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Acceptable Risk Series 1 Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode begins, Nulty (Lorcan Cranitch) and Morrice (Rory Nolan) check on Deirdre (Catherine Walker). They quickly discover that she has died. Nulty wishes to report the incident and tell the truth. However, O’Hanlon quickly talks him out of it. Seconds later, Sarah (Elaine Cassidy) gets in touch with Aidan (Charlie Kelly). She asks him whether or not Deirdre arrived at work. Aidan gives her the bad news, while Nuala (Lisa Hogg) sees it on the television. Hans Werner Hoffman (Morten Suurballe) meets with O’Hanlon. They argue about the woman’s death. Hoffman denies being responsible for her death. He also reveals that Nulty has agreed to cover up the meeting between the three of them. Sarah meets Aidan and tries to obtain more information from him.

elaine cassidy actressSarah admits that she knows all about the blackmailing. Aidan denies being responsible, since he is only a middle level employee. Aidan learns that his life could be on the line just like Lehane. Sarah insists she wants Aidan to help her save the company. He eventually gives the name of Niklas Esser. Sarah tries to encourage Aidan to obtain files for her. Aidan heads to the office and requests files. Soon, Hoffman enters and interrupts. Hoffman tries to convince Aidan not to help Sarah. After a few threats, it appears that Aidan is ready to switch sides one again. Seconds later, Sarah is allowed to see Lee’s body. She admits to Nuala that she doesn’t believe she can cry at the funeral. Sarah insists she cannot believe that Lee lied to her. Next, Sarah attends Lehane’s funeral. Aidan catches up with her and admits he cannot go through with it. He explains that he is going to flee to Singapore.

charlie kelly acceptable risk episode 5Hoffman speaks at the funeral. Sarah confronts him outside and Detective Dusquene (Geordie Johnson) does the same. Meanwhile, Nulty speaks with Emer Byrne (Angeline Ball). Nulty gives Emer her job back and puts her back on Lee’s case. Hoffman refuses to answer questions. Instead, he ridicules Sarah and questions her state of mind. Sarah returns home and tells Nuala about the confrontation. Emer speaks with Morrice. He denies everything, including having a relationship with Deirdre. Emer doesn’t seem to believe it. Sarah speaks with Nuala about Patrick (Tom O’Sulleabhain). Sarah makes it clear that she is suspicious of him. Sarah speaks with the principal at the school. Someone has anonymously reported her to a social worker. Sarah returns home. Dusquene meets with an old gangster. He offers him a deal for a family member in return for information into Lee’s death.

nuala and sarah acceptable riskMeanwhile, Hoffman meets with Margaret Kroll (Adjoa Andoh). He threatens her and also tries to convince her to drop the FBI investigation. It is unclear whether or not she has taken the bait. Emer meets with Anna (Kate Moran). She agrees to get her whatever she needs to bring down those responsible. Sarah gets a call from Patrick. This time, he agrees to tell her the truth. Patrick tells Sarah about a property that the pharmaceutical company owners. He and Nuala tried to convince Ciaran to obtain information about the property. After divulging the information, Patrick jumps off of the roof and kills himself.


Acceptable Risk Review

Acceptable Risk is definitely getting better as it goes on. It is still not great, but it has gotten much better over the past few episodes. Now that I have watched 5 episodes, I am eager to watch the last and find out what happens. Hoffman is written to be an incredibly smart and cunning guy. Yet, he foolishly makes himself look guilty by speaking with Kroll. I thought that was a little weird. All in all, the episode was okay.

It scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Acceptable Risk right now!

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