37: A Final Promise Review

37: A Final Promise is a Indie drama, which follows the actions of rockstar, Adam Webb (Randall Batinkoff), who has a secret promise to kill himself on his 37th birthday. The happening rockstar is the lead singer of the popular heavy medal band, Wendigo, which is set to release its final album around the time that Adam will kill himself.

Things suddenly take a turn in a new direction, when Adam meets Jemma Johnstone (Scottie Thompson). Despite his gloomy future, Adam forces himself into a relationship with the mysterious Jemma, who at first seems to have no interest in the rocker. Of course, the pair soon hit it off, but each is hiding a secret. While Adam continues dealing with this decision to kill himself, Jemma seems to be a little off as well.

Soon, it is revealed that Adam accidentally killed someone, as a child, which is his motivation for suicide. On the other side of the relationship, Jemma seems to suffering from a debilitating illness, ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. As their relationship continues to grow stronger, Adam will be forced to reface his past or will the pair quietly fade into oblivion together?


37 is a very thought provoking drama, which is based on the book How Angels Die: A Confession by Guy Blews and is supposedly based on a true story. While the movie starts off like a paranormal rock and roll thrill ride, it quickly develops into an emotionally bleak romance. Although there are hundreds that fall within the genre, 37 is a little bit different and touches on many controversial subjects.

Overall, Randall Batinkoff and Scottie Thompson were excellent in their respective roles. I enjoyed the movie, although it wasn’t perfect. If you’re looking for a romantic film that is different and touching, you’ll definitely want to check out 37: A Final Promise, which deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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