The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Recap EP2

Jessy Schram

At the beginning of the episode, we see how Lizzie Borden managed to off Almy and her brother. While Marshal Hilliard (Jeff Wincott) investigates Almy’s murder, Charlie Siringo (Cole Hauser) enters and attempts to help. Back at home, Lizzie digs up a little rascal from the backyard. With the death of Almy, Roberto Pelton (James Gilbert) tells the girls that they’re free of his debt. Next, the show jumps to a New York City theater. The Borden girls enjoy a performance, before they’re invited inside by the performer, Nance O’Keefe (Jessy Schram). While the girls party, Charlie inspects Almy’s body.

Kimberly-Sue Murray

On their way home, Lizzie and Emma Borden (Clea DuVall) argue and Emma insults Lizze, before they continue on. The girls run into Skipjack (Bradley Stryker), who seems to be abusing Adele (Kimberly-Sue Murray). Lizzie quickly knocks him down, before they make their escape. Charlie investigates the place of William Borden’s hanging. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Emma feed and cloth their new friend. Emma insists they will not be able to keep her. Afterwards, Lizzie takes Adele to a clothing store. Lizzie inspects her new friend’s hand and notices that she hurt it. Adele tells her about her previous job, with Mr. Flowers.

Lizzie Kisses Adele

After a little comforting, the pair share a kiss. Lizzie approaches Skipjack in the bar and asks about Mr. Flowers (Jonathan Banks). After Lizzie is introduced to Flower, they seem to have mutual respect for one another, since Lizzie isn’t afraid of Mr. Flowers. The pair discuss Adele and Lizzie insists she will not be returning. With a little convincing and a payoff, Mr. Flowers seems to allow Adele to go free. At the motel, Charlie receives a telegram.

Mr Flowers Lizzie Borden Chronicles

After a day of following Lizzie, Charlie is approached by her in a restaurant. She questions about his intentions. Back at home, Emma speaks to Adele and learns that Lizzie went to dinner with the play writer, Spencer Cavanaugh (Frank Chiesurin). Adele and Emma have dinner together. The pair speak about their futures and potentially getting married. Emma speaks about caring for Lizzie, when they were younger.

Lizzie Borden

Back at the motel, Charlie speaks to Isabel. He fixes her twisted ankle. Meanwhile, Lizzie works with Spencer, in order to set up his next play. Although Lizzie loved the play, Emma storms out. Next, Marshal Hilliard (Jeff Wincott) meets with Charlie and tells him he wants him out of Fall River. They discuss William’s motives for killing Almy. The pair definitely disagree, with Charlie insisting Lizzie was behind the murders. Charlie shows Marshal his collection of evidence. The pair wind up arguing, before Charlie takes his leave.

Jeff Wincott

Afterwards, Lizzie signs a deal with Spencer and credits Emma’s reaction for her decision. Isabel enters and gets the pair some champagne. That night, Spencer pays a visit to Lizzie’s place only to attempt to rape Adele. He propositions her with money. Eventually, she breaks free and makes a run for it. She grabs a pitchfork and stabs him in the stomach. She runs inside and brings Lizzie back. Lizzie finishes off the job. In the morning, the girls move their stuff into their new home. Lizzie introduces herself to her new neighbor. Her late husband wrote news reports regarding Lizzie’s trial.

Adele Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Back at the motel, Isabel helps Charlie, with his hang over. Isabel tells Charlie about Spencer and Lizzie. Emma speaks to Lizzie about Adele’s disappearance. Adele is shown stuffed inside of a casket.


Overall, the episode was definitely a slight improvement over the last. The overbearing music wasn’t nearly as bad this episode. At the same time, the addition of Adele and Mr. Flowers added a little depth. For a show that is on the Lifetime network, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles is certainly worth a watch. A 6.5 out of 10 is suitable for episode 2.

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