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Acceptable Risk Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Detective Emer Byrne (Angeline Ball) speaks with an old colleague. The woman tells her about her own career. Emer receives encouragement to do the right thing. After the intro, Emer meets with Sarah (Elaine Cassidy). They chat about the evidence that Sarah found in Lee’s (Paul Popowich) boat. Seconds later, Emer takes Sarah to meet Walsh’s colleague. Anna Coyle (Kate Moran) tells Sarah about Lee’s real profession. The woman admits that she works for the FBI. She is investigating companies that could be using bribery or corruption to gain financial advantages. She explains that Gumbiner-Fischer was using Lee to do that. In a flashback, we see Lee meet with a minister and try to extort him. The woman explains that she intended to approach Lee with the evidence she had to see whether or not he would cooperate and wear a wire.

acceptable risk episode 4 emerThe woman is asked about the last time she saw Cormac. She insists she had nothing to do with his death. Sarah doesn’t want to blacken Lee’s name. However, she agrees to make a deal with anyone, who can help her find Lee’s killer. Afterwards, Sarah asks Emer whether or not she believes it. She admits she doesn’t know, because she did not know Lee. Sarah doesn’t want to believe that Lee could be that type of person. Then, Sarah forces Emer to stop the vehicle. She shows her the ring Lee bought her last year. It changes color. She believes that Lee might have been sending her a message. Emer gets a call and learns that Lehane has passed away. At the hospital, Barry’s wife, Theresa (Ali White) is asked about medication found in Lehane’s system. She denies that he took that type of drug.

acceptable risk episode 4Next, Sarah pays a visit to Aidan (Charlie Kelly) and Deirdre (Catherine Walker). She threatens them and shocks them by revealing that the FBI is involved. At the time, they remain silent, but it is clear that they’re on the verge of spilling the beans. Deirdre heads outside and calls Morrice (Rory Nolan). He insists that he has done nothing wrong, so there is nothing to worry about. Emer visits a witness to Ciaran Boyle’s murder. The man is hesitant to tell more. However, he is confronted with the fact that he hid a knife at the scene. Then, he admits that he heard a fight. Eventually, he confirms seeing Lehane at the scene. Anna speaks with her boss. She is ridiculed for her tactics. She is also asked to drop the investigation. Anna refuses. Emer speaks with Nulty (Lorcan Cranitch). She is belittled as well. Nulty doesn’t want to listen to the evidence. He quickly silences Emer and explains that she could potentially ruin her reputation.

nulty acceptable risk episode 4Emer returns to Sarah outside. She explains that he put her career on the line for the case. They agree to get to the bottom of the case together. Seconds later, they meet with Mila Beck (Madeleine Knight) and Dusquene (Geordie Johnson). Sarah admits that she doesn’t trust them right now. Then, the detectives discuss gangsters in the area. They narrow down their suspects and agree to speak with a few men. Next, Sarah and Nuala (Lisa Hogg) dig through evidence. Sarah also admits that she was jealous of her sister back then. Then, Nuala agrees to speak with Patrick. Rose (Gloria Cramer Curtis) enters and makes up with her mother. Nuala meets with Patrick (Tom O’Sulleabhain) and soon introduces him to Sarah. The man gives Sarah the runaround and tells her nothing. When he leaves, he calls Nuala and tells her that things went well. He doesn’t believe that Sarah will snoop around anymore. Nuala admits that her relationship with her sister would end, if she learned about the deal with Ciaran.

actress madeleine knight acceptable riskAidan speaks with Deirdre. He admits that he is going to give Sarah what she wants. Sarah and Emer meet with a man, who knew Lehane. Lehane pulled a few strings and took his job. The man admits that Lehane knew many crime figures in the area. That night, Nulty and Hans Werner Hoffman (Morten Suurballe) meet with O’Hanlon’s house. The men try to force Nulty to help even more. Eventually, Deirdre arrives and sneaks inside. She listens from a distance as O’Hanlon lays out his plan. He suggests that he can string her along for a few years and keep her quiet. She rushes outside and calls Sarah to set up a meeting. As the episode ends, Hoffman runs her down with his vehicle.


Acceptable Risk Review

This episode of Acceptable Risk wasn’t too bad. The series is finally starting to take shape and the mystery is slowly unfolding. It is still a little cliché and somewhat predictable, but the episode was better than the previous three. I am still not a fan of the big FBI spy angle, but I’ll finish watching the series nevertheless. The episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Acceptable Risk now.

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