by Erin Torpey, Walker Roach and Ralph Garman. It definitely fit perfectly into the show. The music was excellent, as well.

All in all, Agent Carter continues to maintain its cool, old-school vibe, which certainly makes it worth checking. The episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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