Lost For Life Review


Lost For Life is a personal documentary about child killers. It debuted on July 18, 2014 in the United States. This film explores the morality of sentencing juveniles for life, without the possibility of parole.

When the film opens, we are introduced to Brian Draper, who killed Cassie Jo Stoddart. He paired up with Torey Adamcik to commit this heinous crime on September 22, 2006. They had only been hanging out together for about six weeks, before the actual crime took place, but it was enough time for them to plan the murder, when they knew that Cassie would be home alone. Brian admits to his guilt and says that he stabbed Cassie in her throat and watched her take her last breath, before she died. They filmed the entire planning process even while they were in school. Brian and Torey are now in prison, but they have different opinions about what happened that day.


While Brian admits his guilt, Torey proclaims that he is innocent. Torey’s parents visit him in prison every chance they get and support him in every way possible. They admit that Torey is a follower and that is why he went along with Brian’s plan to murder Cassie. Brian says that him and Corey together were a “formula for disaster”. Torey says that he was too shocked to do anything different that night, but he is now behind bars decomposing because of Brian’s mistakes.


Brian’s parents admitted, during a short interview, that they did not recognize Brian’s problems and if they had they could have found clinical help for him. They adopted Brian, when he was a small child and they had a great relationship with him, before the crime.


Jacob Ind was 15 years old, when he decided to take his mother, Pamela Jordan, and his stepfather, Kermode. He said that his anger stemmed from years of abuse from his cold hearted mother. She gave him enemas, belittled him, and threatened his life if he ever told anyone what went on in their home. Jacob and his brother Charles testified that Kermode has physically and sexually abused them for many years. He said that he screamed so loud inside his head that he thought someone would hear his screams for help, but they never did. The physical abuse was not as bad as the verbal abuse that he received from his mother is what he tells the viewers. He also admits to feeling empathy for others and is able to forgive those that hurt him.


Josiah Ivy murdered Gary Alflen and his wife, Stacy Dahl in November of 2002. His sister, Amber said that they were raised in a religious cult and experienced much physical, verbal, and sexual abuse from their parents. Although Josiah was not willing to talk about the abuse, he admitted that the rumors were in fact true. He said that he was sorry for what he had done and had been able to forgive his parents for their transgressions against him.

Lost For Life Review

Lost For Life is a grim documentary about young boys that followed through with their desires to kill someone, whether it was do to revenge, hate, or just for the fun of it. This gripping true tale of murder is definitely difficult to watch, but shows how abused and lost children turned into killers. It is difficult to have sympathy for these young men, but when you look into their past lives it is understandable why they did what they did.

Should these child killers be set free after they reach their minimum sentence? That is a difficult question to answer, but the safest way to answer it would be to take each individual and study his actions, when he asked if he is sorry for what he has done. This film is worth a watch and deserves a 7 out of 10.

  1. Jade says:

    All deserve a second chance except Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper.

  2. L6S says:

    NONE of them deserve a “second chance” and the world is a bit safer knowing that they are where they belong. As far as their release from prison? Had their victims been buried with the paperwork requesting that these murderers be released and when the victims rise from the dead in order to come to the defense of their victims, then and ONLY then should release be considered.

  3. Stay see says:

    I just finished watching
    Lost for Life.
    It was a bit hard to follow… I enjoyed it for the most part. I think Jacob deserves parole. He obviously did it to stop the abuse. Although, He could have gone about it a different way.
    Brian and especially Torey got what they deserve. “I don’t fit in so ill kill someone, then I’ll be popular” gimme a break !! It was cute how Torey’s parents still believe their son has done nothing wrong. Maybe they haven’t seen the video the boys made. ??
    Josiah, I didn’t catch what his crime was. Except that two people died.
    *This is what I meant by, hard to follow. I watched from beginning to end and had to Google it. Still i don’t know.
    Good film, nice job.

  4. CKoh says:

    I think Tobey totally doesn’t deserve parole. He has no remorse or whatsoever, he just blamed it on Brian. It’s no surprised if the parents behaved in the same manner. Such a total turn off. Total crap, just finding excuse to claim he is innocent..

    At least you can tell that Brian is torment by his guilt.

  5. Elise says:

    If I were queen for a day:

    Brian – 10 more years. He has a loving, honest family to return to that encourage his facing up to what he did. And he’s doing that, but imo needs more time to really feel the loss fully.

    Torey – Lifer – Parents opposite of honest – there’s no place for him to go but down as that’s what he’s taught. (deny, deny, deny). He still hasn’t even owned up to his knife, the mask and all the video evidence that proves he played an enormous role in stabbing Cassie.

    Josiah – Lifer (almost all killers were abused- sorry).

    Jacob Ind – Parole – Paedophilia and child abuse are despicable societal crimes and should never go unpunished. He’s done his time in hell.

    I suppose I’ll never be queen.

  6. Evangeline says:

    Just finished watching this on Netflix and was quite moved by all the stories.

    The only person in this video who appears to have not accepted his guilt, or to display any remorse is Torrey. I feel sorry for him and for his deluded parents. They need to see the video again that shows how Torrey was the one who put forward the idea to begin with.

    Maybe, if he comes to terms with his guilt and shows some remorse….only time will tell.

    As for Elise, a previous poster, who would send Josiah away “for life” (saying most killers are abuse victims) but in her next breath pardons Jacob Ind for being abused… is not connecting the dots!!

    If any of these young men arrive at acceptance, remorse and compassion, that is a sign that they have made the progress necessary to be considered for release. As the lawyer (I believe) says during a news interview, children’s brains are not fully formed, and incapable of reasoning as are adult brains. That is reason enough to view these offenders with a degree of compassion.

    I am only glad I have had the struggles and trials I have had and not had to walk a mile in any of their shoes.


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