The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Finale Review

Finale Lizzie Borden Chronicles

The episode begins at the asylum, where the doctor has seemingly been ripped to pieces. Lizzie (Christina Ricci) attempts to discover the whereabouts of her sister. Before she can leave, she discovers another patient holding onto Emma’s (Clea DuVall) picture. She also discovers a note from Leslie Trotwood, which speaks about his family. Emma Borden is shown at the Trotwod residence, where she meets with Aideen Trotwood (Michelle Fairley). She is invited in with open arms and given a room.

Aideen Trotwood Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Emma is introduce to Leslie’s brothers, Warren and Brendan (Cody Ray Thompson). Emma hands over Leslie’s badge, before Penelope (Amy Forsyth) enters and introduces herself. Back in Cumberland, Maine, Lizzie is confronted by Tom Horn (Chris Bauer) and Bat Masterson (Matthew Le Nevez). Lizzie is grilled about Charlie’s whereabouts. She insists she isn’t Lizzie Borden, before Tom Horn prepares his gun for Russian Roulette. Frederick Lowell (Adrian G. Griffiths) enters and interrupts. Lizzie throws the bullets into the fire and rushes out, during the confusion.

Penelope Trotwood

That night, Warren tells Emma about the Trotwood family business, which tends to breed enemies. They speak about Warren’s upcoming marriage, which he doesn’t seem too thrilled about. In the morning, the group attend church. Lizzie confronts Emma, before she can exit the church. Emma doesn’t seem happy about Lizzie’s presence. Emma shuns her sister and leaves with the Trotwoods. Lizzie stays behind and speaks to the Priest (David Christoffel) about teaching Sunday school. They chat about forgiveness.

Lizzie Borden Finale

Lizzie meets with Aideen and Brendan. Lizzie pleads with Aideen to help Emma come around. Instead, she suggests Lizzie should leave Emma alone for the time being. Lizzie tells exactly who she is, before Aideen summons Brendan, who attacks Lizzie. Aideen threatens Lizzie and tells her to stay away. That night, Emma and the Trotwood family attend a ball. The group has a toast for the upcoming marriage with Margaret (Lisa Rose Snow) and Warren. Emma begins freaking out during the event.

Emma escapes to herself, when she is confronted by Lizzie, who tells her about Bat and Tom trying to track her down. Emma tells her to kill the men, since that is what she normally does. Emma continues blowing off Lizzie and insists she should tell those men the truth. Tom and Bat catch up with Lizzie at the dinner. Aideen interrupts and Lizzie convinces her that Bat and Tom are going to hurt Emma. Lizzie disappears and pops a balloon, which causes a shootout. Aideen demands the men and Lizzie be found.

Tom Horn Lizzie Borden Chronicles

A street kid (Sammy Davison) alerts Emma of the men’s location. She confronts the men and confirms she killed Charlie, because he was attacking Lizzie. Emma insists she’ll confess her crimes, if they take her back to Fall River. Aideen and family learn about Emma’s actions, before Lizzie speaks to Aideen and tells her where they’re headed. Warren insists Lizzie is trying to use them. Aideen seemingly agrees to help find the men. The Trotwoods and Lizzie arrive at the men’s motel room. Another shootout ensues.

Brendan is shot, before Warren arrives and insists he’ll deal with it. Brendan makes it down the stairs and Lizzie finishes the job, before she heads upstairs. Tom Horn gives Emma a gun and tells her to watch their back. Tom ends up getting shot by the motel owner, before he can take down Lizzie. She approaches him and cuts his throat. Warren runs into Emma, before Bat shows up and they shoot one another. Lizzie enters, recites her famous poem and prepares to finish the men, before Emma stops her.

Lizzie Borden Finale

Emma agrees to go with Lizzie, if she is able to prove she isn’t a monster. Lizzie insists they’re all monsters. After a little convincing, Lizzie agrees to let them live, as she escapes with Emma. Afterwards, Lizzie and Emma board a boat for Paris. Lizzie takes a nap. When she awakes, Emma is gone. She approaches the end of the boat and discovers that Emma has gotten off. The boat departs, as Emma makes her escape into the crowd.


Surprisingly a good, but sad, finale for The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, which left the story open for future episodes. Much of the episode was messy action, but fun nonetheless. Despite all of Lizzie’s effort, she ultimately failed in the end, but will she give up? The episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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