Life Under the Bridge Review

Life Under the Bridge Review

As someone, who absolutely loves documentaries, I have been waiting for Life Under the Bridge to become available for quite some time. I make a habit of watching documentaries, which focus on depressing subjects, which are often hidden from the general American public and media, such as homelessness and drug addiction. If the subject is bleak, I’ll make an effort to watch it. I originally became aware of Life Under the Bridge, after witnessing Ron “Pepper” Brown in an Everlast music video. After this, I found out that Pepper was actually associated with G.G. Allin, during his heyday. After learning about the documentary, I followed it ruthlessly on Facebook, until it was finally released a few days ago. Anywhere, here is my Life Under the Bridge review.

Pepper Brown

If you’ve seen one documentary that focuses on homeless individuals, you’ve seen them all, right? This isn’t necessarily the case. Pepper is a different type of individual. Although it is fairly clear to me that he wasn’t totally happy with his condition, he didn’t let this bring him down. In fact, he makes an effort to hide his sorrow, if there is any. Instead, he accepts his condition and attempts to thrive in it. With his own way of words, Pepper has made his bed, he likes it and he is going to lay in it. This is definitely a nice approach and Pepper certainly maintains a high level of charisma, which will hold your attention throughout the short film.

Life Under the Bridge Pepper

Although there is one additional member of the cast, it basically focuses on Pepper for the entire ten minutes, and this is perfectly fine. Overall, the movie is short and sweet, but insightful and sad. As much as he tries to make viewers believe he is happy with his status, it is easy to look through the outer shield. Of course, I doubt Pepper would ever drop his guard and admit to this fact.

Ron Pepper Brown

The only downfall of the movie is the fact that it is only 10 minutes long. Throughout the buildup, I figured we’d get to spend a great more deal of time with the former artist, who is now living with HIV. Perhaps it is our own corrupt minds that yearn for more? Are we really so shallow that we feel the need to revel in some poor soul’s sorrow? Sadly, I must fall within this category. If you feel the same, you should definitely check out this little gem. Since it is so short, it is difficult to give it a simple score, but a 7.5 would likely suffice.

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  1. tim says:

    good film, shows a different perspective

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