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10 Cloverfield Lane Movie Review

10 Cloverfield Lane is a thriller movie. This is a film that has a forced perspective. It keeps the viewers in the dark that it is hard to know what next will happen. Here is a light tread as this movie review.

10 cloverfield lane movie

The Start

10 Cloverfield Lane begins with Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) driving in the night and she ends her drive by crashing into a ditch. Michelle wakes up to find she is handcuffed to a pipe and she is in a cinder-block bunker. Her eyes reveal her inner fears and it is left for the viewers to wonder, if she will be defiled, tortured or what next?


Captor’s role

A man wearing an angry scowl and beard, the Jolly John Goodman, is her captor and he enters the room. This is similar to the latest movie Room. This setup is a fake and he affirms that he saved her life, but right now Michelle is his prisoner. He says there had been terrible attacks above ground and the air is poisoned that everyone exposed to this air died.


Opening of Hideaway

Michelle is not the only prisoner and this she realizes on noticing a third wheel on the bunker, a handy man Emmett. Soon, Howard and Emmett open the hideaway to living room, kitchen, entertainment system, DVDs, etc. He appeared as a doomsday survivalist or some type of paranoid loner spending years for his end to arrive. It is a comfortable suburban Hobbit hole, though he has all the comforts and he feels vindicated as his end is here.


Mixed expressions

Goodman reveals different rage and friendship, while Howard is a control freak and savage protector. Each scene is well acted and it gives a continuous feeling of watching a concoction. The room is same as many other movies such as Deathtrap and the suspense is built around Michelle so that she escapes.

Winstead, acts with sensuality, while the movie is about how Michelle deals. She pretends a bond with him and at the same time, Goodman reveals his girth to stay away from violence. However, she fights him and is in full control, she seduces his faith on her.

Dan Trachtenberg, the director has staged each scene with vivacity in a rural basement, yet it never feels claustrophobic. Some sequences kicking the story include: Michelle and Emmett’s secret plan, construction of homemade gas mask; an acid barrel that dissolves flesh on coming into contact. Goodman plays his role well, though the movie would have been better if he had been the full-on monster that it was hinting right from the start.    Eventually, this movies last act appeared to be lifted from another film. It was like the filmmaker is keen to offer the audience a buzz under the sun and this movie 10 Cloverfield lane was posing as a movie.


Pros: Michelles act was good, the bunker well facilitated

Cons: Mix of actions of many movies.


10 Cloverfield Lane Review

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