A Moody Christmas Review

A Moody Christmas is an Australian television series, which debuted in 2012. The series is very unique in the fact that it follows an Australian family and records their actions during 6 consecutive Christmases. A second season, The Moodys, is already out and FOX plans on adapting A Moody Christmas for American audiences. The series stars Ian Meadows (Paper Giants), as Dan Moody. Dan travels from London to Australia every year, in order to enjoy Christmas with his family.


Dan has a crazy brother, Sean (Patrick Brammall), and somewhat sane parents, Kevin (Danny Adock) and Maree (Tina Bursill). Also, Terry (Darren Gilshenan) is the crazy uncle, who has lots of different girlfriends, who end up leaving him for one reason or another. During Dan’s first Christmas back with his family, he falls for Cora Benson (Jane Harber), who is dating his arrogant cousin, Hayden Roberts (Guy Edmonds). Meanwhile, his sister, Rachel Gordon (Bridget Quail) is busy trying to get pregnant, by her husband, Roger (Phil Lloyd).


A Moody Christmas isn’t necessarily a heartfelt television series, but it is loads of fun and delivers some big laughs. Despite each episode being a repeat of the previous, they’re unique, interesting and compelling enough to continue forward. Each of the key characters are interesting or hilarious in their own right.


In the end, A Moody Christmas is one of the funnest shows I’ve watched in a long time.¬†The pilot is very fast paced, so you’ll need to get adjusted to the change, but once you do, you’ll enjoy every minute of it! The series is currently available on Hulu and I highly recommend checking it out. Supposedly, the second series aired on Hulu in the Spring of 2014. Although I have yet to find it on there, I’ll definitely try to track it down one way or another.


Be sure to check out A Moody Christmas today! An 8 out of 10 is deserved.

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